Introducing … Sue Fortin

Whenever I tell people that I write romance, they invariably ask ‘Why romance?’ which, in the past, would leave me a bit stumped. Why did I like writing romance? Well, not so long ago I suddenly had a moment of clarity – it’s all about emotions, feelings, relationships, overcoming adversity, meeting challenges and living life – it’s the soul of what makes us who we are.

Songs also have the same effect on me. Anyone who knows me, will tell you that ‘Tender’ by Feeder is one of my favourite songs, as is ‘Pick-Up Truck’ by Kings of Leon; the lyrics to both having so much emotion.  Today Kings of Leon just nudges over the line first, simply because I love the live version of it.

Would love to know what your favourite tracks are and why?

If you want to listen to either of my chosen tracks, I’ve included the Youtube link below, but here are the lyrics for ‘Pick-Up Truck’.

Pick-up Truck – Kings of Leon

I walk you home to see

Where you’re living around

And I know this place

Pour yourself on me

And you know I’m the one

You won’t forget

And in your denim eyes

I see something’s awry

And I see you’re weak

When he comes around

I see you’re fixing to shine

And my face won’t speak

Hate to be so emotional

I didn’t mean to get physical

But when he pulled in and revved it up

I said, ‘You call that a pick-up truck?’

And in the moonlight I throwed him down

A kicking, screaming and rolling around

A little piece of a bloody tooth

Just so you know I was thinking of you

Just so you know, oh

Trembling misery and it’s as cold as a hole

Hug your bones and skin

Crackling wood’s gone white

And my eyes swelled up now

I can see the light

Hate to be so emotional

I didn’t mean to get physical

But when he pulled in and revved it up

I said, ‘You call that a pick-up truck?’


30 thoughts on “Introducing … Sue Fortin

  1. What a great post and love your songs … Songs I love are Woman by John Lennon, She by Elvis Costello and anything by Bryan Adams! King of Leon – sex on fire always gets me dancing (so does reach for the star by sclub 7 but I don’t normally tell people that!!!)


    • Great song choices – I’m quite partial to a bit of Bryan Adams myself. Thanks Lou

      Sue x

  2. I’m a *huge* Feeder fan!! I’ve seen them live twice. My tastes are mainly alternative but I absolutely, passionately love Dido’s ‘ Take My Hand,’ it’s the bonus track on her debut album ‘No Angel’. I’ve vivid memories of playing it in the dark in the Maldives and on the trams in the evening in Prague and have it take me away to intense, emotional places in my head : )

    I’m also a sucker sometimes for schmaltz and my guilty pleasure is Celine Dion’s ‘ My Heart Will Go On.’ I’ve received incredulous looks from my hip, muso friends when I try and convince them of the merits of that song!!

    • Yay! Another Feeder fan! I would love to seem them live.

      I think we all have guilty pleasures when it come to music – I have many, amongst them would be Dolly Parton and Sugarland. I would add The Wanted but I never feel guilty about them and apparently it’s acceptable for someone my age to like Rizzle Kicks.

      Sue x

  3. What a great post! You know I love music, especially rock, so I am **so** keen to pick my favourite lyrics, I don’t know where to start. I think I’ll have to nominate my all time favourite ‘buck up and get on with, girl’ kind of song. It’s “Tough it out’ by FM. Here’s a link:

    It’s basically saying: “You can always find something new to cry about; when you need a friend, there’s never anyone around; when you’re back’s against the wall, you gotta tough it out!” May sound dire but it’s got great feeling and it picks me up everytime, without fail. (Got me to the UK, too, but that’s a different story). I’ll go now before I take over this space… XX Thanks, Sue, for this great post!

  4. Hi Nicky, Thanks for the link – it had a bit of a Bon Jovi feel to it – I liked it. The sentiment behind the lyrics is good – one day you’ll have to elaborate on how it got you to the UK.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Sue x

  5. Great post Sue, love your writing but am not a Feeder Fan to be honest. If I had to chose a favourite song to make me dance it would be Disco 2000 by Pulp(showing my age now!) and no reason apart from that I love it. Angels by Robbie Williams is probably predictable but again I just love it. I was told this morning that I have a bizarre musical taste by our 17 year old apprentice when he pulled out my Take That, Bruno Mars, Pink, Pixie Lott, Adele, Robbie Williams, David Essex, Best of The Drifters and Matt Cardle CDs! Must remember never to show him my IPod play lists! Will just say that The Drifters brings back some fabulous memories of when I was 21 and worked in a bar in Corfu & a local band used to play their stuff. Ah memories!!!

    • Hi Kim – well, I won’t hold it against you about Feeder ;0) Think I’m just a rock chick at heart.

      That is quite a range of music you’ve got there – know what you mean about 17 year olds scoffing at the music, I get that regularly from my teenagers.

      Thanks for the post.

      Sue x

  6. Don’t hear many people asking, why do you SING romance, do we? Suspect the answer would be similar to your moment of clarity, Sue! Nice post!

    • Good point – I’m going to remember that :0)

      Lovely to see you here Sheryl – thanks for stopping by.
      Sue x

  7. Love the post, Sue. I’m a sucker for romantic songs too but confess (no, wrong word) apologise (still wrong!)… I have to say apart from Bryan Adams I’ve never heard of any of the aforementioned. Must be an age thing. Me, I’m a Ralph McTell and Andrea Bocelli groupie. Their music and lyrics get me every time. Always did, always will.
    Looking forward to your book.

    • Ah, thanks Kit for your post. It’s amazing how powerful words and music can be. I have heard of Bocelli but I’m now off to Google McTell.

      Sue x

  8. Great post, Sue! Don’t like the Kings of Leon I’m afraid, but I love listening to music. My current favourite is “Scarecrow” by My Chemical Romance, don’t know why but it’s stuck in my head.

    • Gasps in horror – you don’t like KOL – but it’s okay because I know you like Def Leppard ;0)

      Haven’t heard that one by MCR – will have to look on YouTube.

      Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated.
      Sue x

  9. Can’t write without James Blunt … his lyrics are amazing and set the tone for me! And then there are times when you just can’t get an old song out of your head…..but usually it’s not something you want there ha! ha!

    • Oh, James Blunt, now he can write and sing a tune or two. Such a lovely songwriter, it seems funny to think he was in the Army.

      Isn’t it awful when you get something like Agadoo stuck in your head?!

      Sue x

      • Agadoo, Doo Doo, push pineapple shake a tree,
        Agadoo Doo Doo push pineapple ground coffee.

        I may have added my own words…

  10. I’m a sucker for romantic songs. Dont object to something with a bit more bite either, so anything by Bryan Adams is good for me. And, sappy or not, I love Westlife. And the lyrics to You Light Up My Life are so romantic.

    • Hi Livbet
      Thanks for your post – apart from Summer ’69, I’ve always liked Run To You.
      Nothing wrong with a bit of Westlife either.

      Sue x

  11. I like Feeder! Buck Rogers is obviously their best song!! And everyone must have seen my Kings of Leon Sex on Fire video!
    Love this post and the answer to why you write romance. Everyone loves to fall in love and you can feel like you’re falling in love again every time you read a romance novel.

  12. Yes, love Def Leppard 🙂 and I agree with Livbet, Bryan Adams is great too!! Any power ballads really – Heart, Roxette, Bon Jovi or newer ones like Avenged Sevenfold’s “Dear God”. Great stuff!

  13. Fab post Sue – and dare I do it…? Mmmmm – I’d do anything for love – Meatloaf! Can’t help it. Not my normal cup of tea – am more into alternative rock – but I always find myself coming back to it – albeit after several drinks. In those moments I tend to pump up the volume and go nuts to it! And Bonnie Tyler might also kind of slip in…Umm – I’ve fessed too much haven’t I? Sxx

    • The Bat out of Hell album is great – I used to listen to that loads and it just shows that even some of the harder nuts have a soft centre.

      I’ll pretend I didn’t hear you mention Bonnie Tyler, although must admit, some of her most famous hits are excellent for sing along to with hairbrush in hand

      Sue x

  14. Still laughing at Laura’s Agadoo comment 😀 lol.

    Music has got me through the last few months. Sometimes, angsty, sad songs. More lately fight back tunes!!

    Great post.

    • Hi Debs

      Music can be such a supportive cushion for all our emotions. I certainly wouldn’t be without it.

      The ultimate fight back tune has got to be ‘I Will Survive’ – minus the roller skates, otherwise it could prove quite an ironic song title!

      Sue x

  15. Better late than never, Sue – that’s me. Strangely enough I can’t write with music playing; I like my study to be warm and completely silent except for the birds outside. That way I can get into the world of my characters much quicker and without distraction. When I’m pondering and making notes I might have some music on in the background. ATM, because my novel is set in the highlands of Scotland, I’ve been listening to the music from Local Hero by Dire Straits, anything by RUNRIG and a CD of Celtic harp music. If I want to get ‘in the mood’ romantically, I head for Simply Red’s STARS, compilation ‘Love/ chick flic” CD’s etc. and if I’m really stuck I watch the video for Barbra Streisand’s Woman in Love on Youtube. Sends shivers down my spine.
    A note for Kit Domino – when I was training to be a teacher back in the 70’s Ralph McTell sang at our college and came back to my room (with others!!) for coffee. He was luvverly.

    • Hi Lizzie, funnily enough I always used to have music on when I was writing, but recently I have preferred to write in silence.

      Woman in Love – haven’t heard that for years but it’s one of those songs that just stays with you, a very moving song..

      So for a Scottish themed novel, you haven’t been tempted to play a bit of Bay City Rollers then?

      Thanks for stopping by – much appreciated.

      Sue x

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