Introducing…Celia J Anderson

Writing has been my passion for some years now, along with teaching and drama, but I’ve only recently put my toe into the water when it comes to meeting other writers. It’s been a revelation. To be able to swap notes, commiserate when agents don’t faint with delight at our work, to hear other viewpoints, and just to snigger at how ridiculous we often are – bliss. Whether I’m writing romance, children’s fantasy or picture books, this is my idea of the way life should be. Although being published would also be good.
Continuing Catherine and Laura’s theme, my story is about Valentine’s Day, 2007:


The man stood in the doorway of the restaurant. Breakfast time in San Francisco – crisp winter sunshine, trays of fresh fruit, snowy linen cloths and a woman by his side, for a change. He had left England under a thick blanket of snow, the February skies mournful and grey. Here, the cold was sparkling, clean and energising and the Golden Gate Bridge soared high over the sea. Following him to a table by the wide window overlooking the bay, the woman said ‘I’m sorry; I’m not very hungry, are you?’

He smiled, picking up one of the enormous menus.. ‘No, but that’s not a problem – we’ll just order the smallest thing we can find. What about French toast and fruit; is that ok? Do you like French toast?’ Signalling to the waiter, he realised with a stab of alarm that he knew next to nothing about her.
‘I like everything! It’s just that I still get a weird lump in my throat sometimes when I try to eat, even after all these months. And this week, coming over here to a strange place, especially to go to Matt’s wedding – well, it’s hard, isn’t it?’
The man nodded. He’d never talked about his grief to anyone before, ‘Sometimes I just feel guilty for still being alive, to be able to eat great food and drink chilled wine and see the sunset, and go out walking.’
‘And go to new places, and meet people, and make new friends…’ she agreed. Her eyes were suddenly full of tears and the man blinked in sympathy. There was a silence, and he tentatively reached for her hand. ‘I know, it’s a bugger, isn’t it?’
The waiter brought their order and they laughed, breaking the tension. The plates were so loaded that the toast spilled over the edges, and the enormous slices of watermelon dwarfed the heaps of strawberries and kiwi. He looked at her and felt a sharp pang when he saw green eyes instead of blue. He didn’t know that she was seeing blue eyes when she had half expected green.
‘So much for a light breakfast,’ he said.
Later, as they wandered along the boardwalk, a street trader stopped them in their tracks, holding out a handful of black t-shirts hopefully. The man shook his head, ‘Sorry, we don’t need anything today.’
‘Hey, you got no choice, dude – you gotta pay the forfeit.’
‘That’s what I said, didn’t I? You’re out here, in the most beautiful bay in the world, on the most romantic day of the year, and you ain’t holdin’ the lady’s hand. That’ll be ten dollars, and the t-shirt’s free.’
The man and the woman exchanged sheepish glances, both blushing. ‘But…I don’t really know her,’ he stuttered.
‘Yeah, right – who you tryin’ to kid? Gimme the ten dollars, and you got a deal.’
Grinning, the man dug out a note from his wallet, and handed the t-shirt to the woman. ‘Happy Valentine’s Day,’ he said.
They were married in December, 2008. Neither of them ever wore the t-shirt.

37 thoughts on “Introducing…Celia J Anderson

    • Every word is true, Emily. Thanks for visiting the Romaniacs, looking forward to meeting you in real life when we visit the deep south. x

    • It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘been there, got the ‘t-shirt’, doesn’t it? Thanks for your kind comments, Liz, one day I’ll write about the rest of that amazing week…

      Celia x

  1. Nice story – nice ending – and this from someone WAY outside your normal demographic. (lol)

    • Thanks John…oo er…a bloke! A normal demographic – always wanted one of those. Come and see what Lucie has to say on Monday? Who knows where this could end.

      Celia x

  2. Enjoyed reading that very much Celia, knowing the background makes it very touching but also a lovely moving forward moment captured. well done x Jill

    • It’s sometimes good just to write these things down, Jill. It keeps a whole bunch of memories alive, not just the ones on the page. Thanks for your comment, much appreciated
      Celia xx

    • You too Nicky; it’s five years ago this week but it’s all still very fresh in my mind, for some reason! Glad you dropped in.

      Celia x

  3. What a sweet story (and so well written). Loved the photo of you signing the register. Hope you make it to the Leicester Chapter soon and we get to meet blue eyes to green. Congratulation to all romaniacs for launching such a great blog.

    • Lizze, we will meet one day soon, I feel as if I’ve known you for years! Thinking of moving over to Leicester now to be ready for the Chapter, will camp out in your garden and listen to the sound of the bongos. Glad you liked my story, and more importantly, the blog as a whole,

      Celia x

      • Has your shed got running water and a jaccuzi? I have my standards, you know. C x

  4. Beautiful, I was moved to tears, so pleased I was there as the story began and saw the other chapters unfold XXX

    • And the chapters just keep happening! Thanks to you and your lovely lot for the part you all played (and still do) in the story, much love xxx

  5. That’s beautiful Ce and I know every word is true, I had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes reading it,
    You’re so good together, I’m so pleased you found one another. God Bless America =)x

    • It’s certainly the place to go if you feel like changing your life! I’ve used San Fran in part of my children’s book too – would love to go back. Thanks for the lovely comments, Sonj

      Ce xx

    • I’m very glad you liked it, and thanks for supporting our blog – we really appreciate your visits. See you Monday for Lucie’s great start to the week? Hope all’s well with you?

      Celia x

  6. How wonderful Celia! I never knew! Beautifully written too, touching on such differing emotions. Keep on with the writing!
    Love you lots
    J x

  7. So if you find me in the stock cupboard next week with my laptop and a pile of biscuits, will that be ok? I’m sure the kids will manage for a bit!
    Thanks J, comments much appreciated,

    C xxx

  8. Yes, we did, Sarah; any excuse for wine and roses is good enough for me! It was a magical week, that time in San Francisco, but this year we were here in the Midlands looking at ducks on a frozen pond…brrrr.

    Thanks for the comments and for dropping in to see us all. Come back soon,

    Celia x

  9. Wow Ce,
    I knew you had it in you, I believe you made me cry!
    Well done you, a fabulous piece of writing which comes straight from the heart.
    Keep going girl you will be published soon I’m sure
    love you
    Sara xx

    • Maybe we should write one together? Would like to do a young adult story next. Tell you what, we’ll give Y6 a really long piece of work to do one day soon and we’ll write the first chapter! Then they can edit it for us.

      Lots of love, thanks for great comments

      Ce x

    • Did I tell you this story after red wine had been partaken?? Hope you’re ok – onwards & upwards.


      C xx

  10. if only I could read more! It brought a tear to my eye, I just wanted it to keep going! Now Mrs A has got a gold star for wow words and I want to pick up a pen and start scribbling! A fantastic ‘story’, a fantastic couple written by a fantastic teacher. Onwards certainly, upwards definitely! Well done you. Lots of love x x

  11. i was reading it with tears in my eyes and kind of knew it was true from knowing snippets about you two. How wonderful!! I am soo soo pleased for you and its really well written. Great that you have realised a dream of being a writer and getting together with likewise people. Lots of love, Rikke xx

    • Thanks Rikke – lovely to hear from you. Without the help and support from these Romaniac girls I wouldn’t have got anywhere near being published! You ok? xxx

    • That’s very kind of you, Marilyn – San Francisco had such great memories for us and we’re going back this year for the first time since we met. There will be champagne and maybe a tear or two…

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