Introducing….. Liz Crump

Dropping from a lace bust, whispers of ivory and folds of cream silk flow down to the floor finished by a lace hem where crystals sparkle and shimmer discreetly hidden beneath the depths of the fabric.

As a child, this was the wedding dress I imagined I would wear. But then as a child I didn’t have a clue about the troubles an hourglass figure would bring!

Most little girls dream of princess themed wedding days and I was no exception. I loved the idea of the fairy tale happy ending with a prince in shining armour. But that dream soon fizzled out. When? Maybe it was the moment Robbie left Take That and broke my heart (how could he?!)

What really happened was that I grew up and I found my romances in other areas of my life.  As I grew up my focuses in life changed and I became a bit too career minded.
Over the years I put everything into my career and although it has now paid off, it has also meant that, by choice, there has been no gap in my life for romance.  Well there is one tiny little gap for romance and that’s in my novel.

I joined the Romantic Novelist’s Association, New Writer Scheme in 2011 and had a real eye opening year. I began to understand an industry I knew very little about and I began to write a novel that had real structure and purpose.  I also made some life long friends, for who I would have given up on this dream of getting published without.

I sent my partial submission off to the RNA NWS last year wanting nothing more than to put a big apology across the front of every page I had written. It was the first time anyone had ever looked at my work and the thought of it filled me with dread. Luckily for me, my reader gave me some excellent feedback that made me look at my novel objectively which gave me the courage to keep writing.

My current Work In Progress has developed considerably over the year but it follows the life of Andi who has spent her entire life sacrificing her own happiness for others. When she suddenly finds herself betrayed by those closest to her she decides to put herself first for once and make drastic changes to find her own happiness in love. Andi will do what it takes to find love, even if that means changing who she is to fit the mould.  But Andi soon discovers that happiness and love often come with heavy prices to pay.

I’m delighted to be part of both the Romaniacs and the Romantic Novelist’s Association, New Writer Scheme and the friendships that come with them. I look forward to celebrating everyone’s success and hopefully keeping you entertained with our blog!

Lots of Love

Liz x

20 thoughts on “Introducing….. Liz Crump

  1. Good luck with the novel, Liz! It took me years to shed all my fears regarding my ability as a writer – and I totally understand the knee-knocking fear of getting feedback on something so personal! It was nice to find out a bit more about you too. x x

  2. Lovely blog, Liz. All of tHe Romaniacs’ blogs have been so different, but they’ve all been very enjoyable.

    Good luck with the writing. I’m sure I’ll see your name on the spine of a book one day!

    I’m amazed that Mr. Ralphus allowed you to post a message without including a pic of him!

    Liz X

  3. Aww, great post, Liz. It’s so interesting to hear how you came to writing. I KNOW you’re gonna be published one day, and look forward to being with you along the journey. Friends for life now all of us!! 😀


  4. Thanks Ladies for your comments! It is much appreciated!

    Yasmin, fear is awful isn’t it! I don’t think the little voice telling us we can’t do it never truly goes away! I hope your writing is coming along well x

    Liz, thank you! I know, i’ll be bumped off his kitty Christmas card list immediately! x

  5. Wot? No mention of The Ralphus – I’m shocked! A great post, Liz; I know how hard it is to be torn between a career that pays the mortgage and one which is intellectually and creatively satisfying but might not earn enough to keep one supplied in paper and printer inks… It wasn’t until I left teaching after 34 years (know, you get a much shorter sentence for murder) that I was able to devote my time to writing. The RNA is a great association – without it I wouldn’t have made so many friends – or met the Romaniacs. It’s given me a second ‘career’, if you like, and I’m determined to carry on until I get published. Its been a brilliant year for the NWS and its given me new hope. As for the wedding dress – sometimes less is more, you know !! Ha Ha.

  6. Lovely post Liz. Wishing you great success with your novel – it sounds really interesting. As for romance – well, that often comes when you least expect it, doesn’t it? xx

  7. Another interesting and enjoyable Romaniacs post. So many of us out here can relate – and on so many levels (for me, the fear bit most especially). Happy writing, Liz!

  8. Lovely post. Wishing you all great success.

    I love being a member of the RNA NWS, the Readers are incredibly helpful.

  9. This blog is such a good idea – I’m really loving hearing all these different points of view and ways of life! Keep going Liz, you know what they say, the difference between success and failure is perseverance…

  10. Lovely post, Liz. Your WIP sounds like a winner to me – can’t wait to read it xx

  11. Lovely to ‘meet’ you Liz! Keep doing what you’re doing, sounds like you’re having a great time and it’ll be amazing when you publish. XX

  12. Good luck with the writing, Liz. Andi’s story definitely sounds like my kind of romantic novel, so do hurry up and get it published!!

  13. Aw! What a lovely post! Here’s wishing you every success with your writing! Hold on to those dreams and you’ll get there (from someone who did!).

  14. That sounds like a great story, Liz – can’t wait to read it! I think you’re right and every little girl dreams of the fairy tale wedding and so on, but even if life doesn’t turn out quite like that, it’s great that we have romantic novels to turn to (both reading and writing them). I look forward to hearing more from the Romaniacs!

  15. Ah thanks for all your lovely comments, they mean a lot and have given me a kick up the backside to get some writing done tonight! Thank you xxx

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