Romaniac Hunky Heroes but Who Are Yours?

Mondays can be a drag, so we thought we’d brighten up the start of the week

with some eye candy.  

What do you think?  We would love to know who your hero is.

Celia’s Hero: Here’s Roger Daltrey; the man who haunted my teenage dreams. Finally got to see him for my 40th birthday, and he was wearing…beige. At least it wasn’t an anorak. Still amazing after all these years, even though he now spends less time strutting than running a fish farm, apparently. Am sure I could cope with the scales getting everywhere – all that smouldering, and you’d never be short of something for dinner.

Sue’s Hero : Although heroes have come and gone over time, for a good twenty years or so now, one has endured.  I first set eyes on him in ‘The Untouchables’ and then later on in ‘Godfather III’. He has starred with Al Pacino, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Dustin Hoffman to name but a few. He played a true romantic hero alongside Meg Ryan in ‘When A Man Loves A Woman’ and in real life he is a devoted father of four. My hero is the gorgeous Andy Garcia.

Vanessa:  I used to get crushes on heroes from books, especially a bad boy turned good … Rupert Campbell-Black, the handsomest man in England was a great hero – but only after he fell in love with Taggie and stopped being so mean. But the greatest, for me, is the lovely Mr Darcy. For so long, he had to stride around solely in my imagination, being all scowly and yummy. Then, one happy day in 1996, the BBC brought him to life for me in the form of Colin Firth. And as an extra special treat, they even added a wet-shirt, striding out of a lake scene … sigh

Liz’s hunky hero is the delicious Gerard Butler


Catherine needed just one word to describe Tom Hardy – ‘Drool’

            Jan : The first time Rupert Penry – Jones rattled my radar was when I saw him in Spooks, playing Adam Carter. Phewee…

Lucie: Seeing as Liz got in before me with the absolutely gorgeous Gerard Butler, I’ve agreed to let him go *sigh* and drool over my other favorite hunky man….Bradley Cooper. Ah, those eyes….


Debbie : Sorry girls. He may not be Hollywood, but a bit like Sue, I’ve loved this man for twenty years of my life. For me, any man who looks like this, stands the test of time and can serenade is a hero …

…for me anyway

Laura: Top Gun, (Pilot’s uniform), A Few Good Men (white uniform), Mission Impossibles (black uniform), Risky Business (socks and pants) – such a versatile dresser and I’d be his wingman any day. Tom Cruise.


23 thoughts on “Romaniac Hunky Heroes but Who Are Yours?

  1. Ooooo do you know not one of those above floats Lady Baggot’s boat! All far too conventional for me. I like my boys a bit different! Richard Armitage is a fave of the moment and I LOVE Nicolas Cage and Bruce Willis and of course The Hoff!

    • Oh but who doesn’t like Richard Armitage? Yep, can see where you’re going with Cage and Willis but you’re on your own with The Hoff.
      Sue x

    • Have to agree – he has amazing blue eyes, a bit like Alan Hansen (football pundit).
      Thanks for dropping by Nicky
      Sue x

    • So glad you approve, Sophie. Anything (or anyone, should we say) who gets the old creative juices flowing, is fab in our book 🙂

      Jan x

  2. Can I be greedy? Any hero has to have the eyes of Joe McFadden, who has the longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen. Gerard Butler, Aidan Turner, Jonas Armstrong (loved him as Robin Hood), Robert Sheehan (truly beautiful face and gorgeous accent), Michael Legge (Angela’s Ashes), Santiago Cabrera, Enrique, Eoin Macken, Shayne Ward. Nicky Byrne of Westlife has a lovely face I think, and if I wanted a bit of rough, Ray Winstone is strangely attractive!. Oh dear, this reminds me of my first school composition when I filled two sides of paper with what I wanted to be when I grew up – “I want to be a nurse, then I want to be a teacher, then I want to be…..”and so on for both pages. It came back with a line through it. How cruel was that – I was only five!

    • Wow! That is some list, Rosie. A friend of mine had a massive crush on Ray Winstone (still does, as far as I know) There’s definitely something about him… 😉 Thanks for sharing your list with us. Most impressive!

      Jan x

    • Yes, Gerard gets many a heart fluttering. We’ll definitely check out Mr Fassbender too. Thanks so much for your comments.

      Jan x

  3. Agree with Colin Firth aka Mr Darcy, Rupert Penry Jones too. Also strangely attracted to Matt Smith’s version of The Doctor. Of course Richard Armitage, also really drawn to both Barnabys in Midsomer Murders!

    • Glad we meet with your approval, Sharon 🙂 I’m sure we could have come up with at least a dozen or so more hunks between us. (Actually, make that THREE dozen!) Thanks for your comments. Matt Smith’s version of The Doctor has got me very intrigued…

      Jan x

  4. Well, I think Vanessa has already mentioned one of my fictional heroes – Rupert Campbell-Black, although I have to say Ratty in Sue Moorcroft’s ‘Starting Over’ is high on the list, oh and then there’s Brice Kinross from ‘Highland Storms’ by Christina Courtenay.
    Sue x

    • Hmm – At the moment, my favourite fictional hero is Dominic, in Wrapped Up In You, Carole Matthews.
      I would feel extremely safe under his watchful eye.
      With regard to our Monday Men, I’m hoping I might be able to negotiate a swap with Lucie – I wasn’t aware of Bradley Cooper until this post. What do you think, Lucie? Swapsies?
      Laura x

  5. Tony Robinson (it’s all right, none of my heroes are based on him!), for gorgeous eyes, lovely smile and being a nice guy, David Mitchell again for gorgeous eyes, intelligence and sense of humour and Johnny Depp because every woman needs a man to just…you know….look at.

  6. A recent Twitter interaction is still making me laugh. Having seen the trailer for The Woman in Black, I asked if it was wrong to find Daniel Radcliffe attractive. I had a tweet back telling me, “It is if you’re watching The Philosopher’s Stone.”

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