Trying not to write like a butterfly…

Andi Archer just wants to fall in love with a man she can trust. Liking the man would be a bonus and fancying the man would be a great result but all she wants is to be able to trust him.

ImageAfter a life time sacrificing her own happiness for others, Andi suddenly finds herself betrayed by those closest to her so she decides to put herself first for once and make drastic changes to find her own happiness in love.
Andi will do what it takes to find a man she can trust, even if that means changing who she is to fit the mould.  But Andi soon remembers that trusting someone often comes with heavy prices to pay.

This writing malarkey isn’t easy is it?

I’ve got so many ideas and so much passion to write them that I find myself wanting to jump from one story to another. For me, it’s a big challenge to stay focused and finish one project without turning into a literary butterfly.


For now, I’m managing to keep that butterfly at bay and channel all of my energy into writing my WIP.
Since I started writing the novel in January 2011, the characters have changed and the plot has developed. These changes are definitely for the better but it means I have more detail and sub plots that I need to keep track of and watch that they don’t fizzle out.

The advice I received from the Romantic Novelist’s Association, New Writer Scheme last year was excellent and I have definitely taken the advice given on board. At the moment I am running through my novel and polishing it up ready for my submission again this year.

Fingers crossed!

Liz x

10 thoughts on “Trying not to write like a butterfly…

  1. Morning Liz (and other Romaniacs) These days I don’t so much float like a butterfly as sting like a bee – if I can quote Mohammed Ali. I am pretty good at sticking to the WIP but have now reached the stage where I have got to slash-and-burn to edit it down to a workable 120k. Not an easy matter. I heard Katie Fforde talk a few weeks ago and what she said certainly had a resonance for me: “Don’t edit the magic out of your novel.” I have had so many conflicting opinions on the WIP that I’ve decided to write the novel I want, the novel I would like to read. If agents and editors don’t like it – I’m sure Amazon will be quite happy to publish it for me – for a price! And in the meantime I’ll get on with the next – and the one after that. Good luck with your work and submitting it to the NWS. Hope to see you and other Romaniacs at the summer party in May. Love Lizzie (aka Slasher Lamb)

    • Hi Lizzie,
      I heard Katie’s talk was really useful, certainly sounds like it!
      Some of the Romaniacs will be at the summer party, unfortunately I won’t be. I will have just returned from sunny Cuba! (hooray!)
      Good luck with the slashing!
      Liz x

    • lizzielamb – I think that is a good idea. I had varying poinions and sometimes they leave you confused.I havejust published my book on amazon and it was vary exciting. It was lovely to get reviews from real readers.Now I will get on with my others.Knowing that I can publish with amazon has really inspired me creatively too. At least I know the manuscripts don’tstay in a drawer. Good luck!! Bren

  2. Oh, Liz. When I’m on top form I am such a butterfly writer! This post strikes so make cord, my fellow Romaniac! x Ps – I would love to go to Cuba. xxx


  3. I can flutter for England at times too, Liz. Sounds like your novel is really taking good shape though. Love the summary, by the way. I’m rooting for Andi already 🙂 x

  4. Liz, I have spells when I flutter like crazy. It takes a stern talking with myself to get my focus back, but I’m getting better at recognising when I’m about to have a butterfly episode so that’s progress. Good luck getting your submission ready. Oh, and have a great time in Cuba! x

  5. Hey Liz, Love the sound of Andi’s story – all the very best with it.
    I try to be quite strict with myself – new ideas can be soooo tempting. In that way new ideas are exactly like scones 😉

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