The HEFBB Scale – How to rate your Romantic Hero

Despite the fact I have a science based degree, I would like to point out this is in no way scientific. It’s something I made up, aged 16, with a friend in the physio staff room back when I volunteered at Nunnery Fields Hospital. All I can say is, it must have been a slow day.

Between us we decided on the parts of a man we were most attracted to. We narrowed it down to five:

H: Hair

E: Eyes

F: Face

B: Bottom

B: Body

Each of these categories is allocated a score of 20, so you need to decide whether your hero gets full marks or if there is room for improvement. Once you’ve considered each of these you will have a score out of 100.

In my youth, it was great fun to work this out (me, fickle, never?), but we realised there was a fault in this system. It didn’t take personality into account. So we added a letter on the end (A-F) to grade their personality. This is obviously very subjective (and did I mention fickle?) and depends on what personality you are looking for and what bad habits (ie, smoking) you would consider a put off.

I’ll use Robert Pattinson as an example and illustrate my very fickle thoughts.

H: He does a good job of making scruffy hair look sexy, but room for improvement = 18

E: Sexy, go to bed eyes. Totally the bit that sells him to me = 20

F: His face works like an advert for his go to bed eyes, but he loses a point for the sexy stubble that occasionally ends up as scruffy mess = 19

B: Hmm, the problem is, his face is so pretty, there are not enough pictures at this level to make a fair judgement, but going by what I’m imagining it’ll be = 15

B: And I’m basing the last on his body. He’s just a bit too scrawny for me. I’ve always made sure I’ve never dated a man who I’d be in fear of breaking. He could just do with a bit more muscle = 15

So for his HEFBB score he gets: 87/100. And his A-F grade would be a B minus, I reckon. Obviously loses a point for having a girlfriend and I think he’s a smoker which is off putting for me. But then he’s intelligent, articulate, and good at his profession. 

How would you score Robert? Or anyone else for that matter?

To see how well the HEFBB scale works, I thought I’d get you to try it out on your Romantic Hero/Star of choice through your Heroine’s eyes/your eyes. In theory, they should be pretty close to a 100A, but like Robert, you may like an 87B- kind of guy or in your eyes, he’s 100A. 

If you feel the HEFBB Scale needs improving/extra categories let me know. That way it will surely becomes scientific and can be used all over the world.

I have a feeling I may have read too many magazines with ‘Find out if he’s the one for you,’ type surveys during my teenage years.

Catherine x

20 thoughts on “The HEFBB Scale – How to rate your Romantic Hero

    • Very true. Would like to think I was too innocent when I devised this to think of such things 😉

      Catherine x

  1. This is making me blush a bit, years ago I did a survey in a magazine called ‘are you really, truly in love’ and scored an embarrassing 100%. Me, over-romantic? Surely not.

    • That’s made me giggle, Christine 🙂 I think I must have gone through too many Mizz magazines judging by this!

      Catherine x

  2. Love it! But my scale would drill down further – I’d need specific categories for eyes and smile. And probably jawline. ‘Face’ is too general. 🙂

    • I remember it being very hard to whittle down into categories. I feel there is much scope for research here. Thanks for popping by and commenting, Sue 🙂

      Catherine x

    • I think, partly, we were going for an acronym that we could say. HEFBB seemed to be OK, but if we add smile, arms, legs, etc it gets more complex. Would be doable, I’m sure. HEFBBSAL??

      Catherine x

    • HEFBBSALHFL. How’s our acronym looking? I plan to spend the next week checking out hands. I’m not sure I ever have before. Too busy checking out the B’s.

      Catherine x

    • That’s interesting, Kate. Goes to show that personality can count for more than looks 😉

      Catherine x

    • I think they had a survey on something in ever issue. School days flashback, indeed. Thanks for stopping by, Anita.

      Catherine x

      • So much to think about! I love to see a smile and a laughing pair of eyes. But above all for me is personality. Looks fade, but peronality will always be there.
        WOW! I sound so serious. Going to go and have left over chocolate from easter! This will perk me up! enjoyed the idea, Catherine, definitely food for thought.

      • Lorraine, That certainly is food for thought and left over chocolate from Easter sounds like the answer to everything. May have to stock up in the sales!

        Catherine x

  3. This is brilliant, Catherine! So funny. And Mizz magazine – that takes me back.
    Hope the HEFBB scale becomes a worldwide phenomenon! xx

    • I’m sure if Mizz was still about I could have got it in there! Would have to have options to look at once the scale is complete. You know: 80-100 is a keeper. 0-20 get rid. That kind of grounded advice!

      Catherine x

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