The Write Stuff.

 I love Writing.

It holds purpose. It provides direction and without it, I am lost.

Through words I can express emotions, tell stories and reveal a little of myself.

 I love Writing.

It is a major part of my life, trumped by family and friends only, but like many relationships, there are occasions when we fall out, fail to connect, or are ripped apart against our will.

I love Writing.

Following a recent personal loss, Writing and I hit a rocky patch. We fell out. Despite the whirlwind of words spiralling around my head, I had no desire to set them free. It shocked me to realise I wanted to internalise my thoughts and emotions.

Writing and I ignored each other. The notebooks remained cast aside, untouched and unloved. I couldn’t look at them.

I was too sad.

So what convinced me to give Writing another go? Who made me realise some relationships are meant to be? What persuaded me to ease out the BIG chair, pick up the purple pen and settle down? It was the gentle encouragement and the unswerving support and faith of my family and friends; my Top Trumps. Their love, understanding and confidence in our match, brought Writing and me together again and it’s a good feeling.

It’s a great feeling.

 I love writing.

We are beginning our new journey with two small words of great magnitude: Thank you.

 Laura x


19 thoughts on “The Write Stuff.

  1. I’m in that place at the moment. My beloved writing is parted from me because of injury – no I haven’t ripped her to pieces as some critics have implied – my right arm is out of action for the forseeable future and my typing is down to left hand only which is more than frustrating, it is enraging. So we parted tearfully with promises to keep in touch and writing will only move back in when I am well – she doesn’t want to watch me suffer, bless ‘er.

    I hope your affair renews with vigour and blossoms – we are waving to you from our separate rooms and wishing you well, writing and me.

    • Hi Cameron
      What a lovely comment. Thank you.
      Injuries are frustrating. I have rheumatoid arthritis and can spend weeks at a time in plaster or splints, following surgery of one kind of another. I’m ok if it’s my left hand…
      I have a digital dictaphone now for those right-handed moments.
      Look after yourself and I hope you can get back to your writing very soon.
      Laura x

  2. I’ve kept a diary since I was 13, I love writing because it helps me think straight and get au fait with my thoughts in a way that is always such a relief! Then fiction, wow. How cool is it to have a tool that lets your imagination grow wings and soar? Writing will always be there, Laura. It’ll always be your friend. x

    • Hello Yasmin
      My mum was the diary keeper – I have years of reading ahead of me now. Perhaps I should start reading them. I am certain they will inspire me to write, Mum was, after all, the woman who passed on her love of books to me.
      Thanks for commenting.
      Laura x

  3. Writing is a funny lover. Sometimes, it’ll carry you through a crisis, and at other times, it turns away from you. Lovely post, Laura, thanks for sharing… and I’m so happy you’re back in the writing groove.

    • Thank you, Nicky.
      I am so pleased and extremely lucky to be part of such a supportive and caring community.
      Writing and I didn’t part for long, but it was long enough.
      Laura x

  4. Glad to hear you’re writing again. Following a loss and sever illness I stopped writing. It wasn’t pretty, I was a vegetable. Writing in French, a complete shock, opened the floodgates and helped me express what I wouldn’t in english.
    Good luck with the writing,
    Elle XX
    You’re invited to guest on my blog if it takes your fancy, invitation extended to all Romaniacs 🙂

    • Hi Elle,
      Thank you for taking the time to come on over and comment – I appreciate it.
      As you know, my French is… I’ll leave that to you 😉 I guess it was a little like writing in code. Sometimes we say things but don’t use the actual words to express what we mean – perhaps writing in French was a version of this.
      My actual physical output is not huge, but the ideas are backing up in my head. I need to find time to get it all down now.
      Laura x

  5. Aw, what a touching post, Laura.

    As you know, I’m sitting at the laptop right now, trying hard to re-ignite my love affair with writing, but still falling short of the mark. I’m exactly the same as you with the ideas part. It’s just the actual ruddy writing that let’s me down.

    For every idea/novel/blog/short story I come up with I create a word document, give it a title and jot the outline of whatever it is into the document. Same as you, PC is now groaning under the weight. Just need to do something with them all!

  6. Very brave of you to share this with us, Laura. There have been times when writing has carried me through stress, and other occasions when it has left me high and dry, unable to externalise any emotion.

    I’m really glad you’re finding your way back. Here’s hoping your new journey will be productive with many exciting twists and turns along the way. x x

    • I appreciate your comment, Claire. Thank you. I recently read Sarah Duncan’s blog wherein she reminded us we are not machines. It was a timely post. xx

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