Calorific Confessions

Knowing how hard it can be to pin down the muse, the Romaniacs have put together a fact file – or possibly a fat file – of scrummy snacks that drive us through our writing day. This wasn’t an easy task, and I thought there were going to be tears before bedtime because I have to say that we Romaniacs do love to eat, but I’ve finally managed to pin them down to a short list of their favourite writing stimulants (all completely legal and non-prescription, fortunately.) Warning – please don’t try this at home. If you work your way through this lot, I can’t answer for the consequences.

Catherine starts us off on this eating roller coaster with her choices:

The list is endless. There are so many things that get me through and at the moment it seems to be hula-hoops and bananas. One thing I have to avoid buying is Battenburg cake, but only because I’ll eat the whole thing. There are also some almond slices that my local shop sell – in packs of eight. I’m lucky if they last two days. In fact, I can’t remember what their exact name is (slice/cake?) May have to buy some to double check…

Lucie’s list is short and sweet, much like herself:

With regards to what I like to snack on whilst I write, the list normally consists of the following:

• Southern fried chicken bites
• Cocktail Sausages
• Grapes
• Biscuits

I hasten to add, not all at the same time. I vary my days with a mixture of these. Not the healthiest snacks, I know, but good!

Debbie has a very sweet tooth in a writing crisis:

Funny, I hadn’t thought of this before but when I’m writing I regularly snack on bread and golden syrup or bread and jam or banana sandwiches or banana and syrup/jam sandwiches. In fact I hardly ever have a normal sandwich – it’s always something sweet and sickly, but that’s ONLY when I’m writing. I’m finding that copious cups of green tea are far better than gallons of red wine, health wise!

Sue’s choices are slightly healthier, thank goodness:

When I’m writing I tend to have brown bread, toasted with sliced banana on top – yummy! Like to think it’s a health/brain food option. I drink far too much tea.
I don’t do reward eating, I just eat when I want to, but if I did reward myself it would be with a vanilla slice either cream or custard filling, I’m not fussy.

Laura’s a little bit more restrained in her snack attacks:

I don’t always snack when I’m writing, but I have been known to have a few Minstrels, melon or a bowl of cereal. A cup of cappuccino hits the spot too.

Vanessa’s trying not to lose the dieting plot:

I’ve been risking my diet with thoughts of favourite writing snacks and decided my favourite was Giant Chocolate Buttons – a big bag of course. Easy to eat while still typing. I also like sweet popcorn, freshly done in the microwave, but that’s messier and ends up everywhere!
On healthier days, I sit at the laptop with a big punnet of grapes next to me. Yum.

Jan’s food fix is as follows (try to say that six times after the red wine booster):

If feeling virtuous and my words/scenes are flowing well, I can munch my way through all manner of grapes/raw carrot sticks, nuts & raisins. If the prose ain’t playing the game, however, it’s chocolate all the way for me, faves include choccie buttons/Maltesers/Minstrels which because they are individually small, somehow justifies me feasting on them. Although I have been known to demolish the odd family-sized slab of Cadbury’s too. Purely for inspiration purposes, of course.

Liz is our poorly Romaniac at the moment, so I’m guessing she’s nibbling on a freshly peeled orange with a lem-sip chaser. Get well wishes from all of us, Lovely Liz – we miss you!

And as for me (Celia), my big weakness is Walkers Ready Salted crisps – I eat the low-fat version to make me feel virtuous, but as I often follow them with cake and wine, the effect of the reduced calories is somewhat lost. I try to throw in (rather than up) the odd bowl of fresh fruit as ballast but the juice plays havoc with the laptop keys when I forget the spoon.

So come on, fellow scribblers – what snacks inspire you to write a best-selling, page-turning, bodice-ripping epic?

The Romaniacs are looking forward to reading your confessions…

22 thoughts on “Calorific Confessions

    • Morning, Juliet.
      Coffee and chocolate is a good combination. Do you ever stray and have coffee cake? I’ve just made myself shudder – I’m not a fan of coffee cake. I wish I hadn’t metioned it now….
      Think melon, think Minstrels…:-)
      Laura x

    • Lol, Charlie!
      I must admit, we were surprised at the over all health content of our choices. Across the nine of us, I think we’ve managed a balanced diet.
      I’m vegetarian, hence no babies.
      If they improve one’s writing though, I may have to reconsider my eating habits.
      Laura x

    • Hello Rin.
      I’ve not managed a morsel yet. An almond croissant and coffee would definitely hit the spot this morning. Very continental.Very jealous.
      Laura 🙂

  1. I’m trying to get on top of these unhealthy cravings and have recently replaced biscuits or cake with a small bowl of Coco Pops. Funnily enough, when I get really stuck, it’s got to be something savoury and I have been known to make a big tray of cheesy nachos, or a chorizo-egg-and-potatoe fritter, half-way through the writing day. Reward food (when I feel proud and/or drained after a good day) is definitely chocolate. By the bar, please. Gulp!

    • Oh, Nicky, I’m loving the sound of the coco pops. In fact I still have some here from my niece’s last sleepover. I don’t usually get a look-in but I’ll definitely be trying them out 😉 Some great foodie fixes there. Thanks so much for stopping by.

      Jan x x

  2. I’m a big fan of giant chocolate buttons-once that bag is open they don’t stay in there for long! Great idea Debbie re golden syrup on bread, will have to try that (have you ever tried golden syrup on leftover yorkshire pudding à la Nigella?-it’s not bad). When I’m writing I drink a lot of builders’ tea and have discovered Teapigs liquorice and peppermint tea which is amazing. On those days when I have the willpower to stay away from chocolate and biscuits, I have Marmite on Jacob’s crackers. I stay away from grapes when writing as the keyboard gets all sticky.

    • Anita, I’m a huge buttons fan too. If they’re of the giant variety, even better 😉 Marmite and crackers sounds good too. Such a variety of snacks have been revealed on this blog post, we’re all spoilt for choice. Thanks so much for sharing your choices with us.

      Jan x x

  3. Glad to know I’m not alone. My ideal snack would involve chocolate but mostly I make myself a quick cuppa soup (or yucca soup as we call them in these here parts) and slurp it whilst working. Have burnt the roof of my mouth on many occasions but it hasn’t stopped me talking . . . yet. Chocolate does feature large in my writing life as does coffee, the stronger the better. Now you know why I always have that “just been tasered (sp) up my bottom” look every time you see me. Wired for success via caffeine !! Of course, if I’m really lucky and Bongo Man isn’t underneath a camper van over on his brother’s farm about 35 miles away, a glass of Bombay Sapphire with tonic, ice and a slice will materialise around about 3pm with a few cashew nuts I’d turn it down, but it would hurt his feelings. I see that our daily ‘fixes’ are as varied as our writing – keep up the good work, Romaniacs. Lovin’ the blog.

    • Do you know, I used to love the chicken noodle cuppa soups but haven’t had one for ages. Will have to give it another try 🙂 Choccie and coffee are firm faves with lots of us, I think. As is tea by the gallon! I shall think of you with your G&T, ice, slice and cashews at 3pm. Enjoy! Thanks so much for stopping by, Lizzie, and for your kind comments re the blog.

      Jan x x

  4. Broken up Easter Egg. There’s something about that thin crust of chocolate… giant Chocolate Buttons are a good second best though. Or, indeed, anything which doesn’t crawl away.

    • But think of the challenge of the crawling-away type snacks. No, actually, you’re right, let’s stick to the chocolate. The giant chocolate button is a splendid invention,

      Celia x

      • Shortbread biscuits. I can nibble and type at the same time. Tea is a must! But if my friend has baked one of her amazing cakes, I’ll have that as a treat. As an extra treat at the end the day I might treat myself to a glass of baileys with ice. Mostly it has to be sweet foods. Mostly naughty but nice. Lorraine H

      • Oh, Bailey’s – now you’re talking, Lorraine! xxx And a cake chaser…

  5. Given that I don’t drink alcohol I do get through enormous quantities of freshly brewed coffee (cheap where we live) tea and herbal teas (I can get nearly stoned on Celestial’s Candy Cane Lane) And as one of my diversionary tactics for not smoking is baking cakes – see my Twitter line for photos, there is always a “memory of Grandma’s” moment ….Easter and Christmas are dreadfully difficult because we both love the Belgian praliné chocolates we get (also cheaply) bombarded with but he is diabetic so we have to be very Oliver Cromwell in our Christmas celebrations.

    Strong fresh coffee usually kicks the hell out of writer’s block for me.

  6. Cameron – where is this blissful place full of coffee and cake? I’m definitely with you on the kick-starting effects of coffee, and grinding the beans/ taking huge sniffs of coffee laden air always gets my brain going. Thanks for dropping in, would you care for a cake?

    Celia x

    • Ooo cake! Don’t mind if I do, thank you. We’re to be found half way up a mountain in the very far East of France in a hamlet of 200 souls. The coffee is always on the top of the ancient but wonderful woodstove which is also the home-made cake maker. Another cup anyone *picks up Arab-style chrome coffee-pot and waves it at everyone*

      • Don’t mind if I do, have just had a lovely cup of tea, but hey – the more caffiene the better today! Your home sounds wonderful.

      • Thank you – it was a complete ruin when we found it and being so isolated isn’t to everyone’s taste but we just love it … as do the three mental hounds who share the place with us. Life here is almost “a century ago” but with all mod-cons … the ideal!

  7. I think that it all sounds blissful. The rain is bucketing down here in the Midlands and France seems very far away today. I have friends who live in a tiny hamlet in Lot and I love to go there and forget the world for a little while. They make great coffee too!


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