90,000 words – Done!

The above is to be said in the style of Gordon Ramsay. You know, like it was easy. Like the blood, sweat and tears your creation took didn’t drive you to the ends of your capabilities and back.

So, 90,000 words – Done! Do I sound cool? Do I sound like it’s not really been too much bother?

I reckon working with GR would be similar:

Inspiration – You have an idea for a new recipe. You’re sure people will like it, you just know they will.

Initiation – You still have that great recipe idea, but you need to do something with it so you investigate what you need to do to get it in GR’s restaurant.

Preparation – Turns out you need to have some kudos to get in with GR, so you spend some time learning the craft of cooking.

Motivation – Learning the craft takes longer than you thought. Three years until they take you off washing up duty. Is it really worth it for one recipe that might not even end up on the menu?

Presentation – They let you work on the starters. After years of hard work you’re getting somewhere, don’t screw it up with overdoing your sprig of parsley.

The Pass – Head Chef, GR, is in and he doesn’t like what you’ve produced. He tells you to dump it and start again.

Botheration – I’ll give you F’ing, Mr F’íng, F’íng GR. What do you mean you don’t like it? Do you know how long I spent on that!

See, on the telly they make it look easy to produce a wonderful, divine, effortless dish. Same as it may seem easy to come up with an idea to write a book, but it’s SO much more than that.

It’s great that I can say I’m done with my rewrites, but that still sees me only part way through the process. I still have to work on the presentation, get it ready to send to the NWS, and then into the wider world.

Writing a novel is a hard process to endure. It takes guts, sweat, and determination. You need motivation in bucketloads and they don’t even sell them on eBay.

So, if you wondering what the Romaniacs look like when they are busy working at their keyboards, well – sweaty chefs.

Catherine x

4 thoughts on “90,000 words – Done!

  1. Love the analogy!! Can just hear you/GR say, “90,000words, done!” Well, big pat on the back from me and good luck with moving it onwards and upwards. It’ll be worth five stars before you know it!

  2. I’m sure he’d have a thing or two to say. I reckon I’ll think of GR when it comes to rejections and consider the fact that at least they didn’t shout! Thanks for your encouragement, will need it for the next stage!

    Catherine x

  3. This is a great post, Catherine! I especially love the “three years before they take you off washing up duty” – definitely what it feels like sometimes! Congrats on what you’ve achieved so far and very best of luck for the next stages x

    • Hi Elle,
      I think writing can be such a lonely struggle and I like putting it in this context because it makes you realise that like any other career it takes hard work and persistence. Thank you for the encouragement and I hope to meet you next week at The Summer Party!

      Catherine x

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