Postcard from Cuba…


I am currently hiding out in Cuba to stop and take a rest from the bustle that life brings. It´s been brilliant to just stop for a while with nothing on my to do list but to read, write and drink cocktails!

Keeping my Pina Coladas company for the next two weeks are three great reads. I´ve already finished (un) Like a Virgin by Lucy – Anne Holmes, which made me laugh like a lunatic throughout the ten hour flight to Cuba and I´m just about to finish Please Don´t Stop The Music by Jane Lovering which I am loving. It is one of those books that everyone told me to read and I´m not quite sure why I took so long. It´s a great read! The final book in my holiday read pile is Lizzy Harrison Loses Control by Pippa Wright. It has sat on my book shelf for far too long so I can´t wait to get stuck into reading it.


I´m loving Cuba: the hot weather, the sound of the waves crashing around me on a beach glittering with white sands. My only worry is running out of books to read…

I´ll be back towards the end of May with a true Writer’s Head on and will be focusing on getting my novel into the New Writers’ Scheme.

Lots of Love … Liz   x

3 thoughts on “Postcard from Cuba…

  1. Hola! (And that’s the extent of my Latin American/Spanish languages) Sounds like you’re having an amazing time **sighs with envy** take care and have fun! X

  2. Oh you lucky thing! I’ve been to Cuba, in fact, Mr Big proposed to me in Cuba – how romantic is that? It was one of those star-filled night skies, I’d just had my feet tickled by fire from one of those fire twirling/eating/acrobats and he just popped the questions – 4 months later we were married! Ten years this year! Have a fab time and drink some cocktails for me!

  3. Sounds wonderful, Liz. I’d love to go to Cuba one day – it’s definitely on my wish list. Glad you’re having such a fantastic time xx

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