If A Picture…

As we are all still recovering from the party, we’ve asked our honorary Romaniac for the day, NWS member Lorraine Hossington, to write today’s post for us and we’ve added a few extra photos at the end…


Some of the Romaniacs with Lorraine in the centre

It was with slight trepidation that I walked toward the hotel bar.

What would they be like? Would they like me? It was at this point I heard the laughter coming from inside the bar. Thankfully I recognised a familiar voice – it was Vanessa, who had suggested I meet up with the Romaniacs.

This gave me some courage. I walked boldly into the room and was immediately greeted with warmth and friendship.  I could tell that the evening ahead was going to be a lot of fun.

It all started at the restaurant. Sitting down and opening the menu I realized that I had left my glasses at the hotel. Seeing as I am as blind as a bat without them, this was going to be tricky! Fortunately Debbie came to my rescue and read the menu out to me. I have to say she did a great job, and I didn’t have to go hungry, which is a good thing as we were cracking open a couple of bottles of wine to get the party started. There was much merriment throughout the meal, and I think by the time we left there may have been a few sighs of relief from the staff!

Into the taxis we clamoured. We were on our way to the party. The taxi ride was a lot of fun. I was in the cab with Debbie, Sue and Lucie. Yes I have to confess it was me who took the photograph in the cab. I think it must have taken me about three tries before I finally got a picture that looked alright. I am not sure if it was the fact I had no glasses or the wine had started to take effect. No it was definitely the glasses. Yes ladies I will tell you now that I absolutely loved that taxi ride. So did the driver.

It was official. The ladies had bestowed upon me the title of honorary Romaniac for the day. So it was with pride that I walked into the party with my new friends. It was the start of the evening and it was lovely to meet up with people I knew from last year. There was a definite buzz in the air as the awards were being announced. It was a wonderful to be a part of such an occasion.

It was much later in the evening that I began to appreciate how crazy these ladies really are. It was nearing the end of a fantastic evening that the Romaniacs broke out into song. It was an amazing rendition of HEY BIG SPENDER. This really confirmed to me that these were definitely my kind of people. I have to say how much I enjoyed my time with these lovely warm ladies, who welcomed me with open arms into their group. All I can say is I have loved every minute of my time with them, and I look forward to another time where we can meet up. Thank you so much everyone for taking me under your collective wings.

Lorraine x (honorary Romaniac for the day)

We are exhausted, so without further ado, here are a few photos taken by the Romaniacs at this year’s RNA Summer Party.

The lovely Lorraine – our official photographer for the night!
Evonne Wareham and her lovely mum

The morning after – the Tweets begin

14 thoughts on “If A Picture…

  1. Hello honorary Romaniac! It looked like you had a blast and I love how prettily those name badges are arranged in that photo : ) Nice account of a good day ; )

    • Hi Yasmin, I have to confess, I was impressed with the badges as well. The Romaniacs looked very professional with them on. And it was good to meet everyone in person.
      And we had a great time.
      Lorraine x

  2. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time! And I agree that the women in Romaniacs, and members of RNA and Romantic Fiction.org are all just lovely, though I have yet to ‘meet’ anyone in person. Some day……. 🙂 Congrats on being an honorary Romaniac Lorraine!

    • You are so right about the RNA being friendly. If you go to a party on your own, you can guarantee by the end of the night you go away having made a lot of new friends.
      It was lovely to be made an honorary Romaniac for the day. It was so unexpected, but just made the day more special for me.
      Lorraine x

    • Jane, it was wonderful to meet you too, and get to congratulate you in person on your award 🙂
      Vanessa x

    • I have to agree with you Jane. Lets just say when the party officially ended, the Romaniacs just carried on partying! Great fun was had by all.
      I have to confess by the end of the unofficial party I had forgotten what my room number was. I had to ask the at the reception desk what room I was in!
      The man was very nice and directed me to the right room and floor!
      And I have to say I had a coffee at the end of the night!
      Lorraine x

      • Lol! Lorraine – I’d forgotten about the trouble with your room number.
        They put Debbie, Celia and me on the very top floor. Not sure what to think of that 😉
        It was lovely having you join us.
        Laura x

  3. What a hoot! So glad you got to be honorary Romaniac today, what an honour. Looks like y’all had such a great time… Thanks for sharing the story and photos!

  4. It was lovely to meet so many of you in person after chatting on Twitter, or in Debbie’s case, through five (gulp) years of blogging. (Gosh, Debbie, do you remember how it all started?). Lorraine, how did I miss seeing you there?!

    • Hi Chris.
      It was great to meet you, too. I was thinking about how you and Debbie got to know each other and it reminded me that I prepared a piece about friendship, whilst on the train from Weymouth to Waterloo last Thursday. I don’t believe friendships are accidental…
      Laura x

    • Hi Chris, I can’t believe I missed you either! So much was going on. But I loved every minute of it. Hopefully we can meet in person next time. I may be bold and go on twitter! Just want to say thanks to the Romaniacs for allowing me to paint a picture of the time I spent with you all. Really enjoyed being with you all.
      Lorraine x

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