Where do you do it?

The conservatory? The office? The kitchen table? Most of us on the whole use electronic devices although sometimes doing it the old fashioned way does get the creative juices flowing.

We’re talking writing spaces and thought we’d share our corners of creation with you.

Would love to know where you get creative!

Sue : Although I have a perfectly good desk, I am really a kitchen table kind of girl.  As my desk happens to be right under the TV, if anyone wants to watch it, I have to move.  In the spirit of honesty, I would just point out that I tidied my desk before I took this photo.

Sue confesses she tidied

Catherine : I normally work on my laptop which would be sat where the manuscript is. When not working from my desk I’m on the sofa downstairs. It all depends what time of day it is and how tidy the bedroom is so I can get to my desk!

Depends on the time of day for Catherine

Celia: This old table arrived with Mr A when he moved in – part of his dowry, I think, along with a really good egg whisk, some posh casserole dishes and about a million books (no goats, sheep or cattle though). I write here because it’s slap bang in the middle of the house and I’m incredibly nosy. Shut me away and I would die of boredom. I can see the ducks on the  pond next door and monitor what’s going on in the street. It’s also quite near to the place where cake lives.

Mr A’s dowry

Laura : My desk and the BIG chair reside in the kitchen. It doesn’t always look like this – it is a scene of constant movement depending on what’s happening in my life. Lots of paperwork at the moment. I have Suma, the wolf, from Jodi Picoult, and small mementoes from my children and my mum to keep me company when my characters walk off in a strop.

Laura’s desk with the BIG chair getting a look in

Jan : My desk is in the corner of our little dining room/come office, surrounded by inspirational wall posts, quotes, symbols, starsign predictions and funny pics to make me smile on down days or when the the old writer’s block thwarts the flow. I also have my three little ‘gonks’ as I call them to keep me company which, as you can see, reside on the base of my PC. Yes, I am a big kid and make no apology for it! My plant provides an added splash of colour and my grammar book, dictionary and thesaurus are never far from view. Last but not least, my cosmos cushion gives me that little extra padding for those marathon – into the night – writing stints.

Love the cushion
(psst … I think Jan tidied too)

Debbie: The study was always the ex’s den and he spent hours in there (we probably know why now ;)) I admit, I could never see the appeal, but since he’s left, I’ve tried to change all the rooms around; decor and layout wise, to make them my own. And for me, I tend to do most of my writing in the kitchen at the island. However, my study is now a haven where I can disappear if the boys Wii or music gets too loud. I’ve also made it more of a library/study space as well as a 4th bedroom if anyone comes to stay.

Multi purpose for our Debbie

Lucie : My writing space is fairly new to me as I used to write upstairs in the spare bedroom. However, I was finding being locked away upstairs on a daily basis a little boring and it was reflecting on the amount of work I was getting done. I would regularly bring my laptop downstairs and write on the dining table. So I took the plunge and moved my desk downstairs. Now I share the conservatory with LO’s playroom. This side of the room is pretty tidy and ordered but if you swing the camera 180 degrees then you will see a mass of toys, a children’s kitchen, an easel, Barbie doll house and storage boxes. But noone will ever know – because I refuse to take a picture of that half of the room! 

Quite fitting with the English weather at present, I find it very therapeutic when it rains – I love listening to the raindrops on the conservatory roof. But I do find that when it is a very sunny day, I get a lot of glare on the screen so I shift into the dining room and work off the table. You will also notice my trusty friends in the picture too – Jerry and Dame. Dame has her own beanbag and blanket under my desk that she settles on and keeps my feet warm and Jerry is always wandering around somewhere in the house and quite often he takes a stroll across my desk as I’m working – especially around feeding time!
Jerry & Dame – Lucie’s writing buddies – so cute
Vanessa : Photo 1 is supposed to be my writing space.  We have a dedicated office in the house and for a while it was all mine with a big desk and built in bookshelves … Then my husband started doing lots of technical stuff with music and video for work and for fun and slowly took over the room with keyboards and wires and strange machines and now there’s not even room on the desk for a notebook.
Photo 2 is now my writing space. The dining table. And even this is rarely my space – as the dining room is next to the conservatory which acts as a play room, the toys tend to spill over so I end up sharing space with Barbie dolls and jigsaws.
Poor Vanessa!

Liz : I tend to be pretty useless with writing at home, so usually take my laptop to my local Starbucks instead where I can find the perfect balance of writing and people watching.   On the time that I do write at home, it’s sat at my desk in the picture where I work through scrawled ideas in tatty notebooks and drink copious amounts of wine or tea whilst listening to music.

 I spy two electronic devices – must be when Liz is in butterfly mode

8 thoughts on “Where do you do it?

  1. I like the idea of a shed but how would you find out what everyone else was up to? Maybe a series of mirrors?? I suppose if it had a built in cake store it might work. Hope all’s well in your world, Sarah?

    Celia xx

  2. How lovely to get a glimpse of where writers write! What really strikes me is how ‘normal’ all the settings are. Most writers write wherever they find a little space in the middle of their day to day lives! Great post!

    • Hi Edith, I like seeing where others write too – it’s a bit like the tv programme ‘Through The Keyhole’.
      Glad you like the post.

  3. I’m with Jan! I have a tiny desk stuck in the corner of the dining room. It’s the most unergonomic work space imaginable, so I barely work there; it’s more a kind of storage space for the laptop when it’s resting. Right now, I’m on the sofa with the laptop… well, on my lap. That’s where book 2 was written. I was lucky enough to still have an office for book 1 but that space has long been surrendered to the boys. In reality, though, I find it quite liberating to be able to move around, so I now consider myself a roaming writer.

  4. I’m wondering if Jan was on a hoist when she took her photo…:-) And Liz’s wine glass has not gone unnoticed.
    Laura x

  5. Enjoyed this article as I can now imagine the Romaniacs at work. Just wondering where the screwed up crisps bags, half drunk cups of coffee, chocolate wrappers and wine-ringed copies of the manuscript have disappeared to. Look forward to seeing another post where people haven’t tidied up and are sitting at their desks in the jammies – my preferred working environment. LOL.

    • Hi Lizzie – I promise I took the photo as my desk stood – I thought mine was messy, but Sue says not. I have to be showered and dressed before I venture downstairs, so I will never be caught typing in my ‘flameproof nightie’ 🙂
      Laura xx

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