Follow You, Follow Me.

Here at Romaniac HQ, we’ve been thinking about the blogs we regularly follow and what it is about them that appeals.

Laura: I follow a number of writing blogs, including Choc Lit’s multi viewpoint blog, The Heroine Addicts, Sue Moorcroft, Liz Fenwick, Rebecca Leith and Julie Cohen because they inform and entertain. I also follow Sarah Duncan, who not only offers technical advice, but produces an insight into the human condition. An excellent example of this is one of her most recent blogs entitled When to Stop, When to Keep Going, which explains there are times when it is impossible to be creative. (The entire blog can be read here.)

Having accepted monumental  events can halt us in our tracks, Sarah’s blog finishes by reminding us that at some point, in order to produce our work we will have to write.
Sarah:Writing doesn’t write itself, more’s the pity.  No one else can judge whether you need a break or if it’s just a touch of laziness but at some point writing has to be done if you want to get something written.

This final statement made me smile. There is nothing like a dose of common sense to set things right.

Sarah will be joining us for a Tuesday Chit Chat on July 10th.

Vanessa: I too am a fan of Sarah Duncan.

Liz: Like Laura, I follow Julie Cohen for invaluable writing tips and advice. Julie’s blog stopped me from pulling my hair out when it came to writing the synopsis for my novel.

Catherine:  I recommend Splodz Blogz. It’s my friend, Zoe and she started the blog a couple of years back doing a photo a day. She inspired me to start my blog and get on with my writing!

Sue: I follow A Boat for My Potplants. Neil the blogger, a friend of one of my brothers, has been restoring a boat that used to belong to my dad. I follow it because I have a personal interest and it’s fun and lighthearted.

Celia: It’s Nicky Wells for me, and also Nikki Goodman, both always intuitive and informative. Just discovered one by Neal too – male POV for a change. My own blog is in dire need of TLC, off to look at it and whimper in shame now; major revamp needed.
Debbie: I don’t know where to start as I follow lots! But I’ll share three that never cease to cheer me up and entertain!

– If anyone ever feels a little low or fancies a belly laugh, visit a very talented friend of mine, Fran who really should do stand up comedy! –

– We all know and love Talli Rolland – Talli’s blogs are always so refreshing and insightful!

– Jane Alexander is another friend I’ve known for several years (we also met on-line.) Jane is a journalist, writer and holistic living and natural health guru. She has written countless non-fiction books and now progressed to fiction publication as well!

– And if I may just squeeze in one final mention to Chris Stovell, whose blog I’ve followed for years (before she was published) and who I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting in person.

Lucie: As all the other ladies, I follow a great deal of blogs. Blogs are a fantastic way of keeping in contact and keeping up to date with things. They are great for technical advice, useful links and information and sometimes just a good old laugh! 

One of my favourite’s to follow is Nikki Goodman 

Nikki not only updates readers with her writing progress, and gives lots of useful insights to how her journey is unravelling, but she also does regular competition updates where she lists all the latest competitions, where to go and how to enter. Fantastic for people who don’t know where to look for such information. And to top it off, Nikki is a fantastically friendly and warm person. I know I speak for us all when I wish her the best of luck with her writing career.

Jan has been suffering with internet problems, so unfortunately was unable to pass on her recommendations.

There are many more we could discuss, but we’d like to hear from you and find out about your ‘following’ habits. Do you settle on a top three, or, like a butterfly collecting nectar from a variety of flowers, sample many? xx