Coming soon to a blog near you. Be afraid, be very afraid…

Well, I guess most of you will have seen most of the photos of the RNA’s Penrith experience – or so you thought. Next week, the fearless Romaniacs will be publishing…the unseen conference.

Forget the intelligent bits – we will be sharing snapshots of our more candid moments. Don’t worry – we don’t write for Excite and no animals or other dodgy stuff will feature. But there does seem to be rather a lot of wine. And smiling.

Watch this space on Monday morning. Feel free to comment.

13 thoughts on “Coming soon to a blog near you. Be afraid, be very afraid…

  1. I don’t know. There is a duck. Of sorts.

    I best go sort the gallery of shame.

    Catherine x

    • Sounds as though next week is going to be a VERY interesting blog! I remember the summer party. WOW can’t wait ladies!
      Lorraine x

      • I’m a bit worried – not seen most of these pictures yet…you ok,Lorrainiac?

      • That was from Celia – forgot to sign – also Lorraines reply. Had a late night, that’s my excuse!

    • It’s a good job Penrith’s quite a big place because a lot of stuff happened, Mr Garry

      Celia x

    • And couldn’t find a single person with a Scottish accent. Although there were kilts.


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