Tuesday Chit Chat with Talli Roland

So, the lovely Talli Roland is with us today – knowing Talli likes her coffee, we’ve plenty on the go and then there’s a drop of wine for later on … please feel free to help yourselves, nothing better than a coffee/glass of wine and a natter.

There are lots of things we wanted to ask Talli, but riding high on the list was : How do you manage to continually look so glamorous?

First of all, thank you! Secondly, you wouldn’t ask that if you saw me in my usual daily attire: sloppy jogging bottoms, raggedy tops, and wrapped in a chocolate-stained blanket from Primark. Working from home, I make an effort to look normal when I leave the house, and trot out the shoes and clothes I don’t have a chance to wear anymore. But as soon as I’m back in the flat, I’m all about comfort.

You’ve received some great reviews for your books, what’s the harshest and best thing anyone’s said about your books?

Learning to take negative reviews in stride is one of the hardest things about being published. I’ve had to accept it’s impossible to please everyone. I think one of the harshest things a reviewer ever said was that I’m ‘a disgrace to my genre’ and I ‘should stop writing’. Yikes.

You have great book titles, how easy do you find it to think up titles for your books

I find the title is the first thing that pops into my mind! It’s got to be short, snappy, and memorable – and also reflect the core concept of the novel. I love thinking of titles and blurbs. In fact, if I could do just that, I’d be happy! How often do they get changed? My first two novels were traditionally published, but the titles and covers were very much a collaborative effort. Since I self-publish now, I run the titles by my beta-readers, who usually approve.

What are your three favourite book titles?

Jane Lovering’s ‘Please Don’t Stop the Music’ comes to mind. I also love ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ (so evocative and fun!), and ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ – such a simple title, but it encapsulates the book’s spirit perfectly.

Thanks for dropping by Talli, it’s been great having you here.

Talli Roland writes fun, romantic fiction. Born and raised in Canada, Talli now lives in London, where she savours the great cultural life (coffee and wine). Despite training as a journalist, Talli soon found she preferred making up her own stories–complete with happy endings. Talli’s debut novel The Hating Game was short-listed for Best Romantic Read at the UK’s Festival of Romance, while her second, Watching Willow Watts, was selected as an Amazon Customer Favourite. Her novels have also been chosen as top books of the year by industry review websites and have been bestsellers in Britain and the United States. Construct A Couple is her latest release. To learn more about Talli, go to www.talliroland.com or follow Talli on Twitter: @talliroland. Talli blogs at talliroland.blogspot.com.

24 thoughts on “Tuesday Chit Chat with Talli Roland

  1. OK, I’m working really hard at visualising the raggedy top… sloppy jogging bottoms… chocolate-stained blanket… Nah. Fail. Can’t do it. I just see you glam, Talli! Fabulous interview, you always make me laugh out loud. Can’t believe somebody told you to stop writing! What planet did they come from, I wonder? Still, I’m very glad you didn’t listen!!!! Thanks to the Romaniacs for such a great interview. Rock on, guys!

      • heee hee, I can beat that. I have yet to brush my teeth! Somehow with the boys playing outside, morning ablutions fell by the wayside for everyone. But who cares? Anything for a bit of P&Q, right? Lovely post, thanks again. x

  2. Wayay, Talli! Great to have another slopper-about-er when working from home. I never quite get out of the dog walking gear, mud and all. And doesn’t it feel good! 🙂

    Great interview! You could never be a disgrace to your genre. Professional is the word that comes to mind.

    Yay! 🙂

  3. I love that you self-publish and have made it work for you without compromising on quality and are clued up about your industry. It’s exactly the foot I am setting out on myself. And yep for comfort in this here Castle too! My postman did a double take when he saw me in the street with real clothes and tartware on! I think he thought my pjs were my second skin ; )

    • Hi Yasmin! I am all about the comfort. Self-publishing can be a tough ride with a lot of stress, but it’s worth it if you can get it right.

  4. Great post, high standard as always.
    Like others, I am unable to picture Talli looking anything other than effortlessly glam! I wish I could do style like hers.
    All the best, Nikki x

  5. Think it’s unanimous, Talli. You’re just the queen of glam (make way for her head, girls!). Love the post. Love Yasmin’s ‘tartware’! ‘Please Don’t stop the writing!’ 🙂 xx

  6. Glam the first time I met you and still glam now. Could you ever be anything but, Talli? And so friendly, positive and inspiring with it. Great interview! And here’s wishing you even more success for the future. Love Jan 🙂 x x

  7. Sloppy jogging bottoms….I can believe it actually, and the chocolate is a must for any proper writer ;0 As for that harsh reviewer, yikes indeed!

  8. Ugh on the harsh review! As you say, one just has to accept the dross along with the kudos. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but insults we can do without. keep up the glitz, Talli, and enjoy your downtime. Great interview.

  9. Yes. I remember being told by a famous (and anon) male childrens’ writer, whom I’d asked for advice early on in my career, that I ‘was lucky to be published at all.’ 10 books on, I guess I’d agree!
    I like your titles a lot – isn’t it good when a title ‘clicks’ and you think: Oh, yes!!! nailed it!

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