Why Writing Should Be Like Sex!

Yes, it’s true, we should be at it like rabbits! If you’re a writer, it’s instinctive and you’ll be at it at every opportunity. The writing that is.

I came up for the title of this post when I was considering writers’ block. It’s not something I’ve ever suffered from and it made me wonder why? Well, first and foremost, I don’t believe in it! But then I know of lots of writers who have at some point been affected. So what is the difference? How are some people affected and others not?

It struck me that it’s to do with how you approach writing. I’m never short of something to write and the reason I’m productive is mostly to do with not trying to be perfect. I write a lot of twoddle. Twoddle you will never have the displeasure of reading because what I start out with is just an idea, not the finished product.

So where does the sex come into it? Well, when I was thinking about it I realised it’s best to approach writing a bit like your sex life!

  • Don’t over think it, do what comes naturally.
  • Do it for the fun of it.
  • If you find yourself thinking about your shopping list midway, then you need to concentrate, focus on the task at hand!
  • Perfect your technique, find out what works best and do it again!

I could go on… talk about innuendo at its best but I haven’t even scratched the surface!I know this because when I spoke to two Romaniacs (namely Sue & Laura) at that point I only had the title without having written the post. They’d already tried to guess what it was going to be about… they wondered if it was about pacing or climax or things that I couldn’t possible repeat in this post!

So if you have any other thoughts on the subject (much like Sue & Laura) do please add a comment about ‘Writing is like sex because…”

28 thoughts on “Why Writing Should Be Like Sex!

  1. Hahaha, I love your style. You Romaniacs are just adorable. Here goes. “Writing is like sex because it leaves you breathless, exhilarated, and pushing for ever greater heights.” How’s that? XX

  2. Writing is like sex because:-

    it’s guaranteed to make you hungry
    it always leaves you feeling satisfied
    it can grow from something small to something much larger
    the more you do it the more you want to do it
    you can share it with other people…hang on, I don’t think I meant that one!

  3. Writing is like sex because you can tweak and re-tweak it (Ooh er!) until you’re fully satisfied 😉 xx

  4. I read an excellent article in the current issue of Writers Forum mag about using a variation of Morning Pages to generate ideas for writing. I find that writer’s block translates for me into a lack of ideas. So anything which helps me come up with something to write about is good!

    • Ah, yes! I saw Simon Whaley talk about the same technique on his blog this week. I think it’s a case of taking inspiration from everything and never dismissing an idea. What might not be any good for fiction can sometimes be used for a non-fiction article. I haven’t done the technique, but always write my dreams down. I have strange dreams, some of which I’ve turned into stories.

      Thanks for popping by, Edith.

      Catherine x

  5. Writing is like sex because… the more you do it, the more you want to keep doing it?

    Ha ha! I don’t know! But I’ve enjoyed reading this post!

    • Lol! Very good, Teresa. It was the other Romaniacs who made me realise there were so many ways to look at it!
      Catherine x

  6. Am resisting to say; “Oo, er, Matron.” Hmm, didn’t resist very much, did I? I was going to say that the more you write, the more you long to write. A bit like sex? You tell me !! Anyway, the strap line of your blog has obviously grabbed everyone’s attention on a Monday monring and got us thinking about what makes us the writers we are. A very good thing in my opinion. Lizzie xx

    • It is a bit “Oo, er”, isn’t it? But then you know what we’re like 🙂

      Catherine x

  7. Writing is like sex because – you might not be in the mood when you get started, but, if you keep at it, you’ll find it’s worthwhile in the end! Plus, you really *don’t* feel like doing it when you have a headache…

  8. Writing is like sex because if you’re not careful, there may be a product at the end of it. Except… that’s the general idea, isn’t it? Meh!

  9. Writing is like sex because you just can’t live without it. Insatiable, that’s what you lot are! 😉 Haw, haw. Love it! xx

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