Why? Why? Why?

I was recently tagged in a MeMe over on my blog katylittlelady and took the opportunity to tag The Romaniacs so I could quiz the others on what their why questions were. I thought there would be lots of why questions on our minds so here they are, some writerly, mostly random:


Why is it you can read through the ts a hundred times and spot the mistake only after you’ve hit the Send button?

Why is it me only who is bothered by a full bin?

Why are grey hairs tougher than brown hairs?


Why don’t I like gardening even though I really, really want to?

Why are someone else’s leftover chips at work so much nicer than the lovely box of salad you made earlier for your lunch?

Why has my dieting willpower disappeared?


Why can’t I learn to say No without feeling so guilty about it?

Why, when out present-buying for that special someone, can I never purchase the first perfectly suitable item I see,  thus saving myself a fruitless trudge round every shop in town in search of something I suspect won’t match up to it?

Why isn’t my chunky kitkat bigger?


Why do I only bump into people I know when I’ve just sneaked out to Tesco in my old clothes, no make-up and hair that looks like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards?

Why does the phone ring, someone knocks at the door, the dog starts barking and a chorus of ‘Muuuummmmm!’ begin as soon as I sit down?

Why do I download so many books to my Kindle when I have only one lifetime to read them all in?

Why do I wake up early on the days when I don’t have to get up?

Finally, I wasn’t going to put this on the blog but Catherine more or less dared me … Why after eating three mini Danish pastries, one after the other, do I feel really sick?


Why doesn’t chocolate have the same calorie content as a grape?

Why doesn’t my singing voice sound like the one inside my head – I’m amazing, honest!

Why do all my good writing ideas come to me when I’m driving and I cannot write them down?


Why can’t I go a whole year without something dramatic or life-changing happening to me?

Why can’t I sleep when I want to sleep or wake when I want to wake up?

Why do the clothes I buy never look like they did on the models?

Why do I hate olives so much?


Why do shops always have a 30% off sale the day after I buy something?

Why won’t my house clean itself?

Why is there always more bad news than good news?

Why am I most inspired to write when I’m at work or a children’s party and it’s impossible to do so?


There are our why questions about the universe and the other things that plague our thoughts. What are yours?


Catherine x

12 thoughts on “Why? Why? Why?

  1. Why when I have inspected the markings on my ear buds and inserted the one marked L into my left ear do I then check the remaining earbud to see which ear that one should go in?

    • Glad to hear we’ve brightened your Monday. Now were to find some chocolate covered grapes 😉

      Catherine x

  2. Why do I love the thought of writing but find it so hard to sit down and do?

    Why has my closet shrink all my pants?

    Why can’t the dog behave when it’s important I impress someone?

    I loved all your questions. They made me laugh.

    • Strange you ask the why question?
      It was only last week, whilst in the shop that I asked myself this question.
      Why do curly whirleys look smaller now, than when I was a child?
      Why does the mars bar seem to have shrunk?
      and WHY can’t I stop thinking about chocolate?
      Why does something really healthy to eat looks boring next to a cream cake?
      Finally why can’t I seem to lose weight? I wonder?
      Really enjoyed the why question, ladies. Great fun.
      Thanks for making me smile.
      Lorraine x

      • Hi Lorraine,

        I can see where your dilemmas are coming from. I have the same worries about wagin wheels. Thanks for popping by!

        Catherine x

    • I think we must have the same closet! Glad we made you laugh and thanks for popping by!

      Catherine x

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