Halloween Story – We’re In This Together…

At Romaniac HQ we are having a Halloween Story Party.  We used this picture to inspire a group story, each writing a few sentences. Now, as we’re all in this together, we’d love you to join in and continue with five sentences of your own.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we will begin …


Sue : It had seemed like a good idea at the time, but that was this morning in broad daylight. Now the damp night air was forming a heavy mist, turning once familiar landmarks into almost unrecognisable fuzzy shapes. Rachel gave Paul a sideways look. Through the hazy glow of the streetlight, she thought she saw a flicker of uncertainty cross his face. Could he be having second thoughts too?

Celia: ‘Did you bring the stuff?’ His voice sounded hoarse, without the usual easy Irish lilt that sent her pulses reeling. Rachel felt in her pockets.

‘Yes, I’ve got the camera, and the crucifix. You said you’d bring the…other things.’

Laura: ‘What do you think’s in here?’ Paul yanked a gym bag from his shoulder and waved it in front of Rachel, before grabbing her elbow and spinning her to him. ‘You are going through with this, aren’t you? Me and you, we made a pact and that means we’re in this together, right?’ He dropped her arm, pulled his coat tight and raised his collar.

Catherine: Rachel stiffened. She hated it when he got like this, waggling the fireworks around as if they weren’t dangerous and acting like he was Butch Cassidy.

‘I’d hardly call it a pact, but yes, we’re in it together.’ She held his hand, tried to reassure him. But something cold and metal stopped her from squeezing tight.

Vanessa: ‘What’s this?’ Rachel took a step back, shaking her head, struggling to breathe past the knot of fear that seemed to have taken physical form in her chest. The mist had thickened, eating up the world until it was just them – just them and whatever was coming out of the fog, with echoing footsteps and a slow, sinister tune, whistled over and over… a tune that promised chaos and pain and screaming.

“What have you done, Paul?”

Paul was disappearing in the swirling fog, but she heard his whispered response. “We need help.”

“Not that kind of help.”

Liz: The whistling paused and the footsteps stopped; a delicate silence filling the heavy air.

‘Paul?’ Rachel squeaked as her boyfriend vanished from her sight, ‘Paul come back!’

Fright bubbled at the pit of her stomach, working its way up to her pounding heart when suddenly something gripped Rachel’s shoulder, pulling her backwards.

‘Get off me!’ she growled, recognising the touch. She had trusted that Paul wouldn’t do this.

Debbie: ‘You idiot. You frightened the life out of me! Don’t… Arrghh!’

She saw the cobbled pavement rush towards her face but it was too quick to put her hands out and save herself. The next thing she knew she sat feeling bewildered; hands shaking, chest pummelling out of her body. Paul wasn’t there. She was alone.

Lucie: He’d done it again! He promised her that he would never put her through all this again, not after what happened before – they had agreed to do it differently this time.

A gut wrenching mix of betrayal and fear rapidly engulfed her body. She frantically scrambled around on the ground, trying to lift herself up to standing. She needed to get out of there…and fast!

Jan: That’s when she heard the first firework go off. Realization dawned, as the second one whizzed overhead, that with or without her, Paul was pressing ahead with the plan. Dammit! Her camera and crucifix had been taken. If Paul lit that third and final rocket, Rachel would have a fateful decision to make: Should she run, leaving Paul at the mercy of this ghostly, desecrated wasteland, knowing she’d never be able to return? Or stay, trust the shadows to protect her, and follow Paul into the smog to face the consequences..?

It’s over to you…Happy Halloween!

4 thoughts on “Halloween Story – We’re In This Together…

  1. But even as all these thoughts were whizzing round her brain, Rachel became aware of something else. She was not alone, as she had first thought. There was something lurking in the darkness. She could sense movement, hear hoarse breathing. A comet tail of fear ran down her spine as the shape in the shadows slowly emerged into sight and she saw….

  2. … Paul? Shakily, Rachel righted herself on her feet. Paul came towards her. Something wasn’t right. “Paul?” He didn’t answer. Rachel searched his eyes; dark eyes where shadows danced, the expression on his face, one of pure unadulterated terror. “Paul?!” she called again, but the cry died on her lips as he stepped towards her. He meant her harm. Icy cold fingers clutched at her heart. Her chest constricted. Her instinct screamed, RUN! Rachel turned, pain shot through her ankle, but she fled, her desire to help him far outweighed by her need to survive.

  3. Her breath came in short, sharp gasps. Still, she kept running. The damp fog seemed to permeate her very soul. Still, she ran, hardly daring to glance over her shoulder at the aberration behind her, metamorphosing into her worst nightmare, slowly taking on the ghastly from of…

  4. …a face she knew from the past, a face she prayed she would never see again. It moved slowly at first; moaning loudly,she turned her head to look at the noise behind her, her pace unchanged not feeling the branch as she ran headlong into it’s tangles. A piercing scream broke her lips as she fell hard on the concrete of the old waste bin beside the path,she winced as the warmth of her blood began trickle down her face matting her hair and blurring her vision. The noise she had so feared a moment ago now above her, the face she knew looking down at her blood spattered features. All the fear she had ever known; now raged inside her as the face became clearer and she knew it was indeed…. Keith Chegwin!

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