The Pre-Party Beauty Regime

It’s hard to believe that writers aren’t glamour, glamour, glamour all the time. In their photos they always appear to sparkle. But once you’ve spent a while as a writer you know it’s more PJs and dressing gowns with toast crumbs down your top. So for any social occasion, particularly ones where you know there will be cameras in use, a week-long beauty regime must begin. With the Festival of Romance this weekend and the RNA Winter Party the following Wednesday, The Romaniacs are in the full throes of preparation.

Catherine: I HAVEN’T GOT A THING TO WEAR!! Oh yes, I’m going through every woman’s biggest dilemma. I do have one dress to wear, but one dress for two parties?! I’d only planned to go to the Winter Party, but now am going to both so I’m going to have to empty the whole wardrobe only to declare there is nothing to wear (despite the whole pile of clothes!)

Sue : For several weeks now, I’ve been holding out on getting my hair done, despite the fact going out last week and realising that anybody taller than me (that’s more people than not) would be able to see my roots – boo 😦 Still, I stuck it out and waited until this Monday, now I’m all highlighted up I can take the stupid hat off I’ve been wearing!  Having bit all my nails this week, I’m now considering false ones for the weekend, although my past experience is one of them falling off into my glass of wine (that’s what you get for cheap stick on ones from the local chemist). Maybe I’ll just keep my hands tucked away.  I’ve had rather more success with my shoes – red ones (proudly displayed on FB)  for the Dinner Dance on Friday. For the erotic party on Saturday evening, well, it’s got to be  my old faithful bondage shoes … ta-da!

Jan: As someone who normally prides herself on being organised, I suddenly realised, having spouted off about how much I’m looking forward to the Winter Party, how much fun it will be, how I’m sooooooo relishing the chance to see everyone again, that it might be a good idea to actually PURCHASE a ticket. Phew! That sorted, I’m definitely with Sue on holding out on ‘having the roots done’ thang. BOY, do mine need some TLC! Thankfully, they’ll be thoroughly attended to next week.  As for what to wear – well I can’t say I’m over enamoured with the contents of my wardrobe at the moment so I may well be forced to go shopping… Such tedium… How will I  cope? 😉

Celia: Following Sue’s theme of beauty on a budget (sometimes known as being a cheap skate) I have re-browned my hair today. Unfortunately I also did the bath, the tiles and my ears. Have, again like Mme Fortin, got chewed nails so have been frantically rubbing in handcream to my cuticles to inspire growth. Was planning on losing at least a stone but unfortunately am way too greedy so have re-planned and am now on intensive training for wine consumption, purely so I don’t let myself down by being a lightweight. Not sure a whole bottle a night is strictly necessary but if one of us gets an award there might be champagne and I don’t want to slide under the table for want of a bit of practice. Also if none of us get one, there will be sorrows to drown. I rest my case. Oh, and there’s the cake training. (See picture.) nearly up to speed now.

Debbie: Well, I’m rubbing my little arthritic hands together because my ex has our youngest for the best part of the week between the Festival of Romance and Winter party. I’ll need to be very organised if I’m going to make sure I have everything for both events, particularly as I intend heading off to London for a few nights to myself in between.

I’ve started the lists; housework to do before I can leave; the boys while I’m away – uniforms, food, etc; plans for the animals, provisions for which wheely bin to put out, what to pack, wear, take with me…

At least tomorrow evening is X factor, so I’ll watch with one eye as I spend the other painting my toe nails and getting the finger nails into some sort of shape!

As for hair – best not to mention it. I had a bit of a mare last week when I went to have mine coloured and found my hairdresser was off sick and they couldn’t find my last colour card. Using a sophisticated form of guesswork I stuck a finger over the sample of coloured hair which appeared a lovely rich, Galaxy chocolate colour in the colour chart. However, suffice to say, the final result wasn’t quite what I had in mind when my eldest told me, ‘Your hair looks cool mom. It’s really ‘Goth.’

Hmm…not quite the look for someone who’s just turned the wrong side of forty! 

Laura: Oh, I don’t know, Debbie. There’s nothing wrong with a little Goth in the right place, as I shall demonstrate at the Total E-Bound party. I was going to wear my Wonder Woman boots, but can’t find clothes to match. Anyway, I promised Jane Lovering a viewing of my Goth attire, and I’m a (Wonder) woman of my word. As for the party season prep, I have my outfits sorted, footwear lined up and beautifying appointment booked. I’ve printed out all of the event tickets, successfully hassled the landlady at the ‘Romaniacs’ Guesthouse’, and have almost sorted out our Sunday Romaniacs’ Panel uniform.  Vampires or Super Heroes, ladies?

Vanessa: Well, mostly this week, I’ve been sulking because I’m not going to the Festival of Romance… but in between, I have been pulling everything out of my wardrobe and trying it on in a vain attempt to find something that a) fits and is b) vaguely partyish. The problem is I know I will dither some more and change my mind on the day, so for one night in London, I’ll probably take at least three outfits, all of which I’ll hate on party day.

As for hair/nails/accessories, I’ve got a bit longer than most of the others, because I’m not going to the Festival of Romance (have I mentioned that before?) I was very organised and booked my train tickets and party tickets last month. Now all I need to do is find them…

Lucie: *huffs and crosses arms in true teenager style* I am still in a strop about not being able to attend the Festival of Romance this year – more so because six of my wonderfully talented Romaniac friends are shortlisted for the New Talent Award. I have been promised to be kept in the loop by my friends, via text, on the night so I’ll most definitely be there in spirit. I’m also disappointed that I won’t be there for our first panel. How exciting is that? Last year at the festival, we were just being born. Attending talks and workshops and panel talks and frantically taking notes. This year, we’re holding our own. What an amazing opportunity to have after merely a year. I do hope those of you attending our talk will enjoy it, I know the girls who are holding it will do a fab job. 

However, here is what I’ll be wearing on the Friday night whilst most of you are glammed up!

Sad Lucie

On the plus side, I AM coming to the RNA Winter Party the following week. Yay!! So I can partake in the whole, ‘I have nothing to wear!’ *sob* I’ll have to raid the cupboards and maybe, just maybe, go shopping…..

Liz: Friday 16th November 2012 is not only the beginning of Festival of Romance, but it’s also Children In Need. Which is one of many explanations as to why I will be going to work dressed as Where’s Wally on Friday morning! (These ideas seem great at the time, don’t they!?)
But with some luck, I’ll remember to ditch the Where’s Wally look before venturing to the Gala Dinner and Awards night!
I’ve found a few dresses to choose from for Festival of Romance and the RNA Winter Party, however all leave me looking in desperate need of a tan! So I’ve reluctantly booked in for a spray tan, which is going to go one of two ways…….

So, that’s us. Are you ready for the partying to commence?

32 thoughts on “The Pre-Party Beauty Regime

    • Hi Carol,

      That makes two of us who didn’t enter 🙂 maybe ill try it next year. I’m not quite sure where all my time went this year.
      Cream, marshmallows…. Chocolate sprinkles! Sounds good to me! Don’t make a mess like you did before otherwise you’ll have to come back tomorrow to clear up. It’s not my turn on the washing up Rota…..

      Lucie x

  1. I love you ladies and can’t wait to meet you all. My beauty regime? Errr…. I’ve had my hair cut and dyed bright red all over again, so that’s that. Nails… not a chance. I might have a go with the old nail polish but ho hum, I’m not a nail-sy kinda girl. Dresses ~ sorted, although from what I gather I’ll be potentially slightly on the over-dressed side. It’s either full-on black-tie attire in my wardrobe… or jeans. But hey, I’m a rock star author, who cares if I go OTT? Other than that, it’s just holding on to my nerves as boys are going through a particularly stroppy time and I might just need a double G&T on Friday when I alight in Bedford which means I might well pass out and snore at the table at the gala. So I suppose I ought to add R&R to my beauty regime above all. See y’all there, ladies ~ and will be missing those of you who can’t make it, but see YOU at the RNA party. XX

    • We can’t wait to meet you either, Nicky! I’m also worried about my prep now. Haven’t written my post first, I hadn’t given any thought to hair dye, nails etc. And only 4 sleeps to go!

      Catherine x

  2. I love you!! Your posts always make me laugh! Can’t wait to see your ladies at the weekend and I KNOW you’re all going to be looking fabulous!

    Mandy xx

  3. Another great post, ladies! I’m a bit behind I think in wardrobe planning for this weekend. I’m not going to be arriving in time for the Gala on the friday night though (‘No such thing as immortality’ should hit kindle that day!) so that’s one less outfit to sort/crisis to resolve. I HAVE got a hair appointment booked though. Shoes? After the agony I went through at the RNA summer party (New Look ones that had not been tried and tested) – I am wearing a single pair of boots with everything! Whilst I won’t physically be there to cheer the nominees on on friday night – I will be thinking of you. Good Luck! So excited for you. And cannot wait for a catch up! See you this weekend girls! Sxxx

    • Hitting kindle? Time to get our downloads ready for the journey back home. I may miss you as I’m only stopping by for the party. I know the other Romaniacs will make up for me not being there though.

  4. I’m dead jealous – I can’t go to the FofR or the Winter Party this year. And, to add insult to injury, I have a wardrobe full of appropriate dresses and a rather fab corset that would grace any erotic shindig. Essentially, I’m quite bad at buying everyday clothes 🙂

    The Winter Party evening I’m actually teaching. Do you think my students would like a field trip??

    • We’ll be over to yours when we’ve found nothing to wear! I’m sure a field trip is in order. Won’t be strange at all 😉

      Catherine x

  5. You mean we have to dress for the erotic party?? Um, undress…? Um?? Help! 😦 I’ve got nothing not-to-wear! Ah, well, given the agenda, I probably won’t care. See you all there, girls. Can’t wait! 🙂 xx

    • Apparently so 🙂 I’m sure you’ll look glam whatever you wear, Sheryl 🙂

      Catherine x

  6. I’m only coming to see what Laura pulls out of the wardrobe. I’m in borrowed everything which probably won’t fit when it arrives, so I’ll be the one in clown shoes and a dress that makes me look like a Cumberland sausage, and wearing an expression like a sheep in a headlock.

  7. Enjoy the parties Ladies, and best of luck to all who are short listed! Fingers crossed! xxx

  8. urgh… beauty regime… teeny tiny carry-on with hardly any space to fit any extras. How about I wear a huge red cape? That way, I can hide under it should need be.
    Seriously though – I can’t wait to meet you all this weekend! It’s going to be fabuloso!

    • A red cape sounds great, Kim. Might be just the thing I need to wear one dress, two ways. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday 🙂

      Catherine 🙂

  9. Absolutely hilarious, Romaniacs – and Lucie – what about Skyping us live from your chaise longue, wearing a silk negligee and sipping Champers, with your feet on the back of a naked hunk? No? Maybe that’s for the erotica party! Can’t wait to see you all there ( I have two outfits for the Friday night Ball, can’t decide which but worse, what the hell do I wear to the Public Readings?)

    • Lucie does look cute in her dressing gown. I’m sure she’ll be celebrating instyle from the comfort of her home. Public reading – go naked – or was that imagine the audience is naked? You’ll look fab in whichever clothes you decide on, Phillipa 🙂

      Catherine x

    • How do you know what I do behind the scenes, Phillipa? You have described it spot on 😉

      Lucie x

  10. Oh I do so love reading your posts – I’m a writer of romance too, but trans – so my getting ready for “do” is – can I find shoes that go with my tie … if I had to go in for waxing, shoes that hurt, outfits that make me look my real shape – I’d die!

    • Hi Cameron,
      I’m going for flat shoes. It’s the only way I’ll survive the evening. Plus even with high heels, I know Celia will still tower over me. 🙂

      Catherine x

  11. I’m sure you’ll look fabulous, ladies, whatever you choose to wear. As ever I’m looking forward to lots of pics! Hope you have a wonderful time 🙂 x

    • We’re not going to do before and after pics though. Just the after beautification. 🙂 Thank you, Elle. We will be sharing pics on our return.

      Catherine x

  12. I know you ladies will enjoy yourselves! Have a great time, I will also be wearing my pj’s. Sadly not coming to the winter party this year, next year I fear you may get fed up with seeing me!
    Have a great time, will be thinking of you all tripping the light fantastic.
    Lorraine x

    • Ah, it’s a shame we won’t get to see you this year, Lorraine. I do like the sound of tripping the light fantastic. Is it ok to do it without wearing heels?

      Catherine x

  13. I have to confess, Catherine, I have done it bearfoot, when the music grabs me the shoes are cast aside. And the rhythm of the night takes over.
    Enjoy and I want to see plenty of photos. ALL of the photos.
    Lorraine x

  14. Ah, made me laugh. I’m resurrecting dresses worn before – if it’s good enough for Kate Middleton (won’t look like her in them though). No idea what to wear to the readings to make it appear as if I’m a writer….

    • Glad to hear it. I don’t feel so bad not having a new dress now. As the for the reading… my only tip is reading glasses if you need them.

      Catherine x

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