After the Ball is over – the B words that spring to mind.

I’m writing this as the house is rocked by a gale and a cheery fire burns in the Romaniac grate. Lucie and Vanessa have kept it well stoked up with logs while the rest of us have been off partying for Britain, but the biscuit barrel is empty. Never mind, we ate for Britain too at the Festival of Romance, and the canapés at the RNA Winter Party were yummy. Here are a few words that remind me of the events of the past few days, and they all, strangely, begin with B:
Baggot, Mandy: The wonderful Lady B shared her best wet-look catsuit moment at the Romaniac quiz on Saturday night. What a star.
Baby Bumps: Talli Roland and Kate Allan demonstrated that big is beautiful – when I was about to give birth (many moons ago) we were expected to wear huge tent dresses with white collars and bows, as modelled by Princess Diana, popsocks optional. Thank goodness you’re allowed to wear fabulous figure hugging lace now, Talli.
Blogging: The importance of keeping a high blog profile was mentioned quite a lot – mine needs serious surgery. But the Romaniac Blog is functioning well, and we especially love your comments. #smileswinningly
Breakfasts: Uttering a little greedy moan just thinking about these.
Books: I was determined not to buy too many. Failed miserably, but they looked sooooooooo tempting. A few more can’t hurt, can they?
Bedroom scenes: Still thinking about tactics for keeping my mind pure, following one of the talks on Sunday. Oh, why fight a losing battle? Let the smut rage.
Big Moment: Friday night, with the gala dinner almost ready to be served – we had cheered for all our favourites and the awards were over…or so I thought. The last one was the winner of the competition for the Piatkus Entice contract. And that, unfortunately, brings me onto my next B
Bread: which was what my mouth was full of when my name was called and I had to wiggle through all the tables to the front, frantically chewing. Note to self – wait for dinner next time, however nice the bread looks.
And finally, the most important B of all –
Buddies: New ones, old ones and Romaniac ones. That’s what the FoR and the Winter Party were all about for me. Even if all that talking was a bit tiring…

Best wishes, back soon – Celia 🙂



  1. 1
    Catherine Miller Says:

    What an end of evening pose for us, Celia. Don’t know about you but I’m still recovering today. Great post and congratulations once again on your contract with Piatkus Entice.

    • 2
      The Romaniacs Says:

      Thank you! Yes, maybe they didn’t get our best side on that one…I have just cleaned the bathroom to bring me back down to earth

      Celia xxx

  2. 3
    Janice Says:

    B for Brilliant Blog!

  3. 7

    Great post, Celia – I’m still laughing….

    • 8
      The Romaniacs Says:

      It was lovely to meet you at the weekend, Marilyn, and big thanks for commenting – as I said, we do enjoy the feedback. Hope we bump into each other again soon (although not literally…)

      Celia xxx

  4. 9

    I had a whale of a time meeting up with buddies from last year and making new ones. Mandy Baggott is always full of helpful advice and the cat suit was fascinating fun.
    Everyone of the awards was well deserved and well done to Kate Allen for organisasional skills despite the baby bump which didn’t slow her down at all.
    Talli Richards looked amazing in blue lace – and I too remember rent a tent dresses to hide the bump years ago.

    • 10
      The Romaniacs Says:

      They were awful, weren’t they, those huge frocks? So much more glamorous to be pregnant now. Although they did cover a multitude of sins!

      Celia xxx

  5. 11

    Love it! Glad you had a good time, and so very pleased that some smut wangled its way into your post 😉 xx

  6. 13
    suefortin Says:

    I love the B Blog. I think I’m going to sleep all weekend to get over the past 7 days. This time last week I was just negotiating Bedford central!

    As for the picture of us all above – I clearly haven’t got my high heels.


    • 14
      The Romaniacs Says:

      You were standing in a hole, I think? Small but perfectly formed,as they say.
      C xxx

  7. 15

    Blooming brilliant!, babes…

  8. 17

    Love it! Another great post packaging everything up nicely! What fun you girls had! Proud to be mentioned! Loved the quiz and also loved your talk at the conference. I want a go with the pompoms next time! Here’s my ‘B’ for you! BALLS (of feet – aching like hell!)

    Mandy xx

    • 18
      The Romaniacs Says:

      I was going to put Balls – those chicken ones that Talli almost spat out! They gave RED a whole new meaning. Thanks for your lovely words, Mandy,
      Celia xxx

  9. 19

    Aw! Thank you so much for the kind words. 🙂 And huge congrats to you on your contract – very well deserved.

    • 20
      The Romaniacs Says:

      Thanks Talli! Still very excited about the contract – have tried pretending to look cool but it didn’t work…

  10. Beautiful picture, brilliant blog. And congralations again, Celia! Woohoo! XXX

    • 22
      The Romaniacs Says:

      Woohoo indeed! And hoorah! Lovely to see you at the weekend, Sarah xxx

  11. 23
    Jan Brigden Says:

    B-eautifully blogged, Celia! 🙂 xx

    • 24
      The Romaniacs Says:

      Briggy! Another bloomin’ B! Good to have time to catch up at the party,

      C xxx

  12. 25

    Here’s my B – Best-read taxi driver who recommended the lovely Elizabeth Chadwick if we liked a great historical read. We were on our way to the RNA party 🙂
    Excellent blog, Celia xx

    • 26
      The Romaniacs Says:

      Think the taxi driver on the way back was overwhelmed by our magnificence – he was comletely silent! Bzar! xxx

  13. 27

    Congratulations on your contract, Celia – and it is so lovely to have a Romaniac as an Entice author. I too went for the bread as I was starving – but after the awards, I was so excited I could hardly eat a thing.

    • 28
      The Romaniacs Says:

      I’ve just gone on my pre-contract diet so I don’t let all you Entice glamourous persons down next time they let me out! Thanks, Phillipa xxx

  14. 29

    Congratulations on your award, Phillipa 🙂 xx

    • 30
      The Romaniacs Says:

      Oh crikey, I forgot to say that – well done, Phillipa!

      • 31
        Lorraine H Says:

        Bella Romaniacs. Wonderful blog, so glad to see the photos. Congratulations Celia, brilliant news.
        P.S Bella means beautiful in Italian, I hope!
        Lorraine x

  15. 32
    The Romaniacs Says:

    Thank you, Lorraine – we missed you at the party!


  16. […] J Anderson won a contract with Piatkus Entice. I’ll repeat that so Celia catches it…Celia J Anderson won a contract with Piatkus Entice. The table erupted with joy. It was outstanding and we were […]

  17. 34

    Glad to be partying with The Romaniacs. I rounded my week out with 2 days in Brighton. Now I’m at my desk again, I think I need to do a little work!

    Renewed congratulations on the contract, Celia. Go you! xxx

  18. Lovely to party with you, Sue, and as a result of your fantastic workshop, I have changed the surname of my hero. It made me feel a little sick, but it is done 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your trip to Brighton. Laura xx

    • 36

      Ooh, painful, Laura! But, sometimes, these things have to be done.

      Brighton was great, thanks. Better before the torrential rain, but you can’t have everything. xx

  19. 37

    Apologies for being late. I love your ‘B blog!’ Every line made me smile again 😉 What a week or so it was what with the Festival of Romance and the Winter Party. I am still drained and getting over it so goodness knows how you must feel! So so proud of you my friend.

    Debs xxx

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