Merry Christmas!


Here at Romaniac HQ, we consumed our body weight in flaky pastry mince pies, matched our body fluid levels in wine, champagne and strawberry milkshakes, and rocked around the Christmas tree until nothing but a twig remained. Now it’s time to return home to our families and produce an annual feed that’ll keep them going for another year.

Before we pull shut the door and turn the lock, we are taking this opportunity to thank you all for your amazing support, brilliant interviews and wonderful comments.

We wish you a very, Merry Christmas and a peaceful, prosperous and successful 2013.

See you next year.

Take care.

With love from

Romaniacs Group Montage

xxx xxx xxx

5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks for the reminder Lizzie, fortunately I remembered to send my chq off before Christmas. All confirmed, so for another year … I’m in! 🙂

    • Just eaten a cold roast parsnip and similar potato, a cold brussel (not so successful), a lump of turkey and half a bar of marzipan chocolate. Hope your day is going just as well, Elle? xxx

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