Review: No Such Thing As Immortality by Sarah Tranter

NSTAI’m still reeling from the impact of this amazing book. As seen last week, the Romaniacs are big fans of Sarah Tranter, and we would heartily recommend No Such Thing… as a great page turner.

Nate is a hero to die for, but Rowan isn’t ready to die yet. She has no idea what she’s getting into when she literally runs into Nate (or vice versa) but he is certainly going to change her world –  will it be for better, or worse?

As Rowan and Nate fall head first into a passionate, intense relationship, they both have many issues to face and dark areas of their lives that must be confronted before they stand a chance of a future together. But are these mountains too high to climb? And who, or what, is the sinister Simeon Frey?

Written from Nathaniel’s point of view, which is refreshing in itself, Sarah’s story takes us into a world where love and extreme loyalty are of prime importance, but where enchantment and supernatural powers can threaten Nate and Rowan at any moment. Family ties are different here, but no less powerful. With a bond between them that is like nothing they have ever dreamed of, the lovers should be invincible, but Nate hasn’t banked on Rowan’s past being as lethal and mysterious as his own.

I can’t wait for the follow up to this book – hurry up, Sarah! Nate is haunting my dreams…

11 thoughts on “Review: No Such Thing As Immortality by Sarah Tranter

  1. Wow! Wow wow wow. That is such a beautiful review. Thank you! I am so thrilled that you enjoyed the book. And relieved. So relieved 🙂 On days like this, there’s no question all the labour pains were worth it. Going away to weep – happily – into my coffee. Thank YOU!!!

    • Be careful, Sarah – mind the biscuits if you’re going to weep a big lot. Ginger snaps should only be dunked in tea. Glad you like the review; we’re all loving the book

      Celia xxx

  2. Sarah, no salt tears in the coffee, puleese. So thrilled for you and its sitting on my TBR pile but Liz (Harris) and Henri (Wulff Guyland) keep pushing it off. LOL.

  3. I couldn’t agree more with Celia’s comments. I was drawn right into the story – ‘sucked’ in, if you like, keeping the vampire theme. I’m already thinking about Book 2, wondering what twists and turns await me. It’s a beautifully written and stunningly presented book. xxx

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