Tuesday Chit Chats: The Romaniac Cut

Tuesday Chit Chats: The Romaniac Cut.

The Romaniacs

I have four questions today – instantly The Two Ronnies sketch comes to mind – you know the one? Fork Handles…It’s a bit like that at Romaniac HQ…Anyway, I digress. Mid-February will see the first anniversary of The Romaniac Blog, and that has put me in a reflective mood. Looking back through our Tuesday Chit Chats, I’ve chosen four questions we asked our wonderful guests, whilst they supped wine and ate HobNobs, that I’d like to put to you.

  1. Is there a book you wished you had written?
  2. Who are your top three favourite fictional characters?
  3. How vividly do you recall your dreams and are they in colour?
  4. What are the funniest and most interesting or unusual questions you’ve been asked at a talk or book signing?

 Liz Harris: The Road Back.

Liz Harris

Is there a book out there that you liked so much, you wished you had written it?TRB_revised1

I haven’t read Fifty shades of Grey, but I certainly wish I’d written it. I could have easily got used to lugging sacks of lucre to the bank! As to both parts of your question, though, I’ve loved many novels over the years, but I don’t think that I’ve ever consciously wished that I’d written one of them myself. I have too much fun creating my own fictional world ever to wish that I’d created that of someone else.

Nikki Goodman: NWS Member

Nikki Goodman

Name three favourite fictional heroes?

That’s really hard – I’ve read so many books! I’m going to go for a fictional heroine first. 

1)      Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird.

tokillmockingbirdI studied the book for English at school and the empathy and maturity that Scout shows towards Boo Radley, and the journey she goes on in coming to terms with people’s prejudices and realising that both good and evil exist really struck me… and stayed with me.

2)      And then to the other extreme…Rupert Campbell-Black in Riders and sequels

I read the books when I was in my late teens. I know RC-B is supposed to be the ultimate anti-hero but he is so sexy and such a bad boy! He does have some redeeming features though, that start to slowly come out once he meets Taggie, who becomes his wife. I liked the fact that love made him a better man, without it changing him too much; he’s still a bit of a scoundrel!

3)      And slightly predictable; Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice

Just because she is strong minded and witty and is not afraid to say what she thinks, which for the time the novel is set in, was brave.

 Sue Moorcroft: Dream A Little Dream.

Portrait of Sue Moorcroft

Sue Moorcroft DALDWe’re told everybody dreams, even though we don’t always remember. How vividly do you recall your dreams and are they in colour?

Sometimes very vividly, but only in snatches. I’ve never been able to work out if my dreams are in colour or whether I just paint colour in when I’m recalling them. I’m subject to nightmares, which may be a reason why I don’t like reading or watching anything scary – it comes back get me that night!

Jane Lovering: Vampire State of Mind.

Jane Lovering

What are the funniest and most interesting or unusual questions you’ve been asked at a talk or book signing?VSOM_packshot copy

Apart from ‘why have you got your pants on your head?’  People don’t often ask me questions.  They are usually accelerating away too quickly, although a lady did ask, during a recent talk, about the use of the subjunctive in modern novels.  THAT was interesting…  Mostly though, questions are limited to ‘where do you get your ideas from?’ and ‘who is the responsible adult who is currently in charge of you?’

You can link back to the original interviews by clicking on the author’s name.

Now, how would you answer those four questions?

Laura x

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Chit Chats: The Romaniac Cut

  1. What a brilliant reminder of the fabulous interviews you all have done over the past year. Wow. Is it really nearly a year?? #Awesome! I can answer one question easily, and that’s the one about dreams. I dream vividly in HD 3D colour with surround sound. Usually, it’s the nightmares I remember best (and I have a lot of them, for some reason, mostly when I’m stressed) and I writing them all down and giving Steven King a run for his money is on my bucket list. Although this would have to be under a pen name, LOL. Rock on, Romaniacs, here’s to another fabulous year!

    • Hi Nicky. Yes – almost a year. And plenty has happened in that time. I’d like to borrow your surround sound for my dreams please. I have dreamed entire (new) pieces of classical music in the past, but have no ability to recall them note for note, or write them down. I feel it’s such a waste of a decent dream. Perhaps I was a composer in a past life. I too, dream in colour, but sometimes the detail is too much. Sweet dreams 🙂 Laura xx

  2. Incidentally, Jane, why HAVE you got your pants on your head?

    My three favourite book characters are Bilbo Baggins, Penelope Keeling (The Shell Seekers, Rosamund Pilcher) and Barbara Buncle (Miss Buncle’s Book, D.E. Stevenson).

    A whole year since we hatched, it seems like yesterday….well, not exactly yesterday but definitely not more than…anyway, less of this, I’m off to up my calorie intake. Cheese, methinks, to encourage colourful dreams.

    Celia xx

  3. […] Those who are sharp-eyed and read my last author post with Peter Jones may have noticed that I failed to publish a post last Wednesday. Oops, sorry about that… other stuff prevented me from getting to my blog, but in my defense I did appear on the Romaniacs blog again (with some lovely authors); here’s the link if you’re interested https://theromaniacgroup.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/tuesday-chit-chats-the-romaniac-cut/ […]

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