A Year and A Day

A year and a day. It certainly has romantic associations. And a fairytale feel.

My Sexy Pen
My Sexy Pen

The Romaniac blog started a year and a day ago, 13th February 2012, which means yesterday was The Romaniacs’ First Anniversary. It’s the ‘paper anniversary’. Appropriate, wouldn’t you say? What better gift could one give a writer? Apart from sexy pens, obviously. Have I ever shown you my sexy pen? Here’s my anniversary gift to you, then…

The Romaniacs have been very romantic over the last twelve months with the help of wonderful guests, comical comments and brilliant banter. Thank you all so much for joining in with the fun, offering advice, and caring. It’s a proper relationship. We’ve even got hot under the collar, once or twice. Sue took us through our very own, unique heat scale: https://theromaniacgroup.wordpress.com/2012/10/24/lets-talk-about-sex/

Isn’t that what romance is about? Fun, laughter and friendship?

Romaniac Group Heart Rev 7I’ve never doubted the friendship that exists within The Romaniacs. There is genuine depth of feeling between us, endless encouragement, and cheer-leading support. And cake. Mustn’t forget the cake.

At the 2012 Festival of Romance, I pitched to a panel of experts. This was my fourth ever pitch, and my first standing at the front of an audience. Within the crowd were four fellow Romaniacs, who had not heard my new summary of my wip. They were radiating energy, generating positive vibes, and directing their goodwill toward me. They were providing a virtual hand hold. I pitched ‘Follow Me’, I received my constructive criticisms, and I returned to my seat. At that moment, I experienced the full force of the Romaniacs’ support. Liz handed me notes she had taken, based on the panels comments, Celia and Debbie suggested ways to overcome a characterisation problem with which I’d struggled for months, and Sue gave me ‘that’ look that said ‘Great job.’ It was quite a moment, and one I often think about. It fuelled some of what I said the next day, when The Romaniacs presented a panel about the benefits of an online writing support group.

The dynamics have to work, and what you gain from belonging to such a group should be positive. If it’s destructive, then find another group, or start your own. First and foremost, The Romaniacs are friends, brought together by a common interest/obsession/compulsion (delete as applicable) with writing and reading, and bound together by laughter, daftness, empathy and, yes, love. I have a large, soft, squidgy, kind-of-like-a-bouncy-castle patch in my heart for these ladies, and cannot imagine life without them.

Romaniacs Group Montage

Did we get lucky, or were we drawn together by the strings of fate?

It’s Valentine’s Day, I write romance and I believe in fairytales. On that basis Fate gets my vote. And my thanks. And a big, squidgy, kind-of-like-a-bouncy-castle hug. And, since it is the most romantic day of the year, a kiss on the forehead.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Laura xx

27 thoughts on “A Year and A Day

  1. Happy Birthday, Maniacs! As one of those privileged to be a guest on your wonderful blog, may I wish you many more years of happy blogging and even happier publishing! Let the prosecco flow free, and the chocs be in abundance! Oh – and Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Thanks, Carol. It’s been lovely getting to know you over the last few months. I look forward to seeing you soon 🙂
      Laura xx

  2. Oh Laura, that’s lovely. Not often lost for words but……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


    • And big thanks for the birthday wishes, Carol; Happy Valentine’s day to you too, and thanks for all your much appreciated support and witty comments xxx


  3. Happy Anniversary (again), Happy Valentine’s, and big smackeroonies from me. Because, as I have confessed on this blog before, I’m a kissy kinda person! Mwah!!!

  4. Happy birthday and many congratulations for being such a great group. Not only have you been there for each other, but you’ve been incredibly generous in your support of other authors – thank you!

    • Congratulations, and may there be more years of celebrations ahead. Lovely knowing you all.
      Have a great party today.
      Lorraine x

      • Ah Lorraine! How are you? We thoroughly enjoyed having you along with us at the RNA Summer Party. Hope to see you soon. xx

    • That’s so lovely to hear. Thank you, Chris. And thank you for your support, too 🙂 xx

      • I am glad to say that this year I will be at the conference, and look forward to another song from you ladies. See you all soon.
        Lorraine x

      • Excellent. I’m warming those vocal chords up as I type 🙂 Laura xx

    • Here’s something I’ve learned from being with you ladies: Hugging is not optional 😉 Laura xx

  5. Late to the party, but a nice bunch of ladies, you couldn’t wish to meet. You are all so warm, friendly and encouraging. It’s always fun to be around you. Keep up the great work … lets hope the next year brings more triumphs for you Jules x

    • Aw, thanks, Jules. The feeling is mutual, and it’s been great seeing you at the RNA events. Hope to see you again this year. Laura xx

    • Hi Christine – thank you for your support throughout the year. We all appreciate it. Laura xx

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