Addicted to Fiction, with Sharon Goodwin.

Hello ladies, I can’t tell you how excited I am to be invited into the inner sanctum to talk book blogging with you.  I really enjoy reading your posts and now here I am!

Sharon Goodwin

My days of blogging began during a lull in projects – in my spare time, I had spent 3 years tracing mine and my OH’s family tree and not being able to go any further (and with my family fed up with traipsing around graveyards around the country) I needed a new challenge!

I’ve always been an avid reader (and a secret poet – although not quite that secret as some of my poetry is showcased under my pen name Cerris ) My blog came about quite by chance, having started entering competitions via blogs (not for books – surprisingly enough), I liked the thought of a virtual community and being able to chat all things books via comments and social media … and so Jera’s Jamboree was born on 6th February 2011. Jera's Jamboree

I’ve reviewed some fantastic books, hosted interesting guests, created interviews and taken part in book tours.  I’ve had authors compliment me on my PR skills on Twitter and I’ve jokingly asked if they could use my services.  That was the kernel of what was to become Fiction Addiction Book Tours.  During October half-term, that idea grew full fledged after researching and then approaching a couple of authors who I knew would be honest with me. My first step was to implement a Tour Host database because how could I coordinate virtual book tours without any hosts?  I have a fantastic network of bloggers who immediately signed up whom I trust implicitly.  The database is expanding but I always research new tour hosts to see if they would be suitable.

So what is Fiction Addiction Book Tours? Fiction Addiction

As the name suggests, we coordinate and promote virtual book tours at very reasonable costs (for example a five stop Cover Reveal tour is £20 and a five stop Standard Tour is £30).  How does it work? Once tour dates are agreed with authors I create a Press Kit which is then shared with the relevant tour hosts on the database (tour hosts sign up for all different genres).  A tour badge is created which hosts display on their blogs (this links back to the authors website). Once the tour is full I share all relevant information with the author.  I quite liked the idea of showcasing the books on tour, even when they are full, and so Fiction Addiction Books on Tour was created.

One month before the tour is due to take place, a tour post goes live on the website with all relevant details.  Two weeks before the tour begins an event is created via Facebook and Goodreads.  One week before the tour begins a feature post goes live on Jera’s Jamboree.  Also, information is pinned on a dedicated Pinterest board. All of these posts are tweeted about and linked to a Facebook page. Once the tour begins, tour hosts, ourselves and the authors promote the posts via Twitter and Facebook.

Authors have full control at all times, for example they are able to stipulate the posts they would like on tours (ie a 5 stop tour = 3 x reviews, 1 x guest post, 1 x interview).  The Press Kit is not sent out until the author has seen it and agreed to its contents.  The tour badge is not shared unless the author is satisfied with the graphics/design.

Fiction Addiction Book Tours ticks all the boxes for me.  Books (of course!), organising (I’m a list person), communicating (certainly not lacking there) and creating.  This is something I really love doing and it is FUN!

Thank you for listening to me today.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch.  You’ll find me at

It must be time to quaff that delicious looking beverage beside me now.

Ciao    Shaz

Thank you for dropping by, Shaz. It’s our pleasure, and thank you for your kind words. It’s been great learning about other aspects to writing. Help yourself to the hot chocolate – you’ve earned it. Good luck and best wishes with your ventures. xx

30 thoughts on “Addicted to Fiction, with Sharon Goodwin.

  1. Shaz was one of my first virtual friends when I entered the world of Twitter and she has been wonderfully supportive ever since. I had the pleasure of meeting Shaz in person last year and was delighted to support her Fiction Addiction Book Tours venture. I have to say, she is extremely professional and organised. I would highly recommend her book tour service to any author thinking about this option.

  2. Thank you for hosting me today ladies. It really is an honour to be with you today! You know I think The Romaniacs are a fabulous community and it’s a pleasure to support you 🙂

    Sue, thanks for your recommendation. It’s been quite a while we’ve been virtual friends, and when we met last year and bumped into each other in the corridor during the day … didn’t feel strange at all did it!

    Shaz x

  3. Wow Shaz I don’t know how you manage to fit it all in!

    Everything from Fiction Addiction Book Tours is so professional and clear, it makes being a tour host incredibly easy so I’d definitely recommend signing up as a host 🙂


  4. Hi Kate, thank you 🙂 When you love something it is easy because it feels natural. We’ve had fun so far! I wouldn’t be able to do it without reliable and honest tour hosts so another thank you for being a part of the team. Shaz x

  5. Shaz, you’re an inspiration! Fabulously supportive, fun to chat to, and always so encouraging. Your Fiction Addiction Book Tours sounds great, so professionally organised. I always love your reviews and blog interviews too. So chuffed to see you here at Romaniac HQ! Best of luck going forward 🙂 Xx

  6. This all sounds very useful and am filing it away in my ‘will-need-this-one-day-soon’ drawer!
    Great interview, onwards and upwards, Fiction Addiction Book Tours 🙂

    Celia xx

    PS Did you get any cake today? Only I saw the others eating the leftovers. Turn your back for a minute…

  7. Morning Jan. Awww *blushes* thank you. I’ve always had a ‘business head’ which has to be said often dominates my creative side! This way I get to combine them both. I’m fortunate to be here at Romaniac HQ 🙂 x

  8. Isn’t it great when you can combine lots of favourite topics (books and talking, in particular) in one shiny, pretty package?!

    Thanks for the ‘this is what it’s all about’ post, Sharon; we’ll definitely be bookmarking you for if we ever do a tour! (But you knew that, right?!)

  9. They only gave you hot chocolate, Sharon? I’d complain if I were you, they’ve got crates of booze out the back…

    Wonderful interview, congratulations on making such a popular business out of your blogging!

  10. Well, hello my lovely friend! I see you’re putting half term to good use and eating and drinking with the Romaniacs – one of my favourite things to do too!
    You know how I feel about your AMAZING blog and your fantastic new venture (loving the name!) and you have me on your list, hosting one of the blog tours for ‘Security’.
    I have no doubt that Fiction Addiction is going to go from strength to strength – I would highly recommend your services and you also make a rather fantastic jacket spud! Is there anything you can’t do?

    Mandy xx

    • Hello Lady B. Have to make the most of these school holidays! and what better way is there than with the Romaniacs (although all they left me was crumbs on the table tut tut).

      Mandy, I wasn’t going to mention any of the authors by name but … thanks for ALL your support. You were one who has been instrumental in this.

      Looking forward to touring with ‘Security’. I know tour hosts and blog readers are guaranteed maximum interaction 🙂

      Thank you! x

  11. Well, as one who’s just finished an uberly (is that a word?), superbly organised book tour with FABT, I’m here to say, just do it! It will save you masses of time and soooo much angst. I’m ticking the ‘highly recommended box’ for Shaz! Well done that girl! 🙂 xx

    • Hahaha – that was written in 2001! It was taking the mickey out of the one of the classrooms in the secondary school I worked in. You know how it is when you send your words out there Sheryl … thank you for loving my poetry 🙂 x

  12. Sharon, I don’t know when you find time to sleep. We (The New Romantics 4) must give Fiction Addiction a closer look, we’ve been a bit overwhelmed with self publishing our books last year and now were investigating a blog. After that . . . you write great book reviews, too. Enjoy half term – ah, how I remember those days. (normally spent in bed with a virus the little darlings had given me!!) LOL>

    • Hi Lizzie, I wonder myself sometimes … Can’t wait to see the blog once it’s up and running. Definitely a good thing to do in these times 🙂 Thank you re: the book reviews. Feeling the love today! I think I might be tempting fate when I say the last couple of years have been quite healthy for me considering … Thanks for commenting today. Shaz x

  13. Great interview – and wonderful to hear all about what goes into a tour – you are SOOO organised, Sharon. Carry on having fun and am wishing you loads of success X

  14. Shaz, so happy to see you here and so sorry I’m late to the party. HUGE congratulations again on starting Fiction Addiction Blogtours. I’m so proud of you and it’s amazing to see your badge popping up absolutely everywhere, it’s brilliant and I’m sure you’ll go from strength to strength, as Lady B says! Thank you also for outlining here how it all works, that’s really useful to know. You run a fabulous ship…er show!

    Wishing you every success, my friend, and thanks to The Romaniacs for hosting you today, I’m sure lots of cake was being consumed. Rock on! XX

  15. Well there is that old saying Nicky … better late than never (groan)! Half-term is easy for some now (ME) but harder for others …

    Thanks for your lovely comments – who needs fizz when words can give you the same feeling?

  16. Well Never Alone is fresh from a Fiction Addiction Book Tour and I have to say it was an amazing experience. Shaz was brilliant and it took away so much of the stress – she even organised my Twitter party and we were trending, which resulted in both of us being sent to Twitter jail! Fab interview ladies!

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