Having it all?

It’s no good, I want it all. I want to be a multi-tasking, never-ending ball of energy that writes a book every three weeks and still has time for a manicure and the gym. How is it possible for someone to tweet so well about the three tasks they are carrying out when I can barely manage to tweet, let alone tweet whilst doing something?

I’ve come to the conclusion these multi-tasking people must have some tricks up their sleeves. Here are a few of my theories:

  • They have far whizzier brains than me. They know what to do to get all the info to all the places all at once. I’m sure I could figure it out, if only I had the time!
  • They must have a PA making up for the time that seems to disappear into the ether in my world.
  • They don’t sleep. How else are they fitting in the gym and manicures?
  • It’s all lies. I’ve seen lots of pictures of costa coffee drinks whilst people are waiting to do something exciting. Who’s to say it’s not the same cup over and over again? They’re just making out they’re waiting on the cusp of glory whilst I’m sat on the sofa in my PJs wondering why I’m not enjoying the glory of a coffee outside of the house.

OK, I admit it, I’m jealous. It’s just I want to be the all powerful, taking on the world woman, but I may be forced to admit that she’s gone. Only temporarily, mind. For the past few months I’ve been taken over. My only priorities in life have been eating, drinking, peeing and sleeping. What’s caused such a change? Well, these two…

2012-12-19 10.40.34
Romaniac Twins

So even though my brainpower has disappeared, my concentration is out the window as soon as I see a food advert, well, I don’t mind a bit. As my other Romaniacs have told me, the writing can wait and we’ve also decided the blog will be a bit quieter as I become accustomed to my new life as a mum of twins (due same time as the Royal baby) and the other Romaniacs get on with their WIPs.

I know, you’re excited as I am to discover how long it takes me to work out how to pop on my make-up, deal with shitty nappies and tweet about it at the same time. Okay, I lied. I won’t be using any make-up FOR MONTHS. But you’ll never know. I only plan to tweet pictures of costa coffee cups and if you twist my arm, some cute twinnie photos!

Catherine x

31 thoughts on “Having it all?

  1. oh WOW! Huge congratulations, Catherine, that’s just awesome. I’m quite emotional here for you, what wonderful news and thank you for sharing. Twins too: double the trouble, double the fun!! Definitely take some time to chill, relax and enjoy this brain-mushy period before the birth. We’ll be cheering you on every step of the way. (On a personal note ~ I finished the first draft of Sophie’s Turn with about four weeks to spare before the birth of my first baby, and I blame all of Sophie’s heart-and-soul-searching emotional-ness on my own hormonal state, LOL. Pregnancy can be a great zone for writing feelings!!)

    • Thank you, Nicky. Excitement at Romaniac HQ although I’m generally running on empty so the writing has suffered. Will hope I get some last minute energy x

      • If you’re running on empty… just go with the flow. You’re growing twins, after all, that’s a big important job!!! X

  2. How lovely! Congratulations! My 7 and 8-year-old daughters de-railed my writing for AGES, but I don’t regret a moment – they’re awesome, and I’m writing again!

    Good luck and best wishes,


    • Great that you are writing again. It’s a great excuse to be derailed. Catherine x

  3. Awwww, WOW! Catherine, I have news, too: We ALL feel like you – and we’re NOT having twins. just get yourself some bulge-friendly PJs, girl, and indulge (while you can). Anyway, you look gorgeous! Huge CONGRATS, sweetie! 🙂 xx

  4. Wow – congratulations on your fabulous news! I’m so excited for you – doubly so! Children are so much work but they are also so much fun – and you will get your life back one day – just enjoy every minute of ‘now’ and ‘then’ will take care of itself!

    Janice (mum of three boys) xxx

    • Thanks, Janice. Just had a lovely day with OH, enjoying the ‘now’ bit! Catherine x

    • Hi Rowan and a big thank you for being my twin buddy! Hugs for you and your twinnies xx

  5. Tee hee!! I can lend you a Costa cup! Congratulations again, not on the peeing, but on the twins!! Lady B wrote her first novel on maternity leave so there is hope!

    Mandy xx

    • Lol! Thank you, Mandy. May have to borrow that cup for my mock photos 😉 xx

  6. I can’t keep up with those superwomen either, Catherine, and I’m DEFINITELY not having twins. You are doing a very important job, and that puts things into perspective. Big congratulations!

    • Thanks, Sharon. I wasn’t superwoman before so not sure why I’m bothered. I guess it’s because I know I need to become superwoman! Catherine x

  7. LOL Catherine – I’ve said it elsewhere but I’m reckoning you deserve more Congratulatioins! So wonderful. I’m of the view superwomen are myths – part of some conspiracy to make us all feel inadequate, just like those body beautiful images in magazines. No doubt the conspirators are manufacturers of all those foods which we end up going to for comfort 🙂 Re the makeup for months? Eeek. I’ve not worn it for 9 yrs (clue – ages 9 and 6) – unless it’s for an RNA do of course 🙂 Lovely post Catherine – and enjoy this time:) Hugs Sx

    • Wonderful news. Congratulations, Catherine. I think there is a bit of a baby boom on! You are the forth person I know of, who is expecting!
      Three of my friends are all due around the same time. Not Twins. Take care of yourself.
      Lorraine x

    • I rarely wear make-up but always make sure my profile picture has some 😉 Thank you, Sarah xx

  8. many congratulations! it is wonderful having twins, my twins turned 14 this week, an girl and boy. it was hard in the begining but bloody fantastic. wishing you all the best xx

    • Hi Claire and thank you. I’m stocking up on sleep now knowing I might not be so lucky over the coming weeks/months. Catherine x

  9. As I’ve told you before, Catherine, I’m so, so jealous as I always wanted twins! But I think it’s good to be realistic about what you can achieve in the first few months – just look after yourself and the babies and try to get some sleep occasionally. Everything else can wait – the writing won’t go away, it will be waiting for you when you’re ready. (And I’m sure your hubby can get you the coffee 🙂 )

    • Sleep is one of my favourite things so it will definitely be coming before writing for the time being. Hopefully they can visit for hugs sometime xxx

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