The Day I Went Naked

I hadn’t planned to bare all that day at work, it was just one of those mornings when I was running late and it was all I could do to get out of the door.  I had meant to rectify my nakedness once I got to the car park but by that time, I had totally forgotten and rushed into my office, calling a cheery ‘Morning’ to my colleagues before slumping into my chair. It was at that point I realised I was naked; I wasn’t wearing any make-up!

Of course I was talking about make-up, you seriously didn’t think I meant anything else?  Well, to be honest, not wearing make-up isn’t that big a problem for me. I don’t tend to wear much; a bit of bronzer (instant health) and some mascara (instant wide eyes). On a night out, I’ll push the boat out and apply some eye shadow and lipstick … I think I’m at that age where less is definitely more.  So that morning when I sat down at work and realised I wasn’t actually wearing any make-up at all I shrugged and thought, ‘Oh well’, and I spent the day naked.

The meagre contents of my make-up bag

However, there are four things are my ‘Naked Without’ list, those being …

  1. My watch. I’ve worn a watch since I was ten years old and it just wouldn’t feel right without one.
  2. My earrings. Again, I’ve worn earrings since I was about nine or ten and although I only ever wear the same pair, night and day, I would hate not to have them in.
  3. My bracelet. This is a recent addition to my ‘Naked Without’ list. A Mother’s Day gift last year from my son.
  4. The final thing I always wear is an item of underwear – not saying which one, but I certainly would never, go without this particular one.
My ‘Naked Without’ items

What’s on your ‘Naked Without’ list?



19 thoughts on “The Day I Went Naked

  1. Hi Sue

    I’m with you on all of these, but especially the earring one. I recently went to deepest Somerset, in a place where the only shop sells postcards, bread and emergency Kit Kats, only to find when I got there that I was only wearing one earring! Spent the weekend with naked earlobes, feeling completely undressed. I thought about wearing the earrring in one ear on one day and the other the next but couldn’t remember if there was some strange message that you gave out if you did that…


  2. Fun post Sue! My ‘naked without’ would have to be my phone – I practically hyperventilate with anxiety if I realise I’ve left it at home! #firstworldproblems 🙂

  3. You do make me smile, Sue 🙂 I’m not sure I ‘do’ naked very well, but if I may bend the rules a little, I always carry in the car, a towel, a loo roll, and moisturiser. I remain fully equipped in the underwear department. xx

  4. hahaha! Love this. My ‘naked ‘ is definitely my watch – I have 2 TOY ones, red and orange. If I’m wqtchless I start getting twitchy. Very very twitchy.

  5. It’s strange, isn’t it, that sense of feeling undressed without a particular item? I had a fellow shudder of sympathy about the earrings! I feel naked without a squirt of perfume!

  6. I’ve been short-sighted since I was eleven or twelve and couldn’t actually leave the house without my glasses. Love these little snippet type posts – always provide food for thought. Anne

  7. Aw, bless you, Sue, I love this post! Once upon a time, I would have been naked without make-up, watch, etc. However, since having kids… I’ve kind of lost all inhibitations and I go ‘naked’ quite a bit. Stressful morning? Ditch the makeup. I have, just once or twice, been tempted to throw a coat over my pyjamas for the school run but I have not yet succumbed to that temptation. I guess my final frontier, my absolute must-have, is nice hair. I can’t cope with leaving the house with hair that doesn’t look *just so*. These days I have a quick workaround fix for the school run but for all other occasions…it’s got to be perfect. I’ve been known to throw a strop, hop in the shower and get myself glammed up even though OH looked at me uncomprehending, muttering (repeatedly), “you looked just fine to me…” 🙂

  8. I’m definitely with Sue in the ‘naked without watch’ club and with Chris in the ‘naked without a little squirt of perfume’ society. Other than these two things, I suppose it would be the little pack of mints I always slip into any coat or jacket pocket I’m wearing. It’s like my little sugary comfort blanket for when I’m on journeys or just out walking. 🙂 Xx

  9. When i was working i would have said hair gell, no way would i have gone out the house, but now i’m happy to say the hair is short and the gells not needed. Once about 35 years ago i was sat on a bus on the way to work and noticed i had odd shoes on, one black and one brown.

  10. Excellent post! My ‘naked without’ list would include clothes, including pants and bra, obviously. Apart from that, my wedding ring and my phone. I think if I were out and about, I’d probably miss my keys too. I have a tendency to rub my thumb along the fat bit on my car key when I have my hands in my pockets. Besides, the keyring is something special DH gave me, a couple of days after he asked me to marry him (but before he bought me a ring).

  11. My naked list would be lipstick, lip gloss, blush, my wedding ring and one other favorite ring, and earrings. I must have earrings…I’ve actually started carrying a spare set in my purse and have been known to stop somewhere to buy a pair if I left the house without…crazy I know. 🙂

    • My naked list is definitely my watch. I tend to get strange looks when I keep looking at a naked wrist! Phone is a must. How did we manage before the invention of the mobile phone?
      Lorraine x

  12. Great post, Sue! Am so with you on the earrings front – mine stay in pretty much permanenty but if they are ever out, I feel seriously lacking. It’s also hearing aid batteries for me LOL or you can bet they go at the worst possible time. And I’m afraid to say – the kids. Most of my trips anywhere are with the kids and if I’m out and about without them I often have a moment of panic thinking I may have left them behind somewhere (eek. Again :)) X

  13. My “naked without” would be my phone which is odd because it’s not that many years since I didn’t have one! Great post, Sue. 🙂

  14. Haha, great post! I know what you mean about feeling naked. Although, I must admit, for the last few years I have gone without rings or earrings and don’t feel naked at all. I haven’t worn a watch for over 10 years now … but I would feel naked without my bracelet. Yesterday I went out without my mobile phone and mused over it for a while … shall I go home, shall I not … and decided to be brave and keep going saying to myself, like Elle said, that for many years I went about without one – so decided yesterday was no different! … and today I went out without putting any makeup on at all and really, I’m sure nobody noticed.

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