Book Review – A Stitch in Time by Mandy James

a stitch in time

Mandy James’ time-travelling extravaganza A Stitch in Time starts with a complete drenching for its heroine Sarah, and hurtles on to give breathtaking snapshots of life in the American West, the 1920s and the Sheffield Blitz. Sarah starts out as a victim after a disastrous end to her relationship and a double betrayal, but fairly soon begins to gain ground and to get her teeth into the fearsome challenge thrown at her by the delectable ‘Needle’ John. Still nervous, unsure of why she’s agreeing to do the things he asks and afraid of failure, Sarah’s stressful teaching job (very accurately and amusingly painted) takes a back seat as she becomes absorbed into these strange new worlds. She meets characters who both intrigue and exasperate her, and in the meantime, fights hard not to fall in love…

I loved this book from the first paragraph to the very last page, rooting for the feisty Sarah all along, and hoping against hope that she would find happiness with the right person and not somehow get stuck in time, unable to return to sort out the train crash of her life. The concept of the relationship between a ‘Stitch’ and a ‘Needle’ is quite mind-boggling, and the prospect of all the things that could go wrong for Sarah is so haunting that I rushed to finish it to see if Sarah made it home safely and then immediately wished I had made it last longer.  The different periods of time are entertainingly described with enough historical detail to set the scene thoroughly but not so much that it feels as if you’re being secretly educated! I can’t wait to read more by this author.

mandy james



  1. 1

    Sounds not only unusual, but very interesting!!

    • 2
      The Romaniacs Says:

      It is; it’s made me want to find out more about the different historical bits!

  2. 3
    Liv Thomas Says:

    Everyone should take the time (see what I did there 🙂 ) to read it – it’s great fun/entertaining, well written, and pure escapism. And we all need that, right!

  3. 5
    henrigyland Says:

    I’ve actually just finished this book, and I agree with every word. Plus there is a wonderful balance between tender and laugh-out-loud scenes in it too. Clever stuff.

  4. Don’t tempt me!! I must finish WIP before I read this! I’m so looking forwards to it!

  5. 10

    Fabulous review! Congratulations, Mandy! I ditto Chris’s comment – I am so desperate to read this book but am determined to do it justice when I’ve more of my WIP under my belt. It’s there on my kindle – calling me, LOL! Well done again Mandy and a great review Celia X

    • 11
      The Romaniacs Says:

      Thanks, Sarah – good luck with the WIP, looking forward to it! xx

  6. 12

    Great review and what a fascinating sounding book. I’ll look forward to reading it soon.

  7. 14

    Thanks to everyone for such lovely comments and of course to Celia for such a fantastic review! XX

    • 15
      The Romaniacs Says:

      The Romaniacs love a good old read, as you know. We like reading great books even more than we like cake. Well that last bit was a lie, actually. Congratulations on your launch, Mandy xx

  8. 16

    Some great historical insights in this novel and an unusual, original concept – I loved it.

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