Monday Book Review; The Wedding Diary by Margaret James

TWD_packshot copyMJThis is one of those books that you keep on the shelf (or Kindle file) that’s specially reserved for comfort and joy reading. You must have one of those too – stories just sitting there waiting for that moment when you’ve got a horrible cold, or someone’s been mean to you, or life gives you an even bigger kick in the teeth.

I was having the first of these moments when I started reading the story of Cat and her search for the perfect bridegroom to star in her even more perfect wedding; snuffling, sneezing and being generally fed up. Within minutes, I was feeling much better, snuggled up in bed with this example of delicious escapism. I laughed at the antics of Tess and Bex, shivered when Fanny, the evil patroness, was particularly poisonous, and dreamed of a hero like Adam (just pointing out here that I was bagging him for my daughters, not for myself, honest…)

Cat’s tender heart nearly trips her up on more than one occasion – she’s tried so hard to be the ideal girlfriend at the start of the book, and finds the surly Adam not altogether appealing at first, but soon his smouldering charm begins to take effect. My favourite part is when Adam asks Cat to meet him in Italy and she immediately jumps on a plane and does so. Brilliant. No messing, just get in there, girl. The Italian descriptions add even further to the feel-good factor of Margaret’s novel – so well-drawn that you could be there, tasting the gorgeous food, feeling the warm sunshine and…say no more.

So, as a cold cure or for pure pleasure, I would thoroughly recommend The Wedding Diary. It’s easily as much fun as going to a real wedding without having to buy the expensive present or wear the skyscraper shoes. And you can choose your own buffet to accompany it.

26 thoughts on “Monday Book Review; The Wedding Diary by Margaret James

  1. It sounds fantastic, but oh dear, when am I ever going to clear my to-be-read pile? Too many fantastic books, too many lovely authors!! (I know I will buy it…I always do. *sigh*)

    • Buy it and put it away for a rainy day, Sharon – you’ll be glad you did!

      Celia x

    • Wow, what a combination – one of my favourite places AND a great book!

      Celia x

  2. I love to read about weddings, especially as the ‘wedding season’ is approaching. Another one for the TBR pile, have abandoned buying books on kindle ATM to give the old eyeballs a rest. I’m beginning to blink mole-ishly in the sunlight ! One of the characters in Tall, Dark and Kilted is called Cat, shirt for Catriona – looking fwd to checking out your heroine, Margaret. Many congratulations on publication day.

    • Nice to see you here in Romaniac HQ, Lizzie. Now, walk away from the cake tin. I said, walk away… Oh, just realised I ate all the scones while I was waiting for the kettle to boil.

      Celia x

    • And you’ll love it, or I’ll eat my hat. Actually, it’s not my hat, I found it under the Romaniac sofa after the last interviewee left, but I’ll eat it anyway…

      Celia x

  3. Can’t wait to read it – need to get stuck in to my to read list, instead of falling asleep at the drop of a hat. Absolutely love the blurb for the book.

    • Liv, I have the same problem, but with TV. Hardly ever watch a whole programme, and as for films… Enjoy the book when you’re finally awake for long enough!

      Celia x

    • That’s what delighted me about these writer people when I first started meeting them, and it still gives me a warm fuzzy feeling – all just so supportive. xxx

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