What’s Your Current Position?

At Romaniac HQ, we often find ourselves in awkward positions. It’s tricky keeping one’s modesty with nine people occupying the same living space. Sue was in the kitchen with a good-looking Texan last year. The explanation, ‘We were cooking’, did nothing to settle our nerves.USoL-cover-HQ

We’d like to know where you are and what you’re doing with your hero or heroine, right this moment, and then, we want you to divulge your most favourite position with them.

We’ll get the ball rolling, for want of a better phrase.

Laura : In Follow Me, I’m in a wooded english garden, overlooking Chesil Beach, with a Hollywood Action Hero sprawled at my feet, on the veiny ground. IMG_1180And my favourite position? In bed, with a thoughtful, gentle and humorous Irishman, at The Smugglers Inn, in Truth or Dare?

Sue : Well, I’ve managed to extract myself from the kitchen and now find myself on Felpham Beach in West Sussex, skimming stones with Donovan, a criminal psychologist.photo (69)

My most favourite position? An autumn evening, sat on the beach, snuggled under a blanket with said criminal psychologist; wind blowing, waves crashing and moonlight dancing on the whites of the waves.

Debbie: Well, I’m hard at work on my WIP for the NWS with ‘James Hardaker.’ We’re in the emerald green hills of the Yorkshire Dales, one of my favourite parts of the world (and where I was brought up.) Spring-time in Berrywood means my vetinary hero is currently zipping around the country lanes tending ewes who are having a hard time lambing!

By co-incidence I’m visiting the Dales next week for a little more inspiration. It is sooo beautiful in that part of the world.

As for my favourite position, well, that has to be in front of the log burner! Either on the rug or sofa…

CreekCatherine: I’m never doing it again. Oh, sorry. May have got the wrong gist. My latest heroine is struggling with the idea she might have fertility issues and will end up with her legs up in stirrups as a result. Not quite what you were hoping for with this post. So I’ll go back to a creek in Kuringai Chase National Park. An isolated spot outside of Sydney, Australia where my hero and heroine meet in Miles Between Us.

Celia: In Little Boxes, I’m on a very special bench at a country park by a beautiful lake in Peterborough with a man who can’t commit to a passionate relationship…yet. The weather is chilly but the temperature between the lead players is set to sizzle. And my favourite position – horizontal in a Travelodge.

Back bench

Jan: I’m standing, mesmerized, rooted to the spot halfway down a red-carpeted sweeping staircase in a glorious York manor house, staring into the eyes of a tanned, athletic Yorkshireman. And my favourite position? Lying face down on a massage table, mentally reliving every delightful second of it…

I can recommend all of these positions 🙂

Now it’s over to you…where, how and who?

Laura 😉 xx

11 thoughts on “What’s Your Current Position?

  1. Current position: My heroine is in front of the TV talking to the ghost of the hero’s wife. Favourite position – the same but less ghost and more chocolate.

  2. Current position: London Hammersmith Apollo, big rock gig, leading lady not QUITE sure what she’s doing there or how she got there but about to meet the band. (And no, this isn’t SOPHIE or DAN!!). Oh what I’d give to swap places with her and have all the excitement coming my way… Great feature, as always, ladies, love the Romaniacs!

    • Ah, Nicky. I used to dream of such a life. I have sung at the O2, Shepherds Bush, which was great fun. Throwing my energy into writing these days. Having said that, two weeks ago, I was on stage in America singing Hit Me With Your Best Shot
      Thank you, as always, for dropping by.
      Laura xx

  3. Dear Saucy Minxes – I mean, Romaniacs. I have been told by several readers of Tall, Dark and Kilted (including an octogenarian former teaching colleague) that the ‘window seat’ scene got folk a bit steamed up. If you’ve read TDK, you’ll know what I mean. Said octogenarian asked if there would be much sex in book 2 and when I said ‘enough,’ she said: “put more in!” Honestly, what is she thinking about? Fellow New Romantic 4 and beta reader June Kearns has told me to tone it down (just kidding, I think), whereas I’ve told her to sex her next one up. Unlike her chaste Victorian heroine in An English Woman’s Guide to the Cowboy hat I wouldn’t have wasted a moment out on the lonesome prairie with her hunky cowboy, Colt – the man was sex on four legs (his horse’s!!) Have just written the first of the sex scenes in book two and have set it in a hotel overlooking the Norfolk salt marshes. As for my ideal? A highland glen, a summer’s day, a glass of uisge beatha and NO MIDGES. OK, getting my coat – taxi !

    • *Hurries to bookshelf, collects TDK and places it on bedside table*
      Nuff said ;-
      Laura xx

  4. I’ve always fancied lying in a hammock on a sunny summer day, waiting for Richard Armitage to join me. I’ll probably have a long wait. A lovely fun post, ladies.

    • Thank you, Margaret.
      I think it’s time my hero was placed somewhere nice – he’s in the middle of a collapsed cottage now…Can’t work out how to get him in a hammock right this minute.
      Laura xx

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