***** Five Star People

Lovely cousins and Dad
Lovely cousins and Dad

I’m experimenting with a new-style, shorter length post today as we Romaniacs think we’ve been getting a touch verbose lately. (‘No, no!’ I hear you cry, ‘How can that be? How can there be too much Romaniac burbling? It’s almost like saying cake is bad for you.’ But, dear reader, stick with it, and feel free to comment at the end, which I promise you is not nearly as far away as usual.)

So, on the theme of less is more, I want to talk about Five Star People – the ones who become involved in your life for a very good reason, affecting the way you write and also the way that you see the world. Sometimes they pop in and go again quite quickly, more often they hang around for some time and occasionally they are with you for the duration. Whichever ones you’re thinking of right now, they all have something in common – they make your life better. They are life enhancers extrordinaire. And what’s more, they help you to develop as a writer.

Hoping you like the small selection from my personal gallery of five star award winners, naturally including the Romaniac gang. We have experienced some tough times between us since we met and have had to accept that we can’t always write or even be in touch as much or as often as we’d like to, but the support is always there and without them, my life would be much less sparkly. It would be great to hear about some of your own stars now, and also to have your views on the merits of short/longer posts. I’m off to make a cake now with all that waffling time I’ve saved.

So much missed.
So much missed.
Five star buddies Kay and Mum-in-Law
Five star buddies Kay and Mum-in-Law
Cherished offspring
Cherished offspring
Romaniacs on parade
Romaniacs on parade

15 thoughts on “***** Five Star People

  1. I love the posts on this site, don’t worry about length! : ) It was really nice to see the people behind the scenes given a nod like this x

    • Thanks! Lovely to have your comments, and glad we’re not going on too long! x


  2. Oh Celia, you’ve brought tears to my eyes for all sorts of reasons and thoughts. [Off to have a good blub]

  3. That’s good, it was meant to be emotional, but hopefully not soppy! Thanks 5*
    Sue! xxx

    • Great to see you too, Sarah, and thanks for your kind words. Now go and eat a hefty piece of cake or you’ll be disappearing befrore we see you again! xxx 🙂

  4. Beautiful post, showing that no writer is an island! Although I have eaten so much cake lately I am more of a peninsula at the moment… And please don’t worry about the length of posts – things take as long to say as they take. Er, if you see what I mean…

    • My stomach is an island. But that’s another story. Thanks for kind remarks, Jane. 🙂

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