Sorry for shouting. It wasn’t the aggressive shouty type. More of a town cryer style because Hear ye, Hear ye we have some fantastic news for you today. And without further ado, we’ll get on with asking the lady herself…

Author Pic Brighter

We’ve noticed at Romaniac HQ that Laura hasn’t been eating her cake of late. We know this means something is on her mind. So, tell us Laura, what’s occurring?

You know me, stomach’s always the first to give when anything major happens in my life.

Don’t leave us guessing, Laura! You are being interviewed by a lady who is heavily pregnant with twins. I’m not in a position to be left in the lurch. What is the MAJOR thing that has happened in your life?

Sorry, Catherine. Hang in there.

I should warn you, I’m liable to spontaneously combust at any moment, and that’s something even I can’t plan for, so it might be best if you take cover somewhere.

I am exceedingly happy…no…make that ecstatic…to tell you the lovely people at Choc Lit , under their new Choc Lit Lite imprint, have said yes to my first novel, ‘Truth or Dare?’ *dowses self with cold water* And I’m going to have a cover! *Reaches for the jet-wash*

Jan, Jan! Where is the honk-o-meter? We need to offer up our biggest congratulations to Laura.

Jan: Yeeeeeee Ha!! To all of it! HONKS of gargantuan, major league, A1, epic, fantabulously titanic proportions!

I knew Jan would sum up how the rest of us Romaniacs feel. Knowing how much hard work you’ve put in, Congratulations didn’t quite cover it.RNA Summer Party Romaniacs Name Badges

Fantastic honking, Jan πŸ™‚ Thank you, my wonderful Romaniac chums. What would I do without you? You have been and continue to be my pillars of strength. If pillars were built from laughs, you’d be that, too.

Right, time to calm you down for a moment and ask what is ‘Truth Or Dare?’ about?

Chesil. Portland. Dorset.
Chesil. Portland. Dorset.

In a nutshell, which, as you know, is quite a difficult state for me to achieve, ‘Truth or Dare?’, as it currently stands, is a gritty, twenty-one year story, (is that split-era?) revolving around the influence of past events on the present and future. There is a romance at its heart, a family I’d love to visit for holidays, and a shed load of moral dilemmas, as the title suggests. And for the most part, it is set in Dorset, a county I adore.

Did you know there is a law against taking the pebbles from Chesil Beach?

We can’t wait for the moment it’s available, but we know you have lots of hard work in the meantime. But for now it’s time to celebrate so what have you got planned?

Eating properly. Maybe getting a little sleep. All the things I’ve failed to do over the last few weeks. And, since it’s a special occasion, I might even hug a few people.

In my head, I’m dancing with wild abandon. In my kitchen, I’m singing Paloma songs. With gusto. And you know it.

Love you πŸ™‚ xx

When I was young...
When I was young…

We love you too, Laura πŸ˜‰ ‘Tis quite worrying, I’ve never known you to be this gushy and huggable. And we’ve got through this announcement without my waters breaking or you fainting. Just, if the other Romaniacs don’t mind, maybe we should ease off on the group hug so Laura and I can collapse on the sofa. And as it’s Romaniac HQ, I’d like to raise my glass (of lemonade, the rest of you have something more fancy) & HONK a toast to Laura and her much deserved success.

65 thoughts on “Tuesday Chit Chat with… CONTRACTED AUTHOR, OUR VERY OWN LAURA JAMES

    • Hi Kate – thank you. I’ll try to keep the noise down after midnight πŸ™‚ Laura xx

    • Thank you, Jean. It’s not really sunk in. I expect that will happen when all the edits arrive…Laura xx

  1. *Round of applause* – HUGE congrats Laura! ChocLit seem like a lovely bunch of folks to start your publishing career with : ) Best of luck! xx

    • Thank you, Yasmin. I am so happy to be part of the team for so many reasons, and I’ve been made to feel so welcome. Thank you for your Romaniacal support – we all appreciate it. Laura xx

    • Thanks, Margaret. I am thrilled to be part of the amazing Choc Lit team. Laura xx

  2. Thrilled to pieces for you, my lovely friend. I wish you all the success in the world. The honk-o-meter is whizzing round like a good’un for you. Congratulations! xxx

    • The Honnnnk made Gajitman laugh this morning πŸ™‚ Thank you, Jan. You girls mean the world to me. Laura xxx

    • Heehee. Amazeballs and little mint balls – I’m rolling in them. Thanks, Suzannah. You are an inspiration. Laura xxx

  3. i couldn’t be any happier for you sweetie, it has been a long time coming.
    when i buy my copy it has to be signed missus!
    lots of love em xxxx

    • Thank you for your encouragement in those very early days, before ToD was even called ToD. Look what’s happened! πŸ˜‰ Laura xxx

    • Thanks, Phillipa. You offer great support to The Romaniacs, which is very much appreciated. Laura xx

    • Thank you, my lovely friend. By the way, I’m still in danger of exploding. Laura xxx

    • I can’t eat, Sheryl, but on the plus size, I’ve squeezed into my size tens πŸ™‚ Thank you for celebrating with me. Laura xx

    • Thank you, Sue. I think someone was looking after me the day I met you and the Romaniacs. Some friendships are meant to be. Laura πŸ™‚ xxx

    • Thank you, Helena. I’m a 4th year student πŸ™‚ It is a wonderful scheme and I recommend it to any unpublished writer of romance. I consider myself extremely lucky to be a member. Laura xx

  4. Laura – as they say in all the best soap operas – I’m made up for you. And I am. I know how hard it is to get our books out there and published, so well done. The Romaniacs go from strength to strength and I can’t wait to add you to my Choc Lit collection. Much less fattening than the real things and last much longer, too.

    • Thank you so much, Lizzie. I do try not to be too fattening. As to whether or not I’m good for your health…I suspect not πŸ™‚ And you and your New Romantics 4 are doing so well. Well done πŸ™‚ Laura xxx

    • Thank you, Angela. It will be good to meet you when you’re next over here. I love Dorset, and the fact that within five minutes, I’m by the sea πŸ™‚ Laura x

  5. Well done Laura. Alan and I are absolutely delighted for you. We can now boast that we have an author in the family.

    • Thank you, Marion. And look at you, getting all techie and commenting on our blog πŸ™‚ Your Daughter-in-law xxx

  6. That’s great news, Laura! Fantastic! Well done! Sounds like it’s going to be a really good read:)

    • Hello Jean
      Thank you for your kind words. People actually reading it – that’s quite a scary thought. Laura πŸ™‚

  7. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! OH MY GOD! This is the BEST NEWS I’ve had all week. (Okay, it’s only Tuesday… so let’s say, all MONTH!) So excited for you, I hope you can hear me shout and sing over here. Huge congrats, Laura, this is totally brilliant. Rock ON!

    • Lol! Thank you so much, Nicky. Yes, I can hear you and it’s beautiful. Hope to see you soon. Laura xx

  8. Reblogged this on Writing, Work and Wine and commented:
    When I saw this post on the Romaniac blog I had to reblog it.

    Counting the Romaniacs amongst my writerly friends – meeting them at the Festival of Romance 2011, where they all met and decided to form the group – and having spent a drunken night or two with them at last year’s RNA conference I have been thrilled for them at their successes. And this is the latest one … Laura James, my fellow Dorset scribe, has a contract with the fantastic Choc Lit, one of my favourite publishers. Well done Laura and here’s to having a glass of celebratory wine at this year’s conference!

    Laura’s success also shines a brilliant spotlight on the Romantic Novelists Association, of which we are all members. Yay for the RNA!

    • Thank you so much, Nikki. And thank you for reblogging too πŸ™‚ I don’t actually know how to do that…
      There will definitely be a Romaniac kitchen party. Maybe three πŸ˜‰ Looking forward to catching up with you. Laura xxx

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