Henriette Gyland – reviewing her new novel; The Elephant Girl

Henriette Gyland and other authors - Festival of Romance (1)

I loved Henriette Gyland’s latest book – it kept me hooked right until the end and the characters were real and vibrant. The interaction between Jason, Fay, Helen and the rest of the main players was sympathetically drawn, and Helen’s lack of confidence and history of anxiety and loss were dealt with sensitively. Tackling a subject like epilepsy can’t be easy, but this author did it with supreme confidence. I felt I understood the problem much better by the end of the book.

Jason and Helen’s romance was scorching in its intensity and the friendships/conflicts between the main characters were fascinating. I have a terrible habit of losing the plot through reading too quickly but I didn’t skip a single word of this, and would have liked it to go on much longer.

Jason’s point of view was well explored and explained all through the book – he is an absolutely drop dead gorgeous hero with a touching vulnerability too.
The family problems were also developed in depth, and I even loved Aggie in the end.

Thanks, Henri, for a fabulous read – I thought Up Close would be a hard act to follow but you’ve done it!

(This review can also be seen on http://celiajanderson.co.uk)

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21 thoughts on “Henriette Gyland – reviewing her new novel; The Elephant Girl

  1. I’m really looking forward to reading this. It sounds really good. I enjoyed Up Close and I’m sure Elephant Girl will be as good, if not better.

  2. Having absolutely loved Up Close (I was riveted all the way to the end) I am really looking forward to The Elephant Girl.

    • I wish I hadn’t reasd it now, so I’d have the pleasure again! Thanks for dropping by Beverley,

      Celia 🙂

      • A pleasure, Celia. I love the cover for The Elephant Girl, too.
        BTW, I really like your site.

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