Author Joff Gainey from The Bookstop Cafe is with us today

Hi Joff, welcome to Romaniac HQ for a Tuesday Chit-Chat. Yes, you and I both know it’s Monday but this week we’re just messing things up a bit and having our Tuesday chat on a day early. Okay, that’s that cleared up.

Joff Gainey Bookstop cafe

Before we get down to business, must just say, I’m loving the waistcoat – do you always wear one?

I always wear my waistcoat when on school visits or special events…’s mine!

Now, where we were? Oh yes, questions…

Your novel ‘Sleeping on A Cloud’ was published last year – in one sentence, please sum up what it is about?

Twins with special powers, struggling to protect our Earth from a Dark evil adversary, who revels in our destruction.

joff gainey book cover 1

What or who do you consider to be your biggest influence where your writing is concerned?

The child that still lives strongly inside me. Mischief and adventure was always high on my list as a child. Now as an adult I use my writing to delve down and rekindle my childhood imaginings.

More recently, whilst still working closely with the written word, you’ve been turning your talents elsewhere – The Bookstop Café. How’s it all going? Are you hoping to expand it in any way?

The response from authors and customers to the venture has been fantastic. We receive new authors books everyday, more shelving required, and our customers do not want to leave. Many are doing exactly what we envisaged which is curl up on the sofas and read.

Joff Gainey bookstop cafe 3

Ideas we are aiming to develop are:

1. An hour at the end of the day, called Story Time, where parents can bring their children along and while the drink tea/coffee we will read/perform stories to their children.

2. Themed story nights. Ghost stories – around Halloween. Christmas stories. Crime/thriller  stories. Poetry.

3. Book signings.

4. Writing events/courses from visiting experts.

If you could have four dream authors in your café, who would you love to see walk through the door for tea and cake?

Gerald Durrell – I loved his adventures as he travelled around the world collecting animals for zoological parks.

Terry Goodkind – I have only recently locked in to his books. I like the strength and complexity of his characters, just when you feel you know them you learn something new.

Dan Brown – I enjoy the detail of the places and the fast pace of his books.

Enid Blyton – Because I thoroughly enjoyed the mischief and adventure that the children got up to. When I read her books as a child I would be engrossed for hours.

Joff Gainey Bookstop cafe 1

Quick Fire

Left or right handed?


Conformist or Maverick?

Maverick – but I look nothing like James Garner.

UK or abroad?

Uk – but use to be abroad a lot.

Car or motorbike?

Car – I’m not very good on two wheels.

Football, cricket or rugby?

Formula 1

Night in or night out?

Both – depends on my mood.

Kindle or paperback?

Paperback – the texture, the smell…and they are cuddly.

Thanks Joff, it’s been fun chatting with you.

Thank you for asking me. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Author Joff Gainey from The Bookstop Cafe is with us today

    • Thank you Yasmin. We love our cakes at BookStop Cafe and especially with a good book.

  1. As always Romaniacs, love the blog. Met Joff a couple of weeks ago and anyone interested in books should visit the Bookstop Cafe as soon as they can. It’s magic, and not just because my debut novel’s displayed on the shelves. There should be Bookstop Cafes strategically placed the length and breadth of the country. I bought Sleeping on a Cloud for someone else and now feel I would like a copy for myself. Note to readers: writers would prefer you to each buy a copy of their book rather than pass one copy around all your friends. That said what most writers really like are people who read their books full-stop, then tell you how much they enjoyed them. .

    • Thank you Mags. It would be great to be able to expand the BookStop Cafe all around the country. It would mean books and cakes for everyone!

  2. HA HA, I’m not surprised that the Romaniacs have discovered BookStop Cafe as the cakes are legendary. Been there. Seen them. Eaten them. Its a fabulous bookshop/cafe in a great location – surrounded by some excellent shops, too. All of the New Romantics 4 have given their books to Joff to display and sell. You’ll find Tall, Dark and Kilted there – just saying !! We plan another trip out there in September, hopefully with our new novels. More power to Joff and Becky’s elbows – they’ve made a boldd move and deserve lots of success.

    • Hi Lizzie and thank you. We are looking forward to September. Perhaps we will ask the Jazz Beats back to welcome you. 🙂

  3. I think Lizzie Lamb has said it all. x I’ll only add, loved the interview, love the BookStop Café. Oh, and I am proud to say my first novel, Foxden Acres, is on a bookshelf in the BookStop Cafe! x

  4. Really loved the Bookstop Cafe when we visited – such a perfect spot off one of Lincoln’s cobbled lanes and great showcase for everyone’s books.Coffee and cakes were good, too! Wish we lived closer, Joff, for one of your themed story nights – what a wonderful idea.

  5. This is such a fabulous venture. I’m determined to visit the café at some point (and NO, not just for the yummy cakes on display!) I love the expansion ideas you have, Joff; the themed story nights, in particular. Nothing like a good old atmospheric ghost tale. Lovely to learn more about you and the café. Great waistcoat too! 🙂

    • Thank you Jan.
      I’ll refrain from mentioning cakes…yes we are looking for to the themed nights and the story time for children, sharing the enjoyment of reading with children is high on our list.

  6. Love the Café, as y’all well know!! So glad it’s going fantastically well and if you ever manage to get Enid or Dan to visit, I want front row seats. I think it’s totally inspired! In all this excitement, let’s not forget about your own book ~ hope that’s going well and would love to hear about your next project! Rock on!

    • Thank you Nicky.
      Next project is trying to get book two and three finished amongst all this. Also planning the many activities for the BookStop Cafe.
      Loving every minute. If only there was more minutes. 🙂

  7. What a fab interview and I love the pics of the cafe and your waistcoat, Joff. Two of my four books are in this wonderful cafe and the rest will follow very soon. As for who you would like to step into the Bookstop Cafe, I am with you Joff with Enid Blyton.

    Good luck with your books 2 & 3 and sell a few zillion of book one! x

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