Essential Packing for RNA Conference

Yay – it’s that time of year again! RNA Conference!!!!!

In the mad scramble to pack our suitcases and head off to Sheffield by road or rail, we thought we had better have a quick con flab on essential items needed for the weekend.

Just to clarify, the items on our list are in no particular order of importance … honest.

RNA Conference 2013 Essential Items List








Washing up liquid

Tea Towels

More Cake



Bottle Opener


Even More Cake





Posh Frock

Fancy Footwear


Ear Plugs if you happen to be near our kitchen rather than in it!

Please feel free to add anything we may have missed 🙂

Looking forward to meeting up with those attending and will miss those who can’t make it. xx

6 thoughts on “Essential Packing for RNA Conference

  1. Slightly concerned that you’re only taking clothes for party night. Will we be seeing rather more if the romaniacs than we might have expected during the daytime sessions? 😉

  2. Not like you gals to be less than thorough, but here are a few additons. Favourite pillow as neck has crick in it from sitting hunched over at pc like aged crone in order to finish WIP. (done) Chocolate – might be giant toblerone for sharing. Ipad and headphone for listening to itunes when going gets tough (and it will). Paracetamol (am allergic to asprin). Map to your kitchen in case my supplies run out. See you there. Woo Hoo.
    PS We have two male authors in OUR block. Just saying . . .

  3. I’m laughing so much, I’ve been asked if I’m okay! After this wonderful week in Umbria, wine will ooze through my pores. ‘Nuff said.
    Laura xx

  4. This could be one of the male authors (last time I checked at least). Did you remember to put down wine? I’ve got a couple of bottles of red already in my luggage!

  5. Am sniggering away on the train at this… Hope I’ve remembered to pack enough wine 🙂
    See you there, ladies – can’t wait!!!
    Vanessa x

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