Happy Bank Holiday!

Beach and Buckets

Happy Bank Holiday!

It’s a lovely warm day here at Romaniac HQ, and with the virtual beach on our doorstep, we’re taking full advantage of the sand, sea and sunshine.

We have a large hamper packed with sandwiches, pies, fruit, crisps, champers, chocolate and chocolate cake, and we have deckchairs, towels and a blanket. We’re all set.

Gajitman, my IT engineer husband advised us not to take our laptops or tablets because if the sand gets inside, it can cause all sorts of gritty issues. Notebooks and pens at the ready then …


Have a great day, enjoy this beautiful weather, and come and tell us how you spent your day.

Laura x


6 thoughts on “Happy Bank Holiday!

  1. So far, I’ve spent most of mine drinking tea and thinking about doing some useful jobs. Might have some fruit cake next. It’s all go.

    Celia xx

  2. And Happy Bank Holiday to you too! I’m just back from a weeklong family holiday to find that I scheduled the start of my blogtour for today. HAHA, I wasn’t paying attention to the calendar! So I’m with Christina… authors don’t always get Bank Holidays. Am multitasking, for sure! XX

  3. A mixture of retail therapy, grouting, cooking and chilling out at Cliveden House all in the excellent company of my best friend, Mr Brown. It was really good : ) Hope all yours were too.

  4. Was it only three days ago? It sounds as if we’ve all been busy one way or another. I was working too, writing, but I enjoy that. On to the weekend now, and children back to school.
    Laura x

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