Hello Gorgeous.

Hello Gorgeous. Yes you, with the beautiful smile and sparkling eyes. I’d really love to know you. Email me – we could start a wonderful relationship. Message me your phone number …

Choc LitLaura: There’s been plenty of discussion lately on Facebook, about that message file named ‘Other’. From all the statuses and comments I’ve read in the last week – and I don’t dispute this fact – we writers are the best thing since sliced bread. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has been told that, too.

I delete my messages, but I always read them first – they brighten my day. Is that wrong? My messages are all about the smile …

Here are some of the ‘other’ lovely compliments we’ve received:

Lucie: Well apparently I have ‘beauty beyond words‘ and quite a few people want ‘to get better acquainted,’ oh and I have even had a couple of offers of becoming ‘soul mates‘. It is lovely, really it is, but it is not the reason I am on Facebook. My profile quite openly states that I am married and

I don’t believe I ever put out statuses of the ‘would like to meet‘ genre. However, some of these messages that we all get may well be genuine, but some may not. With the ever growing world of trolling and viruses, you can never be too sure of who you are speaking to. So I generally delete the messages I am unsure of. Like Laura, I read every single message that is sent to me, I love chatting to people, but if I am unsure of the source, I will delete.

Another massive pet hate of mine when receiving these messages is when the person gets my name wrong. I don’t have a difficult name, really, I don’t. Yes, I know I spell my name slightly differently to the normal ‘Lucy,’ but you would not believe some of the variations I have had in the past. It doesn’t bother me when people write ‘Lucy‘ as it is still my name – and was actually the name I was born with, until I changed it in my teens! – but when you start calling me completely different names, it doesn’t incline me to accept the friend request.

But thank you for taking the time to tell me I’m beautiful – that never gets old! 🙂

Sue Fortin profileSue :

My recent one, which I later to found out was received by several other Facebook friends (Oh, the two-timer!), said I was more beautiful than Venus. Why, thank you, kindly stranger from the ‘Other’ message box.  Ten out of ten for originality.  This rates alongside the message where the sender wanted to swim in the sea of love with me.  

I find them quite amusing, if I’m honest, but then I do have a warped sense of humour at times!

Pub   Celia :

This one’s my favourite this week – the Venus man passed me by, sadly.

“Hello Pretty, The world is a beautiful place with the shinning of the morning sun which makes the day. But this world is incomplete without the presents of beautiful ones like you to make life complete. Without someone like you around in the world i thinks life is incomplete. Please if you don’t mind can we be friends and get to know each other slowly. Are you single?”

I would love to say the shinning practice had been successful but the drainpipe was slippery, and anyway, I was too busy looking for my presents. i thinks life is incomplete without presents.

Jan: Well, I humour myself by imagining all our super-friendly “other” contributors have graduated from the  ‘flannel & supposed flattery’ academy – where they’ve either attained level 1 status (hopeless case), level 2 (shows promise)  level 3 (extraordinaire). My level one experience went something like… “Hello lufly lady, you are beautiful and simple…” Cheers, pal! Level two made slightly more effort, “Hello Queen, What a nice and sparkling smile. I wouldn’t trade that smile for anything. I don’t know you, I was searching for an old friend, when I stumbled on your profile. I got entangled in that wonderful smile…” Entangled? Level three did ‘the academy’ proud! “Your eyes shine like bright stars, your smile warms me like the sun, your beauty is unmatched. I live in hope that you will see me as more than a friend and allow me to share your beautiful world. Please be single for me…” I ask you, could I possibly feel any more special? 😉

Debbie: And here’s me, thinking I was the only one getting these types of messages! I wish I’d kept some of them now as I’ve had so many I’ve forgotten some of the cheesiest lines and believe me, there have been some very cheesy ones; ‘You have the most amazing eyes,’ ‘Just looking at you makes my heart sing!’ and I’ve even had two marriage proposals. I presumed I was attracting the wrong type as my status is divorced but then it occurred to me (and I’ve checked and double checked my privacy settings) no-one, except FB friends, should be able to access my profile and definitely not my photos! Quite how they can see me and approach me I’m not sure. I’ll be honest, if I’m messaged now by a ‘suspect’ male, I don’t even open them any more. This lady is nobody’s fool and after being through a divorce and round the block a few times, I can spot a man looking for a British Passport a mile off!

Catherine: Quite frankly, I’m miffed. All this talk of ‘other’ men in their lives. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong – maybe it’sCatherine Miller and the Girls having a baby on each shoulder – but I’m not attracting the same level of unwanted attention in my ‘other’ inbox. I seem to get them once in a blue moon and when I do they are Romaniac cast offs. For example, I have a friend request at present who I know was chatting up my friend Debbie some months ago. MONTHS! Imagine how many women he’s attempted to chat up since! Off to check my other inbox… Sweetness, you are so fly, the goddess Venus, seems to be less beautiful. Wait an effing minute… It’s only the same bloke that emailed the ‘other’ girls before me. What does a gal have to do to get some unwanted attention?

Don’t be shy. We’d like you to share your ‘other’ messages, and tell us what it is that draws these people to you. xx

20 thoughts on “Hello Gorgeous.

  1. My goodness – what a revelation – never thought to look in there and I have several admirers, an ex boyfriend, an “evangelist” and two quite normal and lovely people saying they liked Wannabe a Writer?!! 🙂 Can someone explain what it is? Is it messages considered to be spam or something? I missed all the discussion. Keeping head down on book to be finished. But making an exception for your lovely blog of course…. xx

    • Hi Jane. Thank you for stopping by. I’ve Googled your question, as I’d always assumed the messages were spam – I think that’s basically what they are. They are filtered out of our normal message file. Here’s what Facebook says: https://www.facebook.com/help/www/188872764494245
      This link also explains how to change our settings 🙂 Laura xx

      • I think it’s also where they put messages from people you are not friends with. Friends are put in your inbox and the rest go into other.

        Catherine x

  2. Receiving mail from Romaniacs is always delightful. Today I am especially grateful to discover that other people are receiving ‘other’ mail. Maybe I should have felt special when they were asking me to be friends and telling me I am ‘the gorgeous only one’, but I felt threatened and worried that they could see my photos and that of family and friends. I suppose they are spam and go to everyone. Good advertising scam could we use it to flood the world with adverts for our books? Thus spreading joy and love.

    • Thank you, Bren 🙂 In my reply to Jane Wenham-Jones, I’ve included a link from Facebook which explains how to change the settings. I’ll be checking mine later. Laura 🙂

  3. You are clearly very lovely. I NEVER get any of these messages. No men of dubious intent wish to befriend me or do anything else to me. Hahahaha.

  4. My most recent ‘other’ was quite a disappointment: “Hello. I like your profile picture”. He could have tried a little bit harder I felt …Larry’s approach was better: “Oh my God, you are so cute and beautiful. I never knew there were still angels on earth.”

    I always ignore them. After reading them, naturally. And then I double check my privacy settings!

  5. I hate to say this, but before I delete mine I often message them back (just to see what happens). One was so ardent and passionate, and also mentioned his God-Fearingness, so I messaged him back and asked what God thought about him trying to chat up women whose statuses showed they were In A Relationship. I still sometimes think about him, and the moral dilemma I left him with… 🙂

  6. Great post again! My latest is: Oh my God, you are so cute and beautiful. I never knew there were still angels on earth. I will like to know more about you if you don’t mind. My name is X (won’t embarrass him!). and I am from Dublin Ireland. Take care and have a blessed day.
    At least with the ‘if you don’t mind’ he was polite 🙂 I suppose I should delete them but they do bring a smile X

  7. Am starting to worry that Pablo from Tuscany might not be entirely honourable in his intentions. And here was me thinking he might be The One…

  8. LOL! I’ve had a few of those. Mark was particularly persistent and was getting progressively more um… explicit, shall we say. *Unfriend* TBH, I’ve gone from finding them amusing to just finding them downright frustrating. *sighs* All this unwanted attention from the wrong kinda people… Now where’s JON in all of this? Or Joey? Eh? I ask you…

    Great feature, ladies, as always.

    • Thanks, Nicky. I’ve not had any explicit messages, and I don’t feel I’m missing out. I’ve restricted my filter so I’m hoping it cuts the ‘other’ messages down. Laura xx

  9. I had one. He fell instantly in love with my photo on FB. ( Clearly needs an eye test! Have you seen my photo? Shudder!) Also I am his sole mate and he wants to be in my life. I’m also divine, and he feels that we should be as one. Not sure about the sole part, do hope he meant soul!
    Lorraine x

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