Fanfare for Sue Fortin and United States of Love


This is a terrifically exciting day for our very own Sue Fortin (and consequently for all the rest of the Romaniacs too, as we bask in reflected glory and slap each other on the back a lot. I slapped Laura so hard she fell over earlier…she obviously needs to eat more cake.)

Anyway, Sue’s contemporary romance novel ‘United States of Love‘ is released in digital format by Harper Impulse on this very day, with paperback to follow shortly, so we thought we’d celebrate our lovely Sue’s success by giving you a few thoughts on our favourite subject – love. We hope you’ll add yours too, but for now, crack open the virtual champagne and help yourself to a scone.


Celia: Love is:

Lighting the candles even though it’s only soup for tea.

Being told off by your daughters for laughing too much in bed (don’t ask).

A hand to hold in front of the fire when Downton gets serious.


IMG_4309Laura : Love is:

Being given a daily limit by your mum as to how many times you can speak the name of your new man.

Supplying Minstrels and making coffee to help maintain the writer.

Pretending to be ill in the honeymoon hotel bidet, whilst your newly-wed wife is bent double over the loo, because ‘We’re married now, and we do everything together.’

Sue : Love is :photo (94)

Not having to worry about the state of your legs quite so often during the winter months.

Being able to name all the players in your beloved’s beloved football team, what positions they play and how many goals they’ve scored. Not only that, but you find yourself attempting to discuss the off-side rule with some degree of authority.

Your partner not batting an eyelid when you call him by the name of your fictional hero.

Morning SnugglesCatherine: Love is: Double diaper changes without a nose peg.

Eating Christmas pudding in October because your OH loves it.

Morning snuggles with two babies nestled in between you.

Lucie: Love is: Giving you free reign over the biscuit tin, and not saying ‘diet’s going well then?’, when you are emotionally drained from that last scene you wrote.

Not calling you crazy when you pull the car over just to write down that all important idea that simply cannot wait five minutes until you get home.

Understanding, and accepting, that if you try and talk to me when I am writing, you are more than likely to either be given a one word answer, get a completely random response or, if you’re lucky, be totally ignored. 

Vanessa: Love is: Bringing me a cup of coffee in bed on a Sunday morning and leaving me to sleep even when it’s really your turn for a lie-in.

Never doubting for a second that one day I will get there with my writing…

Making me laugh until I cry.

Jan: Love is: Gamely stomaching your beloved’s first attempt at French onion soup when he’s clearly confused his teaspoons of salt with tablespoons (or rather, ladles!) 

Never complaining when my characters get more attention than you…

Not being able to imagine my world without you in it…

Debbie: Love is: candyqueendesigns

Being in charge of the remote control.

Not having to get out of bed to turn out the light.

Finding the one who makes your heart smile.

Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand.

~ Mother Teresa

One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love.

~ Sophocles

Love is friendship set on fire. ~ unknown

Sue Fortin: author of 'United States of Love'
Sue Fortin: author of ‘United States of Love’

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37 thoughts on “Fanfare for Sue Fortin and United States of Love

  1. WAHOO! What a great day. I am so happy for you, Sue. You know, if I could, I’d dance around the kitchen. Instead, I shall sing a Kings of Leon song to the cats. That’s the love of friendship 😀 Enjoy your day, my wonderful, talented, and gentle friend. xxx

    • Your friendship knows no bounds … 🙂

      And thank you for your comments, my lovely friend.


  2. I am dancing round the kitchen in lieu of Laura. It’s one of my most special dances and it goes best to ‘Needle in a Haystack’ if you want to sort of imagine you’re there, anyone? Congratulations, Sue!

  3. Hooray! I’m cracking open a Ferrero Rocher in celebration! Well done Sue!
    I love your ‘love is’ stories. I’d go with Love is making each other laugh when life has just kicked you in unmentionables.
    I agree about the not having to bother about the state of your legs thing too…

  4. A special day for a special, talented lady. Many Congratulations, Sue. It’s a fab novel and deserves to be trumpeted to the heavens (and honked for all its worth – ooh, er!) Good on you! Lots of love Xxx

  5. SO excited! Happy Publication Sue! And I’m loving your thoughts on love. Mine – the support, so often silent, but which you simply know is always there. And of course a BFSK! 🙂 XXX

  6. “Honks of the highest order & whizz rounds galore from me, lovely Sue!” Congratulations!! 🙂 xxx

  7. Congrats Sue. And Love is never commenting or complaining about how ‘our office’ gradually shifted to being ‘my office’ so EngineerBoy now has to do work on his laptop on his knee in the living room. (In other news, it is possible that I’m a terrible wife.) x

  8. Wooooooooohooooo! Love is when you’re so excited for your friend’s book birthday that you’re doing the happy dance and jumping up and down for no other reason, but much to the surprise of the postman who thinks you’ve surely won the lottery or something. Love is also when your OH gives you the last chilli prawn out of the pot because he knows you love them more than he does. Huge congratulations, Sue, I’m absolutely thrilled for you. Rock on!!!

    • Top ‘Love is …’ thoughts!

      Thanks for dropping by Nicky, you’re support much appreciated, as always.


    • Thanks Yasmin, for dropping by and for your tweeting, really appreciate it. A great ‘Love is …’


    • Thanks Linn.

      Nice to hear you’ve been having some fun with the little guy – amazing how they can just take to technology.


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