Alison Morton and Perfiditas

We are delighted to welcome back to Romaniac HQ, Alison Morton, who last visited in May, chatting about her first novel in the series, Inceptio. (here.Today, Alison is telling us about the second book, Perfiditas. Take it away, Alison.

Alison Morton 2

Thank you, Laura and Romaniacs, for inviting me back on a very exciting day – publication of my second book PERFIDITAS.

When you start writing, you are often learning about not just the techniques behind producing our novels like structure, goal-motivation-conflict, characterisation and narrative thrust, but about publishing, book promotion and networking. When somebody asks, “How’s the book coming along?” there is only one book. You might have planned, even drafted the next one, but at this stage you’re focusing on the book – your heart’s darling.

Your website reflects the glory of that book, your blog concentrates on its progress, you seek professional advice, polish more, put it through the NWS, polish it more, decide on your publishing route and set off on that path.

On publication and launch days, you glory in the excitement of success, your friends, family and writing colleagues celebrate with you. You go off on a blog and or real tour and your book is in the market. You’re an author.

Then out of the shadows comes that whisper, “So, next book?” It could be from your publisher, friends, fans or yourself but you know you have to disconnect from the first one and concentrate your energy on creating or refining the draft of the second book. But as you settle down to it, you receive a request for a talk or piece about your first one, or it was submitted for an award and it’s been shortlisted. So you switch back with a smile to talk about the first book, your brain a little fuzzy as the details of the story are, unbelievingly, fading. If you’re writing a series, you have to remember not to blurt out what happens in the second that could spoil your article on the first one. Ditto if you give a talk or sell your first book at an event.

This is something I didn’t think about when I launched INCEPTIO. I’ve had to do some rapid running around to make sure my petticoat wasn’t showing when bringing PERFIDITAS to market.

But on the plus side, I’ve learnt that I can write a nearly 100,000 word story and not to collapse internally when I realised I needed to rewrite the last third with a completely different ending to the original (rather stupid) one. I’ve learnt about how to take and use criticism, some technical tricks when editing and a little about the publication path.

But the best thing about the second book is that you are starting from a base you established for the first one. You have gathered some lovely friends and supporters around you who have seen what you can do and who become your champions. That’s almost as good for its own sake as the buzz of getting that first book out.

And now? Fans have kindly asked, “When’s the next one out?” Well, here it is…

Alison Morton Perfiditas Cover

PERFIDITAS, the second in the Roma Nova thriller series comes out today, featuring heroine Carina and her adventures, not least her complex relationship with the enigmatic Conrad.  Rebellion is in the air, but even Carina can’t foresee the ultimate betrayal…

More about PERFIDITAS here:

Oh, and there’s an exciting trailer:

Laura says: From what I’ve heard, if it’s anything like the first in series, INCEPTIO, it’ll be a great read. Alison tells me that historic authors Simon Scarrow and Jean Fullerton, and writer and broadcaster Sue Cook have endorsed it, so I think I’ll take a look! 

You can buy PERFIDITAS through your local bookshop (paperback) or here via Amazon as an ebook or paperback.


The PERFIDITAS Kindle version will be on 50% special publication offer price £1.49, until 23rd October. 

You can read more about Alison, Romans, alternate history and writing on her blog:


Twitter: @alison_mortonAlison Morton Logo

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