Follow Your Dreams …

It was a very exciting day for me last week – my contemporary romance novel ‘United States of Love‘ was released by Harper Impulse.

It is set in the lovely historic towns of Chichester and Arundel, both local to me. I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some photos of the settings and scenes for my main characters, Anna, Tex and Mark.


Arundel Castle where  the creepy curator works

Swanbourne Lake where Anna and Tex find themselves in a nightmare situation.

photo 4
Arundel High Street looking up towards the castle.

Public garden alongside the River Arun, looking up to the cathedral

Bottom of the High Street


iphone 203
The Cross, centre of Chichester where Mark makes Anna an offer she can’t refuse.

iphone 204
An unwelcome surprise awaits Anna in Chichester Cathedral.

Bishop Palace Gardens 4
Chichester Cathedral from Bishop’s Palace Gardens

And this photo is of my daughter, taken a couple of years ago, which I think speaks for itself. It certainly worked for me and my publishing dream.

Follow your dreams
City Walls, Chichester

Thank you everyone for your support.

Have a great week.



21 thoughts on “Follow Your Dreams …

  1. Well, I’m going to have to read this, Sue.. We must be practically neighbours as I live between Chichester and Arundel too. Huge congrats on your book with Harper Impulse – I have one of my own, ‘Politically Incorrect’ in with them for consideration at the moment (fingers crossed). Consider ‘States of Love’ sold to me, just need to recharge my poor, overworked Kindle before I download anything else…

    • Hi Sarah

      Neighbours we must be! Good luck with your submission – how exciting would that be for two local girls to be signed with Harper Impulse. Admittedly, being signed is the exciting bit, living near me, maybe not so exciting.


      • You are funny! It’s nice to know there is a kindred spirit nearby. ‘Politically Incorrect’ is on authonomy if you get a moment. (Authonomy eh? It’s like crack cocaine that site. It’s what I now do instead of writing. Oops.) Enjoy the ride and best, best, best of luck with the book and all the other books which will follow I am sure. x

  2. I love that. Follow your dreams! Well done, Sue, I’m really excited for you, and I look forward to following your journey and your dreams for years and books to come. Rock on and write on!

    • Thank you Nicky. We all have to have dreams, it’s what keeps us going at times. Thanks for dropping by.


  3. Lovely post, Sue. Fab photos! So proud and excited for you. Your success is fully deserved xxx

  4. As I’ve been to many of these places, I can’t wait to read the book. I hope its a massive success for you x

    • Hi Jules

      They are both popular places to visit. I love just being able to hop in the car and 10 minutes later being in either one.

      Thanks for dropping by.


  5. Love the piccie of your daughter! Love that neck of the woods too. My eldest was named after the river Arun (might have had something to do with a romantic weekend away at Amberley castle LOL). As you know I love United States of Love, too – may it fly! XXX

    • Amberley Castle – now there’s posh!

      Arun so much a nicer name than Amberley or Castle for that matter. 😉

      Thank you for your unwavering support.


      • Love the settings for your novel. It’s lovely to see photos of the places you included in the book. Congratulations, and enjoy the moment, and what’s to come. You really have followed a dream that has come true.

        Lorraine x

  6. Great idea, especially for American readers who’ll love the historical setting and getting to visualise the actual place.

    • Hi Nicola

      Arundel gets a lot of American visitors, so I hope any American readers can enjoy the setting too.

      Thanks for dropping by.


  7. Thank you Lorraine, it’s good to have dreams and even better when they become reality. You will find out yourself soon, I’m sure.


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