Precious Moments – Number 2

On Weymouth Beach
On Weymouth Beach

At the beginning of July, I wrote a post called ‘Precious Moments’, when Celia and I managed a rather lovely cake-filled meet-up. It can be read here.


A few weeks ago, Sue Fortin climbed into the Romaniac Mini and spent the day with me in Weymouth.

I took Sue to the Oasis Café, on the pebbled end of Weymouth beach. This café, although not named in the book, features in Truth or Dare?. We had a wonderful fish and chip lunch, and then chatted away as we visited the Victorian beach huts, and Greenhill Gardens.

Victorian Beach Huts
Victorian Beach Huts
Fish at Greenhill Gardens
Fish at Greenhill Gardens

We were lucky with the weather – I enjoy showing off my home town, especially when the blue of the sky is reflected in the colour of the sea.

Now to plan the return trip…

Laura and Sue
Laura and Sue. Trouble. With a capital ‘T’. That is not a halo.

Laura x

7 thoughts on “Precious Moments – Number 2

  1. You lucky girls, I love Weymouth and you had such super weather! Many congrats on all your recent publication successes, can’t wait to read them!

    • It was a lovely day, thank you. I’m doing the return trip soon, so there’ll be more photos. 🙂 Laura xx

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