Truth or Dare? by Laura E James. Published! Play the game, if you dare!

There is much excitement at Romaniac HQ today; party hats are on, balloons blown up and plenty of cake and fizz to hand. We are so proud of our Laura – her gritty contemporary novel TRUTH OR DARE?, published by Choc Lit UK, is now available! A split era story where love is a dangerous game and, sometimes, the wrong thing is done for the right reason.


To celebrate this, we’d love you to join in with a game of Truth or Dare?.  Here’s how to play:-

Choose one of the questions below to answer truthfully. Leave your answer either in our comments section or on Twitter using the hashtag #ToD.

If, however, you feel you cannot answer truthfully, then take the dare! Simply click on the curtain to reveal your dare. Again, leave ‘evidence’ of your dare either in our comments section or on Twitter with the hashtag #ToD.

We will be joining in too and can’t wait to see your answers.

Question 1

What is the worst excuse you have given for cancelling a date? 



Dare 1

Question 2

If you had the chance to make one of The Romaniacs your slave for the day, who would it be and why?



Dare 2

Question 3

What is the longest period of time you have gone for without either washing, brushing your teeth or not wearing any deodorant?



Dare 3

Question 4 :

If you could go on a romantic dinner date with one of your colleagues, who would it be?



Dare 4

Question 5:

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you, ever?



Dare 5

HUGE congratulations, Laura.

Truth or Dare? is an absolutely fantastic read. Wishing you every success you deserve.

Choc Lit
Laura E James
Author of Truth or Dare?


Truth or Dare?

Love’s a dangerous game … 

Kate Blair’s sick of unrequited love. She’s quietly waited for Mickey for the past six years and finding a compass-carved heart, with their initials scratched through the middle, only strengthens her resolve: no more Mickey and no more playing it safe.

It’s time to take a chance on real love and Declan O’Brien’s the perfect risk. He’s handsome, kind, and crazy about her so it’s not long before all thoughts of Mickey come few and far between.

But old habits die-hard. Kate may have started to forget … but has Mickey?


Thank you to everyone who joined in with the fun. So you can still see the dares and responses, we’ve copied them all below : –



8 thoughts on “Dare 1”

Aggh – I chickened out on all the above, and now I have to riverdance in my kitchen! But my kitchen has big glass doors and outside that are three (hunky) builders putting up a conservatory for me. Please, I don’t have to do this in front of them… do I?! Later, she promises, when they’ve gone! Laura – I wish you loads of success and I’m really looking forward to reading Truth or Dare (much more than I am doing a river dance!).

  • The Romaniacs

24/10/2013 at 11:38 am Reply(Edit)

Thank you, Kate – you’ve made me lol in my kitchen, where there are no hunky builders, just a doorstop. I’m looking forward to seeing your dance  Laura xx

I’ve taken the dare! I blame The Romaniacs! #ToD @TheRomaniacs @sherylbrowne #lahe PS. My postman thinks I am officially mad! GOOD LUCK, LAURA!!  xx

  • The Romaniacs

24/10/2013 at 11:41 am Reply(Edit)

I want you at every party I ever hold, Sheryl! Laura xx

I did the dare. Well I had to really, I’ve never cancelled a date (call me needy) and anyway the dog enjoyed it (the riverdance – not the date, what sort of woman do you think I am??) tsk

  • The Romaniacs

24/10/2013 at 11:44 am Reply(Edit)

Thank you, Cathy. Nothing like an early morning workout. Was it anything like an early morning workout? Just asking Laura

Still in bed at the moment and my teenage daughter would be too embarrassed to see me doing that so have to bottle out I’m afraid!

  • The Romaniacs

26/10/2013 at 4:48 pm Reply(Edit)

I bet you’d pull it off though, Cara  Thank you for popping in. Laura xx

Dare 2


2 thoughts on “Dare 2”

Why are there no pictures? Hmmm, maybe I’ll post mine tomorrow….

  • The Romaniacs

24/10/2013 at 12:18 pm Reply(Edit)

I’ve seen pictures, Beverley – they may appear here later… Laura x:-)

Dare 3









Dare 4









Dare 5









One thought on “Dare 5”

I took Dare 5. Rather than divulge my most embarrassing experience, I ate curry powder. Go to to see


33 thoughts on “Truth or Dare? by Laura E James. Published! Play the game, if you dare!

  1. I’ve gone for the question about which Romaniac would make a great slave for a day. This was a tricky one as all the others have so many different talents that would be very useful! But in the end I’ve plumped for Debbie as my personal psychiatrist for 24 hours. I would make her listen to my entire life story as I lie on a comfy couch, drink copious amounts of wine and eat coffee and walnut cake and other delightful snacks. She would then point out lots of interesting and mind-opening things, kind of like a mini life laundry session. She is a very good listener and always gives amazingly intuative advice. If you’re reading this, Debs, the sofa and the snacks are already in place…

    Celia x

    P.S. Good on you, clever Laura!

    • Ah, Celia – Debbie speaks much sense. An excellent choice. I have yet to take my truth or dare. I think I will be busy keeping track of the different dare pages and comments… Laura xx

  2. Most embarassing thing? Dating two men at the same time..binned one off to go out with the other (pleaded sick) then ran into the first…with Boyf2. Lost both!! Hahaha (I was 17)

    • Lots of loling in the James kitchen. Thank you so much, Sheryl. You are priceless. Laura xxx

  3. I very briefly had a liaison with a twin…you can probably guess what happened…yes I got them mixed up and snogged the wrong one…well you know…basically I snogged them both! Well they looked the same, how was a girl to know?

    Mandy 🙂

    • Look – I’, going to ask the question we all want to ask: Did he kiss the same? Thank you for joining in, Mandy. Laura xx

  4. I want ALL of you as my slaves! I can easily find all of you jobs to do! Funnily enough, with the twins, I don’t find much time for housework! Now that got me out of a dare – phew!

  5. My Answer to question 3 about washing etc, would be about 24 hours. Went with a group of Rotaract Friends to Romania to help out at an orphanage, We flew to Vienna, caught the train to Budapest slept overnight, 11 of us in one room and then caught the train to Romania where we were finally able to have a wash and shower, there simply wasn’t anywhere else beforehand, mind you as we were all in the same situation you didn’t notice anyone smelling!

    • Ah yes. I remember. At least we felt safe in that room, all together 🙂 Wish I’d thought of that – wouldn’t have eaten curry … Laura xx

  6. I’ve picked number 5 – this isn’t so much embarrassing as shameful, though. Back when I worked in hospital pharmacy, I was doing my first shift after maternity leave. I’d been on holiday too and been out of touch, so I was horrified when a colleague told me sh’ed lost her Dad ten days earlier. Eventually we changed topics and I was trying to be cheery and take her mind off things, so started to talk about new TV programmes. She got quite chatty – until I garbled, “and have you seen that new show, ‘Six Foot Under’? It’s really good! It doesn’t sound promising – I mean, it’s about a family of undertakers, and every week it follows one of the people who’s going to end up dead-‘

    Ironically, in the circumstances, afterwards I really did wish the ground would open and swallow me up.

    • Sometimes, these things just slip out… Thank you for joining in with the spirit. Oops…
      Laura 😀

  7. Q1 I’m feeling terrible now but I’ve never been one for white lies. Always said to dates that frankly I didn’t like them enough to want to see them again. However, there was this one guy who at the end of the first date didn’t accept this explanation, saying “well, I like you so surely we can meet again?” I panicked and went to the loo… and then escaped out of the bar without him seeing.

    Congratulations Laura on your debut novel x

    • I think that was probably a wise move, Kate, especially with the direct approach failing. I would have done the same. Thank you for taking part in today’s daftness, and thank you for your lovely comments re the book, on all platforms. Laura x

  8. This didn’t happen to me – honestly – but I know someone whose boyfriend never took his socks off in bed. Then she discovered the reason. He’d been electronically tagged. Nice one. When I was at college and going through my ‘red headed phase’, the boys made up a rhyme about me that went something like this: There once was a girl with Titian hair who never turned down any dare. I’m much more sedate these days.
    Good luck with the launch of Truth or Dare. It sounds like a winner.

    • Lizzie – is it wrong that I’m laughing about the tagged ankle? Goodness me! Can you imagine? Thank you for your good wishes. Laura xx

  9. I’ve picked number 1, although it wasn’t me making the excuse, it was a belter of an excuse made to me by some OAF I knew many moons ago, who blew me out at the last minute to take his overdue library books back.

    • Hmm – this is a tricky one, Jan. We are talking books after all…:D Laura xxx

  10. Question 3 for me. I went to Papua New Guinea, then went and stayed in the jungle with some tribal people. There were no showers, and hardly any water for washing, as they relied a lot on the rainfall. So a quick wipe round the face was it! Flying to PNG took me almost three days to get to my destination. I was a bit ripe by the time I arrive there.
    Lovely to see your book out, congratulations.
    Lorraine x

    • Crikey, Lorraine! What an experience. That is something to write about. Thank you for your kind comments. Laura x

  11. I am laughing so much at Mandy and Kate’s comments.
    Kate – that poor man. There has to be a story in there…I wonder whatever happened to him?

    Celia – Thank you. I am honoured. You mentioned sofa and snacks are in place, but no mention of wine for me?? Or is that academic?

    As for the game; I’m going for Question 3. Feeling rather smug about this one…

    The longest period of time I went without either washing, brushing your teeth or not wearing deodorant was back in October 2010 when I had my bilateral total jaw joint replacements. I went FIVE days! (presuming Wet wipes gingerly dabbed on the face don’t count.)
    I think I was almost ten days before I could brush my teeth or wash.

    Debbie x

  12. No deo for a whole winter. I’m not a big fan of the stuff anyway, so I don’t wear it in the winter. I do spray my clothes with nice smelly stuff every so often though. Does that count?
    (I HATE not washing my hair and brushing my teeth. It feels so eeeeeeugh).

    I’ve got ToD in my TBR pile. (I need another acronym, quick!). I’m looking forward to being stumped. TGIF.


  13. HUGE congratulations, Laura, this is totally awesome, what a fab day for you! Sorry I’m late to the party but I’m cheering nonetheless. I’ll take Truth 3: The longest period I’ve gone without washing (body and hair) was 6 days. Yup. I did get to brush my teeth, but nothing else, and it was revolting. In my defence, I was in hospital with appendicitis, and once the offending appendage had been safely removed, thoughts of washing didn’t enter my brain until I could actually stand up and walk unaided. But as soon as I was released from hospital, I was in that bath, I can tell you!!!

    Happy launch day again, and wishing you every success. Can’t wait to read ToD!!!

    • Thank you, Nicky. And thanks for joining in with our game 😀 With all the surgery I have for my hands, I spend periods of time in plaster and permanent splints, and I cannot wait to be given the go-ahead to wash the wound. It is heaven. Laura xx

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