Carols? Crackers? Chestnuts a Roastin’? What fuels your festive glow?

At HQ, we’re well and truly into the Christmas swing. The tree’s up, adorned with sparkly baubles and yummy chocolates (well … empty wrappers …) we’ve mince pies and mulled wine galore and plenty of yuletide music on to sing along to while we work.

What really sparks that Romaniac festive spirit?

Jan: Well, I could probably fill a sheet of A4 with my reasons for loving Christmas, but what really creates that magical feel for me is when I hear the loft hatch creak open, followed by the rustle and smell of tinsel as Mr B hands me down the bags of decorations. It’s then a case of the more festive faces on show, the better … Love it!

Celia: I’m the same as Jan with my long lists of reasons why I heart Christmas but three of my favourite things about the season of goodwill are the school and church plays, (although I’m just at the point when I’ve nearly had enough of sheep and camels) buying just the right tree, and of course, the vegetables of choice  – the ornamental parsnip and the delicious brussel.


Laura: For the past three years, it’s been the November Romantic Novelists’ Association’s Winter Party. The trip to London, and the cab ride from our hotel to the venue has me oohing and ahhing, as you girls will testify. I love seeing the Christmas lights. I used to live in Watford, a twenty minute train ride from the big city. A quick trip on the Underground to Knightsbridge, and I was in Harrods, on floor three, revelling in the beauty of the sparkling decorations. I went this year for the first time since my twenties, and I am pleased to report the childlike wonder is still there. IMG_4871

When my children break up from school though, that’s when I know it’s Christmas, and I love, love, love spending those days with them, and Gajitman, watching Christmas movies, sharing chocolates, and playing daft games.



Catherine: It has to be a good bit of Christmas music! That’s when I get excited. But this year is really special as it’s my twin girls’ first & they’ve been getting in the spirit as well.


Vanessa: I love Christmas SO MUCH! Always have – even before the children came along. But now, there’s more of us in the house to start getting excited about the visit from Santa. I always start making lists in November, which always gets me in the Christmas mood – festive food lists, helping the girls with their lists for Santa, Christmas present lists for the family. Then, as soon as December arrives, it’s Christmas EVERYTHING – the Christmas CD goes on in the car, seeing the reindeer parade and the big light switch-on in my village, watching my daughters in their angel costumes in school concerts, wrapping presents late at night while watching Love Actually and eating After Eights … turkey, stuffing, sprouts, champagne, chocolate, mince pies and Christmas pudding!!

Sue : I love decoration spotting. Whilst my youngest delights in spotting them, myself and my older children are filled with a mixture of wonderment, awe and, sometimes, disbelief at how far people go with their outside decorations. This is a neighbour of mine, one of the more reserved ones we’ve seen this year. 🙂

Decs house

Well, there are some of our favourites … We’d love to know what gives you that special Christmassy feel?  xx

12 thoughts on “Carols? Crackers? Chestnuts a Roastin’? What fuels your festive glow?

    • Thanks so much for commenting, Marilyn. Glad you enjoyed reading our post. Merry Christmas to you too 🙂
      Jan x

  1. Aw, Catherine, the twins look delighted with their Christmas outfits – love them. 🙂 Sue, loving those tasteful decorations (it’s actually a nice pic, dare I say?). Am now most definitely in the mood for a bit of ‘Love Actually’ followed by a mince pie or two. Lovely festive post, girls! Have a good one! XX

  2. Well, you know me. I simply love Christmas! I’m well in the Christmas spirit here, and for me, there’s a few things that really get me going. Let’s see… Fairy lights. Yup, I love the little twinklers. I’m not so keen on the modern LED versions but as this is all you seem to get these days, they’ll have to do. Candles (thank God they still exist in ‘real’ format). Biscuits; the baking and eating of them in copious amounts. School plays, camels, shepherds, twinkly stars and all. And last but not least… you didn’t expect anything else from me… Christmas ROCK SONGS! YAY! I only get to listen to my all-time favourite compilation album for six weeks every year (or less, as certain family members get very grinchy in this regard) so I really am making the most of it right now. With that, all I can say is…. “It’s Chriiiistmaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!”

    Great post, thank you, Romaniacs, and wishing you and your families all the best for a wonderfully festive season. Keep on rockin’ around those trees!

    • Wow, Nicky, that is quite some festive list! Good on you! We can just imagine you singing along to those Christmassy rock anthems. Thanks so much for your lovely comment and your good wishes. Hope you all have a rockin’ good Christmas too 🙂

      Jan x

  3. This time of year I am practically plugged in to the National Grid. Lights in the trees, lights on the front doorstep lights in the house – lights everywhere. And every year I was seem to leave some of the lights up at the end of the Christmas period. Why not? My favourite lights are the red hearts which I bought from IKEA in the summer. Oh, and I quite like the wood burning stove lit, the coffee pot bubbling away and chick is bikkies. Honestly.

    • Lizzie, you and my older sister would get on famously. She has festive lights strewn everywhere and has also been known to leave the odd set or two up. I bet your house looks fabulous. Love the sound of the wood burning stove too. All festive & cosy. Thanks muchly for your comment. Have a wonderful Christmas.
      Jan x

  4. Lovely Christmas post, ladies. I think for me it’s when I see all the Christmas lights in the centre of town and hear brass bands playing or choirs singing Christmas songs.

    Love to all the Romaniacs for a wonderful festive season 🙂 xx

    • Oh yes, Elle. You can’t beat a good old brass band. Thanks so much for commenting and for your good wishes. Hope you have a great Christmas too.
      Jan x

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