Tag! You’re It!

At Romaniac HQ, we’ve been discussing author tags.

Without turning into Violet Elizabeth, (Just William), I would really like one. The problem is, I’m yet to come up with something that captures the overriding sense of what, or how I write. It needs to be catchy, relatable and relevant.IMG_6365

Truth or Dare? has been cited as ‘Romance with bite’, ‘A love story with oomph’, and ‘A love story without the soft edges’. In one review, the style is likened to one of my all-time favourite authors, Jodi Picoult. I do enjoy a gritty, thought-provoking read. I love stories that challenge perception. Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You is a fine example.

First and foremost, I write romance, mainly coastal, but having completed two novels, and planned my third, I can see trends appearing. Family relationships are extremely important to the story, I enjoy strong female leads, and at the book’s heart, there is always an issue. It’s dark in Truth or Dare?, a shade lighter in Follow Me, and pitch black in What Doesn’t Kill TOD_FRONT largeYou (book 3). But … I love a happy ending. I like all the loose ends tied neatly and tucked away, and I believe good must ultimately defeat evil. What I hope to achieve is to guide the characters and the readers through the cold shadows, out into the brilliant sunshine.

Romance by torchlight? Hmm.

As I continue to ponder, I would love to see your author tags and learn how they came about. Or perhaps it’s not something you find necessary. Should the book do all the talking?

Tag! You’re it!

Laura x


11 thoughts on “Tag! You’re It!

  1. Hi Laura – this is a fascinating and puzzling question. I agonise over how to describe my books and the various incarnations I write under. Having worked in advertising, I know how long and hard teams of professionals work to come up with a strapline or brand line. Some work really well, and I think: wow, that’s brilliant – but others don’t – for instance there is a USA Today best selling romance author whose website tagline has a huge spelling mistake in it. Likewise, I struggled to know what to put on my author business card. I think it’s great when someone else – a reader – comes up with a line for you!

    • It’s a tricky one, Phillipa, especially for prolific writers, with different writing personas and genres. Thanks for your thoughts. Laura 🙂

  2. Oooh intriguing, Laura! Your crux, your nugget, your active ingredient is in that last line of your post. How about… “From the cold shadows into the brilliant sunshine” Not VERY catchy but you could work with that.

    Me, I’m Romance That Rocks Your World. Why? Because I write romance with rock stars in, LOL!

    Good luck–and I’ll look forward to hearing all about your tag soon!! X

    • You might have something there, Nicky. Light and shade/sun and shadow … Mmm. I shall give it more thought. Thank you 🙂 Laura x

  3. Oh Laura you have me thinking. Maybe an idea…”An embracing journey from the chills of shadows to the warm of the sun.” My tag is Emotional, Passionate, Moving Stories. Because I love to get inside my character’s head. Good luck and have a fab day! x

    • Oo, Pauline – I like it 🙂 ‘Embracing journeys from the chill of the shadow to the warmth of the sun.’ Another one with which to work. Thank you Laura 🙂 x

  4. I’m so glad I’m not the only one. Shaman’s Drum refused to fit any tags and the best one that anyone came up with was “Indiana Jones meets Romeo and Juliet” and even that misses out the Wicca!
    It’s prequel is much more sci-fi but with three (count ’em) romances in it. Perhaps we just write like the wonderfully original people we are?

    • For ‘Truth or Dare?’, my publishers, Choc Lit definitely got it right: Laura E. James tackles some thorny issues in this new Choc Lit Lite, showing that contemporary romantic fiction is not all flowers and swooning heroines.
      As for my author tag, I’m swaying towards the shade and light path. 🙂 Laura.

  5. Oh dear. Something else I should be doing. Or at least thinking about lol. Great post, Laura. And can see why you’re journeying along that enlightening path 🙂 X

    • Thanks, Sarah. I think your tag should include something about heart. ‘Writing to the heart, from the heart.’ Why? Because that’s where your writing strikes 🙂 Laura xx

  6. When love comes out of the shadows?
    Reaches parts other romances don’t reach?
    Let me lead you through the shadows into sunshine.
    Shining a light on the dark corners of love.
    Despair, elation and everything in between.

    (I still think the first one I came up with years ago is the best…)

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