Romaniac Shorts Interview – Celia Anderson

Following the launch of our anthology, it’s been an absolute pleasure to ask our lovely Celia a few questions and to see the fun-loving, warm-hearted person we all know and love shine through in her answers. 

She’s even brought in an extra large chocolate cake! 

Here’s what Celia had to say …


Q1)   Celia, You’re our Romaniac queen of multitasking, so what are you juggling writing-wise at the moment?

Right now, I’ve just finished re-editing my latest children’s book ready for submission and I’m swaying between getting down to a new adult one that’s three chapters in and a similar erotica one. Little Boxes is currently out on submission (fingers, toes and everything crossable crossed) so I’ve been moving and shaking this half-term before I need to get my nose back to the grindstone.

Q2)  What do you most enjoy writing and why?

I love writing for children because I’ve got a captive audience at school to test out the books, but the adult ones are just as much fun to do. I’m not a big fan of writing short stories so getting three ready for Romaniac Shorts was a steep learning curve…

Q3)  Any other creative passions?

I guess cooking is my other creative pastime but I’ve always dabbled in painting and drawing too. The problem with creating beautiful cakes is you have to eat them – the Romaniacs can’t keep up if I make too many.


Yum Yum! 😉

Q4) Which book could you read over and over again?

Elizabeth Goudge’s trilogy – all about the wonderful Elliot family, set in Hampshire near the sea. (The Bird in the Tree, The Herb of Grace and The Heart of the Family). One of my dreams is to win the Elizabeth Goudge award at the RNA conference.

Q5) What was the thinking behind your three anthology stories?

They were all written at different times for different reasons – I was just relieved that they fitted!

Q6) If you could interview any author past or present, who would it be?

D.E. Stevenson – my all time favourite romantic fiction writer. Sadly no longer with us, but her books are so comforting and satisfying when you’re feeling as if you need a hug.

Q7) What was the last book you read?

I’m multitasking with the reading at the moment on my Kindle! Have just finished Stately Pleasures by Lucy Felthouse (very rude!) and am juggling Baggy Pants and Bootees (Marilyn Chapman), our own Laura E James’ Truth or Dare?, The Oyster Catcher by Jo Thomas and Darcie’s Dilemma – Sue Moorcroft. Phew. No wonder it takes me so long to finish a book!

Q8) Fictional hero you’d most like to spring to life before your eyes?

Inspector Lynley from Elizabeth George’s series. My dream man. Or Foyle from Foyle’s War. A police detective theme is emerging here … I’ve never fancied Poirot though …

Q9) How long did it take you to write your debut novel ‘Sweet Proposal’ and just how excited were you to see it in print?

The book was called The Chocolate Project until it was almost ready for publication and it probably took about 6 months to write – I was beside myself with excitement when it came out (but still prefer the original title.) On publication day I was on a whistle-stop rail tour of the USA with my family and we celebrated with cocktails on top of the John Hancock Tower in Chicago. It was brilliant!

Q10) The sentence that best defines the vibe at Romaniac HQ?

The current one would probably be Onwards and Upwards. Everybody’s on a high after our book launch and we’re loving seeing it up there in the Amazon charts. And all of us have got big writing plans for 2014. I wouldn’t be without the Romaniacs for the world.



Celia, thank you so much for answering my questions.

With love,

Jan x

25 thoughts on “Romaniac Shorts Interview – Celia Anderson

  1. Oh Celia – I love that trilogy too. I used to think if I had a house I could name (as opposed to one with just a boring number) I would called it Damerosehay.

  2. Loved answering your questions, Jan – is there any cake left? No? Right, off to make a batch of scones in case we have visitors

    Celia xxx

    • Is there any cake left …? Hmm … *blushes and whistles whilst looking down at the floor* 😉 Love your answers, Ce. And your yummy cake …

      Jan Xxxx

  3. Kate – I feel just the same about Damerosehay. The Herb of Grace too. All those places and lovely people are still very fresh in my mind. Thanks for calling in – slice of coffee and walnut cake, perchance?

    Celia x

    • Thank you, June! having a long-awaited writing day today after a full on few weeks at the chalk face. Mind you, I think I get more done now time’s shorter. Thanks for calling in – how are things with you?

      Celia xx

  4. Awww,, what a lovely supportive group you are. Well done on the anthology, girls. I have mine to read asap. Um, if The Romaniacs are struggling with the choc cake, Celia, I could be persuaded to help you finish it off – at a pinch. 🙂 xx

    • Sheryl, there’s a fresh one just out of the oven, complete with Cadbury’s flakes on top – dig in! Hope you like our book and thanks for supporting two great causes,

      Celia xx

  5. I’ve never tried writing for children but I take my hat off to those who can. There are books we read as children which stay with us forever, so it must be very rewarding

    • It’s great fun and it keeps you on your toes. I’m always thinking about whether they’ll get that bored look! Which books have stayed with you, Cara? I loved (and still do) The Children of Green Knowe series by Lucy M Boston and all the ones by Elizabeth Enright, plus Narnia and so on.

      Celia 🙂

  6. Celia, lots of the things that interest you are on my list of favourites, too. Elizabeth Gouge, Inspector Lynley (I’ll let you have Foyle!), and cake. I admire your work ethic and multi tasking, but even more YOUR ability to write short stories – I just can’t get my head round the genre. All of mine read like the beginning of a novel (no surprises there.) Thanks to Jan for asking the questions – as you gals say: ONWARDS AND UPWARDS.

    • Hi Lizzie – looking forward to seeing you soon in Leicester. Hey, and thanks for Foyle. I have to give him back to Charlie Cochrane when I’ve finished with him though, apparently! Celia xxx PS Just for the record, I struggle with short stories too.

  7. A wonderful interview, Celia. And just how good does that cake look?! Am loving that domestic goddess look, too 🙂 Good luck re the submissions – am expecting them to be snatched up xxx

  8. Oh blimey – the domestic look is my default, Sarah! That pinnie is welded to my sturdy frame xxx

  9. Your blog posts always make me smile, Celia – you’re just so full of energy! And thanks so much for reading my book – I’m in very impressive company…..xx 😉

  10. I want some of that cake please…and whatever magic you use to give yourself time to do SO MANY THINGS! I’m deeply envious of your zest and energy, LOL. You rock, Celia, and keep on rocking. Great post, really enjoyed it. X

    • I was only borrowing him. I’ve hosed him down now and he’s back at yours.

      Celia xxx

  11. Thanks to everyone for dropping in and commenting – there’s a last slice of coffee cake if you want to fight for it … xxx

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