Spring has well and truly sprung …


And now we come to the part of the year when everything suddenly seems more hopeful. The sun’s shining  (at the moment)  and there are signs of buds and green stuff and blossomy bits and bobs. The birds are tweeting very loudly. The butterflies are doing whatever butterflies do – flitting and fluttering and suchlike. The windows look grubby. Oh – scratch the last one – it sneaked into the good list by mistake.

When the New Year happened I didn’t get round to any proper resolutions due to being full of cake and wine and so on,  but I’m taking the unusual step of making one now. It’s about my blog. Not the Romaniac blog – this one is fine because it’s got eight people paying attention to it. No, the blog I’m referring to is the dusty, cobwebby one with just my own name on it. It needs TLC. So my spring resolution is to post on it three times a week. Only short snippets, with maybe a picture, but enough to stop it crying and complaining about being neglected. If you get the urge to check up on this promise, it can be found on http://celiajanderson.co.uk

2014-03-16 09.53.39

I hope the photos get you in the mood for the season of birds’ nests, daffodils and hot cross buns. Over to you now.  Is the sunshine making you all motivated and bouncy? Have you got any resolutions that slipped through the net in January?

The Romaniacs would love to know …


4 thoughts on “Spring has well and truly sprung …

  1. Just like to remind people who think it’s still a little chilly, that this time last year we were trudging through heavy snow and those splashes of yellow staffs that are springing up all over the place had been sadly covered and killed off last year.
    Unfortunately the sight of brightly coloured flowers can have a negative affect on me as I associate them with Spring Cleaning which just depresses me. The thought of cleaning out all those cupboards that you meant to do during last years ‘Spring Clean’ and never did, meaning that the sell by dates will be 2 years out of date.

  2. Karen – turn your back on the cupboards and go and frolic in the undergrowth while it’s not raining! And thank your lucky stars you can do the same tomorrow.

    Pru x

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