Chasing Dragonflies – Ten Top Tips


It’s that dragonfly time of year again – the time when there’s often a hint of autumn in the air, and the urge to buy a new pencil case and felt tips is irresistible.

Dragonfly time, for me, is when those thoughts that you want to get down on paper just keep flitting away. I’m in the middle of book number three, I’ve hit a snag and it’s time to grab some inspirations/distractions to get out of the mire. Here are my top ten ways to fire up the muse again:

1) Find someone to cuddle (see dragonfly picture – you may not want to go quite this far, especially if you’re in Sainsbury’s).

2) Get up earlier than usual, see the sunrise, make strong coffee/peppermint tea (recommend not having gin at this point, although later on it may be needed) and write something. Anything. To do list, poem, rant to newspaper, blog post, FB status with attitude, competition entry (see number 4).

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3) Have a huge, bubbly bath. This bath isn’t mine, sadly, but I have used it very happily. and it does the job well. Especially if a nap follows. (Also good therapy for writers’ block).



Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 02.07.264) Enter a competition. It’s a great distraction, somebody’s got to win, and being short-listed gets your name out there.






5) Meet up with friends; have a bit of a larf, some cheering hugs and some cake.


6) Relax, and read something that you’ve wanted to catch up with for ages. Even better if it’s funny.

H&B       P1030706



7) Go for a walk. Sea if possible, fields also acceptable.

Northumberland plus 226

2nd Somerset 012



8) Spend some time with a small person or two to ground you. Tip – always check with their mum first. I’m sure Catherine Miller would let you hug her babies if you ask nicely.



9) Make jam. (Substitute your food of choice here). Then have a party or a picnic to celebrate and eat lots.Jam


10) And if all else fails, open the best bottle you can find. Cheers!

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Celia x

10 thoughts on “Chasing Dragonflies – Ten Top Tips

    • Go for it, June! In no particular order, although it might all go badly wrong if you start with number 10 … Celia x

  1. Have taken note and will be applying myself with much dedication to several of the points outlined above. Most especially 10 and 7 🙂

  2. Love the sound of a bubble bath. And love walking by the sea. All sounds great. Now I think I’m going to have that Bubble bath now. See you later
    Lorraine x

  3. This is such a timely blog for me, thank you. I have just finished a twenty minute meditation, not realising how desperately I needed it. Sadly, I have fractured my lumbar vertebra so can’t walk by the sea tho I can see it. I do watch the sunrise but have been idling and morose instead of filling the spaces. I can see I need more bubble baths. I have a book that is sooo close to being sent off but not getting to it. But I will. And strangely enough it is called Dragonflies Draw Flame!
    Thank you Celia.

    • What a brilliant title, Brenda – hope I get to read it one day. Happy bathing!

      Celia x

    • Thinking of you, Brenda, and hoping your health soon improves. I would love to learn how to meditate. I’ve got a CD but I think going to a class might work better?

      Celia x

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