United States of Love: Happy Birthday!

United States of Love … HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


‘It was so funny and romantic … (There) was so much romance and fun going on I totally loved it! A wonderful author who I hope to read more from.’ Amazon reviewer, Angela.

It’s a year since Sue Fortin’s HarperImpulse debut, United States of Love was released, and we at Romaniac HQ wanted to wish it a fabulous 1st birthday. It’s a great, romantic read with a handsome, hot hero, and a strong heroine who has many dilemmas to overcome.

I wonder what Tex is doing to celebrate. A big hog roast in his restaurant, perhaps, or a trip home to America see his family …


And with Sue’s second novel, a fast-paced, gripping suspense, Closing In doing well in the charts, it’s a double celebration!

‘I would urge anyone who enjoys a good, fast paced psychological thriller to read it – you won’t be disappointed!’ Room For Reading

Along with her novels, Sue is a contributor to Romaniac Shorts, a collection of flash fiction and short stories to suit all tastes. Her third book for HI is expected soon.

So it’s bottoms up, chin-chin and cheers.

Happy birthday, USL



Pst … Who’s doing the bumps?

21 thoughts on “United States of Love: Happy Birthday!

  1. I feel like I’ve just walked into a surprise birthday party … I didn’t know you lovely Romaniac girls were doing this. It’s like you’ve all just jumped out from behind the sofa!

    Thank you!!!!

    P.S. I’m allowed to use all those exclamation marks – it’s my book birthday! (one more for the heck of it) xx

  2. Happy Book Birthday! Where’s the wine and mash you promised? Flu needs alcohol and potato recovery pack – please help!

    Hope you have a great Book Birthday!

    Mandy xx

  3. Yay! Happy Book Birthday, Sue. I so enjoyed ‘United States of Love’. I can’t believe where the time has gone! You are a fab writer and we’re all so very proud of you 🙂 Xx

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