Roving Romaniac: Mumsnet’s Get Published Day

It’s not often I get out and have to form comprehensive sentences. To be honest, I think I may well have lost the ability, having been allowed out and managing to boom ‘hello’ a few times without anything else following.

Yes, I’m a mum. I have twin toddlers who’ve created a made up language. I talk to myself. I answer back. I go occasional days without any other adult interaction. So an entire day with other human beings in the same situation was comforting. Also mind-blowing. The setting was enough to make me happy.


Having been supplied with tea, coffee, biscuits, fresh fruit (all of which we could eat and drink unhindered), we were treated to a day covering the work of the Janklow & Nesbit Agency, how to make the right impression in covering letters, a panel of editors, an editorial masterclass, an author panel and a one-to-one.


Photo courtesy of Hellie Ogden


Much was covered during the day, but I came away with these impressions:

  • The Janklow & Nesbit Agency works hard on behalf of their authors
  • Having a foreign rights agent can be the making of an author’s career
  • They’re eager to find new talent as part of the Mumsnet competition
  • It’s important to keep on writing
  • There are a lot of mums/nans out there with considerable talent and drive
  • That my laugh is ridiculously staccato and loud, given high enough ceilings

On the way home, I saw this slogan on a poster and thought, yes, that’s exactly what today was about…


And because I am a mum of twins, and rarely get to eat all of my own food this also happened…


The wine glass is out of shot and mostly empty!

I’ve no doubt, in the two Get Published days that have taken place, someone who has attended will be shortlisted in the Mumsnet competition. Whilst everyone waits to hear, I’ll be looking up words like Linear and Exposition. They obviously hadn’t factored in that I’ve been teaching the girls that cows ‘moo’ for the past month.

Catherine xx





  1. 1

    MooOOO! Haw, haw! Lovely, informative post, Catherine. Best of luck – with the new words and the comp. 🙂 xx

    • 2
      The Romaniacs Says:

      They’ve sussed that ducks quack, sheep baa, but the cows 😉 Thank you, Sheryl. 😉 xx

  2. 3

    What a great post, Catherine. I much enjoyed it! Thanks for all the info, and best of luck with the comp – and the thesaurus!

    • 4
      The Romaniacs Says:

      It’s going to make a change from First Words books. Thank you for reading & commenting, Helena x

  3. 5

    Reblogged this on strangelybzar and commented:
    Find out what my friend and fellow Romaniac, Catherine Miller, was doing at a Mumsnet writing day.

  4. 6
    The Romaniacs Says:

    Thanks for the reblog, Laura 🙂 xx

  5. 7

    Great post, Catherine, and glad you enjoyed the day. Best of luck with the competition. 🙂 xx

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