Life Cycle of a Writer – Jan Brigden

My little update …

I’m excited to say that I’ve started submitting my first novel ‘As Weekends Go …’ to literary agents.

At last!

“Sound the *cheer & fear in equal measures* klaxon!”

It’s a multi POV tale – three interwoven stories – about two couples and the emotional havoc created during and beyond their eventful weekend clash of agendas, involving a ‘girls only’ trip to York, a Brighton sales conference and a Spanish stag do.





It took me ages to write, mainly due to my endless tweaking and re-tweaking, so I’m relieved and very proud to have reached this point. I just hope that someone believes in it as much as I do. I’ve had seven rejections so far, but all really nice ones, with some very positive and encouraging feedback.

I’m under no illusions about how hard it is to acquire agent representation, and would never rule out self-publishing, I simply want to try the traditional route first.

So … in the meantime, I’ve been studying publishers and writing competitions, and penning Book 2 – a standalone sequel to ‘As Weekends Go …’ which has involved plenty of eye-opening research. I’ve also been indulging and expanding my other literary passion – freelance proofreading.

I’m sure I’m not the only Romaniac who will express how invaluable the love, support and cheerleading from family and friends is. During the past five years (and then some …) my lovely husband Dave can certainly add to his CV: chief cuddler, co-editor, sounding board, morale booster, tantrum-dodger, counsellor extraordinaire … I could go on.

Believe me, every nugget of advice, encouragement and reassurance from everyone –  writerly or otherwise – has been very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Wish me luck, dear friends …



 Jan  x



34 thoughts on “Life Cycle of a Writer – Jan Brigden

    • Thanks so much, Sheryl. I really appreciate your good wishes. I think I could add a few more titles to hubby’s CV – lol 🙂 You’re so right when you say ‘bless him!’

      Jan X

    • Joanne, it’s so good of you to comment – thank you. There is nothing like a healthy dose of good wishes & encouragement to boost your spirits. Much appreciated!

      Jan X

  1. Good luck, Jan. I know only too well how difficult it can be to break into the writing world. The tantrum dodging rings a bell with me, too!

    • Yes, it can be quite scary at times, Kathy. I do sometimes question what I’m doing, knowing what a rock hard nut it is to crack. BUT … gotta hang in there, as they say. It’s lovely good wishes like yours that keep me going! Thanks so much for your comment.

      Jan X

  2. You don’t need luck precious as the book is amazing and your talents shine out. As your number one fan, alongside Davardo of course, I can honestly say I am so proud of your achievements. Love you zillions. xx

    • Bless you, Clare. My ever-present shining beacon of love, support & encouragement. I so appreciate your lovely words. Love you zillions too! 🙂

      Jan X

  3. Wishing you loads of luck, Jan. The book sounds great and I’m sure it will find a home soon.
    It’s so hard to stop tweaking and actually send it out, isn’t it?
    You have loads of friends who are cheering you on and will be happy to let the world know when your novel is published. I’ll be plugging it like mad! 🙂
    Look forward to hearing your good news very soon xx

    • Sharon, thank you so much for your fab words of support. They mean the world, they really do! I swear I should have the words ‘Master Tweaker’ tattooed across my forehead – lol. I have definitely learned a valuable lesson.

      Jan X

  4. Dear Jan, how could the New Romantics Press fail to support you? You’ve been rooting for us since the get-go – and have done a sterling job proofreading our novels. I for one can’t wait to read As Weekends Go because I know it will have a unique combination of humour and an eye for observation of the human condition. Best of luck to you, dear friend, and if/when you are ready to become an indie author, consider us right behind you – every step of the way.

    • Lizzie, thanks so much! You and all the girls have been (and continue to be) so supportive for which I am extremely grateful. I hope that when you do finally get to read As Weekends Go, you enjoy it. 🙂

      Jan X

  5. Good luck Jan. Finishing your first book is an awesome achievement, I know it was for me. Couldn’t believe it had come together at last. Good luck with the search for an agent! xx

    • Thanks so much for your good wishes, Jo! And well done on your achievements too. Like you say, it’s hard to believe sometimes how it all comes together. There were many times during the writing of mine that I could have happily deleted every word – lol! So glad I kept at it. Nervous and excited about the future, and very grateful for all the support.

      Jan X

  6. Looking forward to reading As Weekends Go …
    How could it be anything other than fabulous? This is going to be your year, Jan! We’re all rooting for you. xx

    • June, thanks so much for commenting. Your lovely words and good wishes are so appreciated.

      Jan X

  7. Wishing you every success with your quest my lovely friend! Looking forward to celebrating its acceptance with WINE very soon! Fingers crossed for you! xx

    • Thank you, Mandy! What a lovely thought! It would be a dream come true (and that wine would be a LARGE one!) Your good wishes are very much appreciated.

      Jan X

  8. Best of luck, Jan. You deserve it after all your hard work. I know all about tweaking and re-tweaking ad infinitum . . . Can’t wait to read the final tweak of As Weekends Go.

    • Mags, we can be ‘Tweakers United’ 😀 Thanks so much for your lovely comments and for your unwavering support.

      Jan X

    • Ah, thank you, Elle. Ever-supportive. Your good wishes are very much appreciated.

      Jan X

  9. The fizz is on ice, the champagne glasses and reading glasses are polished and waiting …only a matter of time before this fantastic novel lands in my lap! Only one criteria, my dear colleague, supporter and superstar talent that is you, Briggers is on hand to share it with me and the other New Romantics Press …there’s ink in our blood sister, #justsaying XXX

    • Ade, you can rest assured that corks would be a’poppin! I’m so grateful for all your love and support. Thank you muchly!

      Jan X

    • Thank you, Liz! Your good wishes are very much appreciated. It’s all so nerve-racking but exciting too 🙂

      Jan X

  10. Jan, from writing The End to actual publication involves all sorts of routes! I will keep my fingers and toes crossed that your route leads to the outcome you want for you. I know how hard you’ve worked. When you get there, I look forward to reading your very own behemoth, i really do 🙂 Lots and lots of luck xx

    • Yasmin, what a lovely comment. Thank you! You have always been such an inspiration and so very encouraging. 🙂

      Jan X

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